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    Youthy, Cats and Tiffs, Pendulum then Wigan, occasionally the Mecca and Samanthas. Loved the Ritz.

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    john flynn
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    soul music, soul food and sole fishing!!!
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    Cliff Nobles - my love is getting stronger

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  1. great stuff....thanks for sharing....Douglas at 23:27 Part 1
  2. Great thread. My mate Mick Malone, deffo, bloke with the porno-tash , seated bottom left in this shot (great pic's thanks). We went to most of the bank holiday dayers in the 80's. Did some of the 90's niters with Ronnie Hanley too...…..happy days indeed.
  3. Loved the Ritz dayers but Mecca August Bank Holiday 1976 was a cracker.......even though Mistura - The Flasher was played every five minutes!!! All the same, an epic event with Mick Malone and Bry Millard for company and travelling in style via Yellow-ways coaches.
  4. makes me feel good, ave a gud un......soulettes - bring your fine self home..........
  5. so very sad........here's a bit of Winston and Simon on the floor...........
  6. just found out........RIP Winston you will be sadly missed
  7. Thanks for all your hard work, your polite and reasonable approach and enthusiasm will be missed mate.
  8. Flirtations - change my darkness into light
  9. Nice one Ski..............I also grew up with Ste Smithies (Big Boomer) who you'll also know from the Pineapple. My mate Lemmy was at Seddons, he was Crossley Skins and also a Wigan regular, and still out and about. All the Best mate

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