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  1. The Billy Stewart one is Shownen No Girl I think, an old Dean Anderson spin.
  2. As I say I think there was about 20 I never got, so not saying they don't exist, just scarcer. Agree on 2006, I think 2003 also, I think one of the Dick Jensen ones and also I seem to remember never getting one of the Linda Jones ones bizarrely. However most of it was pre internet days, and pre memory loss days, interestingly I sort of got bored of when I finally having discovered internet I scored 2 2006's in a month when having struggled to get any in the previous 20 years :-) So not saying they don't exist, but saying it would be nice to see proof they did. The ever cynical collector always wants to see to believe, but secretly thinks there is a 2004 out there with my name on it. Ooh you do forget the beauty and aural excitement collecting can give you having stopped :-)
  3. Wash your mouth out, that was an old cover up of mines, maybe not my finest moment but a decent strangulated screaming singing kind of uptempo rocker. Or are my glasses romantic flower tinted?
  4. What no Buddy Connor, the start and king of crossover for me. That and these, you can say definitive, the end. Bobby Reed - The time is right for love (Bell) Willie Tee - First taste of hurt (Gatur) Alice Clark "Dont You Care" Although interestingly other than Buddy Connor the other 3 are played out more than any Northern Oldie, including Frank Wilson, ever was, with little comment or criticism. Interesting,.
  5. It came out on European release though didn't it? Unissued Loma? The very kind of thing that will make me that trip again that me and Mr Law were discussing last night!
  6. Okay Mr G, we have been here before, but when you say the Bob And Earl being your missing one, I assume you don't think it actually exists on Loma, or have you seen differently. I thought we had concluded it didn't exist. Over 30 years of collecting the label I had bought everyone but that, and in most cases at some point had bought an issue and demo for all but 20 of them, wasn't sure demo existed for all? Now you have time on your hands Mr G you could put a listing of issues and demos actually seen together and we could start from there :-) Im back, but only for things like this before anyone asks. I agree with Russell wholeheartedly, it deserves more than a Northern look and therefore actually think the compiler has got it spot on. Never going to satisfy everyone. Is it likely to come out on CD's does anyone know? Did I really say that out loud....
  7. The Showmen, No Girl on Jeree, there is a great version, a better version I dare to say, by Billy Stewart. Can't remember if there are any vocal similarities now though.
  8. Wow, I go offline for a few weeks and come back to this, Amazing, just shows you things are out there. Thanks Lester, I really now have given up collecting, its too hard :-)
  9. Mines has sight label tear and some writing on label which I assume will be no good to you?
  10. And a very very good version by the Isley Brothers also, although obviously for me Esther wins hands down.
  11. Bloody hell. Shocked to say the least. Far too young. RIP Helena. A bright light for however short she was here. Stunned.
  12. Oii where was my invite to this, since for the first year since 2001 I haven;t bought any new music this year, this needs some of my attention. Get on with it, flood away. I will be back. Great stuff
  13. And most of these Modern boys are back on the Northern scene now interestingly enough. Arthur Im looking right at you
  14. It appears yet again 40 years of Northern scene being redifined by a few years when people could be assed going out. Hilarous. Thank f**k I only listen to tibetan pan music soul now, the scene is much friendlier.

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