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  1. One not to miss. Lets make it a great night for Pelle. He often gets overlooked when people talk about the great days at the Wilton, but he was there from the very start at the Carlton club and then was involved when it moved to the Wilton. Top lad who is still supporting small venues and has been around as long as I can remember, this time lets support him at this iconic venue. PS. How the hell did we make 60.
  2. Fantastic nights with like minded people, who had been on the journey over the years and were always looking to hear something new. This was something we all thought would keep going and never did we imagine it would descend into the fancy dress pantomime we have today.
  3. Had a good chat with him one Friday night (Wheel & Torch night) if I remember. He used to be in the merchant navy and spent most of his life sailing the oceans of the world. He spoke of the places he had visited and it was good to know a bit about the man behind the face. Fantastic memories of a special time.
  4. You only have to look at the photo section on this site. Most of the photos explain the term div far better than I could here.
  5. Absolutely gutted. From the early days at the Carlton club, Wilton All nighters and then The soulful sessions, these nights have been a big part of my life. Always supported by similar minded people who are fed up with the same old same old. The Wilton will always hold happy memories for me. They should have been fighting at the door to get in for Richard Caiton, the problem is that 95% of todays so called soul fans don't even know who he is. If Boxy had announced that Jackie Wilson was on they would have been cueing around the block, they are that clueless. Lets hope that we can have an annua
  6. I got a few records from the auction list, and if my memory serves me right it was his dad I dealt with regards the sale of the records.
  7. Is that Gary Hepworth in the middle. Had some mad nights with him when he lived at Doncaster. He moved to York after Doncaster. Top Lad
  8. Tickets Booked, cant wait. These nights at the Wilton are so special and should not be missed. One of the rare times in the year when everybody makes the effort. Bring it on
  9. Said goodbye to my old mate in Spain last Thursday. Around a hundred made the trip, with many more unable to make it at short notice. There is going to be a memorial service in the Uk for those who could not make the journey. What this lad packed into 53 years, most of us will never achieve in a lifetime. Started at Jenkins Rotherham as a plater Welder and on his incredible journey he started 2 companies from scratch, THINC Group and WHAT insure, and was a top player in the City of London. He never forgot his roots and the longer he spent down South the more Northern he became. A true one off
  10. Gregg passed away peacefully in Spain yesterday. He was only 53, and it seems like only yesterday that I was buying records off him at The Windmill, Rotherham on a Sunday night in 1979. Great nights at the Casino & Cleethorpes. From that day on we have been the best of mates always meeting at either Sheffield Wednesday games or soul nights or just socially. He came over from Spain for the Clifton Hall reunion earlier this year, and met a lot of his old mates. Loved him to bits and will miss him so much. My deepest sympathy to Lea, Jodie , Taylor and other loved ones. See you later son.
  11. Great nights up there. Used to travel from Doncaster with John Phillips & Neil Toplis. Great atmosphere and great records played. We was desperate to hear something new and this place didnt let us down. We were like youngsters again, asking what the record was, who it was by, what label it was on, trying to look at it on the turntable - brilliant nights. Now what have we got, except for one or two venues - Boring Boring Boring.
  12. Why does anyone get ready and go out to listen to records they used to listen to 30-40 years ago. About the only place i will make an effort to is Empty Bottles at Leeds. Uptempo 60,s which have been bypassed over the years. This is how it should be, fresh exciting and new again. Pat Brady did a spot last year and just didnt understand the place, he played the usual big ticket records and we were bored to tears. This place has ripped up the rule book, it doesnt need big name djs, it doesnt need big ticket records , its just a sweaty shit hole-like it used to be when we first started. Fresh and
  13. I used to have this, and got it off Shifty for £750.00, and it really is a hard record to find. Personally i loved it, basic production and a raw gritty sound, I know iam in a minority here, as the Pinchers used to love telling me, but its one of my all time favourites and it was a sad day when it was sold.
  14. Picked this up from Andy Dyson some years ago for £250.00. He found it at his mums with a pile more records hed forgot about. Sold it a few years ago for £300.00 and i thought id done really well. Oh well
  15. Hey son, you took me and Mr Phillips to the cleaners.
  16. I don,t how true this story is, but i was told this by Rob Thomas (that,s not a good start). Apparently he met up with Sam Williams and was talking about the record when Sam explained the story behind it. When Sam was in Vietnam he received a letter from his girlfriend saying that she had found somebody else and no longer loved him, and that was when the letter slipped through his fingers. As i say do not know how true that is-but what a story.
  17. Very sad news. Knew Clive from the early days, and whenever we bumped into each other we always shook hands and had a quick word. As has been said before a nice , gentle bloke who will be sadly missed.
  18. Here we go again, head down in the pub, deny you ever went anywhere or had anything to do with it. Please just leave us alone(been saying that for 40yrs)
  19. One record that turn me into a jibbering wreck every time i hear it- Broken Hearted-Barbara Hall on Tusker. This record absolutely kills me.

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