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  1. Gilly respect to you for giving us this book. Brilliant read and a quality product. I know i may need help on this, but the first thing i do with a hard back book is smell it. This smells spot on. I cant imagine the sleepless nights and worry you have had getting this book up and running and i thank you for getting this out to us who haver been crying out for these digging stories for years. Were not getting any younger and unless these are put on paper they will be lost for ever. Many Thanks Gilly.
  2. Academics-Bollocks Sum it all up in 3 chapters Music Mates Gear Maybe not always in that order
  3. Very Sad news. I have,nt seen Keith for some years now, but if anyone lived up to the saying - Keep the faith- it was Keith. He was there at the beginning and never faltered. Big part of my early niter years, mid to late 70,s. Thoughts with his family and friends. RIP
  4. Not even going to comment on the song or delivery, and i have never heard of the singer, but i would have a good bet she has a private school background. Gone are the days when somebody makes it from a working class background. I really hope iam proved wrong, but that voice does not have any experience of hardship and graft, unlike someone like Duffy had. Please please prove me wrong.
  5. One nightmare journey to the Casino involved trapped in a car with Craig Dethick and Alan Flysher. If you knew them you will know what I meen.
  6. Really sad news. Knew Jim from the early days and as Chalky says one of the scenes true characters. RIP Jim
  7. I don't know details of the funeral arrangements yet, and I will let you know when I receive them. Tom had health problems for some time and this was one battle iam sad to say he couldn't win. I was first introduced to Tom around 1977 by Russ White, and we piled into my VW beetle along with Rob Taylor and Shaun Pawsey, on a regular basis to the Casino. He was our apprentice then, but it didn't take him long to be a time served fully paid up member. Brilliant mad days that I would not have missed for anything. I still used to bump into Tom on a regular basis, and I can honestly say he had never
  8. Sorry to post that my old mate Tom Cooper from Doncaster sadly passed away at the weekend. Rest in peace Tom and my thoughts are with the girls at this sad time.
  9. Linda & The Funky Boys at The Casino. I promise you this cannot be beaten as the worst act ever to grace a stage. Same song sung at least 6 times
  10. No Lifeline, No Wilton, No Frobisher, No Horse & Jockey. Only Thorne & Empty Bottles. Never been as less choice to hear something different. Only now and again do you bump into the old crowd who had been into it from the early days, now a different breed have took over and it has nothing to do with the Northern scene I once knew.
  11. Search the event guide every week , All those venues-and no where worth going.
  12. So sad news. Saw amazing live acts at the Frobisher and Wilton which would never have happened without the hard work of Boxy. RIP
  13. Derby and Joan soul nights with sandwiches and birthday balloons. Same old same old, worst period ive known since 1976. Only thing to get excited about is that Empty Bottles has started up again, this is one of the few places worth travelling to.
  14. I know I shouldn't like it, and Edwins vocals are a mile better, but for production, arrangement and the total package Burdicks version comes out on top
  15. Have just seen a post on freebasing that Marks funeral is on the 20th June, at 1.45 at Rotherham Crematorium. Then its at the Joker pub at Wickersley. Lets give the lad a good send off and celebrate his life .
  16. Mark would be amazed by the comments left on here. I really don't think he had any idea how popular and loved he was. I will let you know when any date for the funeral have been made.
  17. Sad news regarding the sudden passing of Mark Ellis from Rotherham. Knew Mark for over 40 years from Samanthas and then introduced to him properly at the Windmill on a sunday night. From then on we went everywhere together- the casino, following the Wednesday home and away and holidays. He was my best man and we always kept in touch. Later on I used to see him at the 100 club , the Wilton and Lifeline. He had a photographic memory regards labels and artists and corrected me on many occasion. He was also well travelled going to parts of the world which were really unknown for vacations back i
  18. The venue is perfect. Give me a good old shithole any day. Just look at the Casino, Pier, Central etc.The atmosphere is spot on, with a great knowledgeable crowd. Plenty of women there and they return time and again. We are so lucky to have this venue on our doorstep, with a chance to listen to underplayed 60,s and 70,s. Long may it continue. Shitholes rule OK
  19. Does nobody have the benefit of doubt anymore. Hes apologised what more do you want the bloke to do.
  20. Butch. Still head and shoulders above the rest. I went to Thorne last Saturday and he did 2 spots totalling two and a half hours of pure class. Nobody has come close to him over the last 20 years.
    This was quite simply a pilgrimage to hear the greatest soul DJ ever - Butch. Hes done it in the past and he can still blow everyone else out of the water now. He did 2 spots which were so varied and would have kept everyone happy, no matter what their musical tastes were. Through the night we would all turn to each other and mutter-OMG what the hell is this. This was exciting and fresh again just like the early days. To top it off hes a really nice unassuming bloke. Well done to Boomerang for getting him to come to Yorkshire. Brilliant brilliant night.
  21. Absolutely loved this place. Reaffirmed my love affair with rare soul. It had everything, a dingy intimate venue, like minded punters, the cream of DJs and underplayed 60s soul. Perfect perfect perfect. Sadly missed
  22. Kenny Spence, so underrated and one of my favourite M,s DJ
  23. One not to miss. Lets make it a great night for Pelle. He often gets overlooked when people talk about the great days at the Wilton, but he was there from the very start at the Carlton club and then was involved when it moved to the Wilton. Top lad who is still supporting small venues and has been around as long as I can remember, this time lets support him at this iconic venue. PS. How the hell did we make 60.

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