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    Born Shaw Lanc's 1959 and grew up next door to 2 older lads who went to the wheel first time around and grew up listening to their stuff and my older sister's Motown and late 60's / early 70's general release stuff. Progressed through the youth club scene of the early 70's, mostly Otis plus plenty of Trojan and Blue Beat doc marten stuff and then to the local soul nights at the cats whiskers in Oldham and Ashton / Rochdale Tiffanys. From their it was the Pendulum then Wigan, occasionally the Mecca and Samanthas. Loved the Ritz all dayers especially off the back of an all nighter. Never made it to VaVa's, Cleethorpes or the Cattacombes though. Oldies anniversary in'81 was my last trip to the Casino but kept going albeit less frequently to events through the 80's and 90's, Blackburn, Ritz, Brighouse, Prestwich as well as local events. Went to the reborn Wheel as often as possible over the past 12 years and although I support local events here in Sheffield I try to get to as many biggies as I can as well, Stoke, Blackpool WG, and Prestatyn. First sound I heard at Wigan was the Triumphs and first tune I heard at the Mecca was Otis Blackwell. We were always in the queue upstairs waiting for M's to open and I went to the first ever Friday night Oldies night at the Casino and that then became my "not to miss night" which was doable as it was only a monthly event. Never been a serious record collector but loved to dance and still do as much as my pins 'n lungs will let me. I've never liked the guinea pig process of DJ's breaking sounds on empty dance floors, which is done largely for their own gain, but paradoxically appreciate the fact that most of my favourite sounds wouldn't have been discovered or broken but for that process. I don't dislike modern soul and positively love funk and jazz-funk BUT the soul and the scene that I did and still do want to associate with keeps alive the spirit of the late 60's and 70's interest in raw undiscovered soulful dance music made during that era. Currently trying to broaden my horizons and knowledge of underground stuff that I missed out on. Lets all live and let live and tolerate each others tastes in the different styles within the genre for the sake of keeping the scene alive.  

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    john flynn
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    soul music, soul food and sole fishing!!!
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    Cliff Nobles - my love is getting stronger

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  1. Loved the Ritz dayers but Mecca August Bank Holiday 1976 was a cracker.......even though Mistura - The Flasher was played every five minutes!!! All the same, an epic event with Mick Malone and Bry Millard for company and travelling in style via Yellow-ways coaches.
  2. my favourite space-race tune...............the temp's - zoom.........
  3. makes me feel good, ave a gud un......soulettes - bring your fine self home..........
  4. so very's a bit of Winston and Simon on the floor...........
  5. just found out........RIP Winston you will be sadly missed
  6. Myrtle's got the hots for Ace.......................
  7. Thanks for all your hard work, your polite and reasonable approach and enthusiasm will be missed mate.
  8. When you went in a main stream club and saw the moves to Joe Tex - Aint gonna bump with no big fat woman....
  9. Flirtations - change my darkness into light

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