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  1. A Youth Club classic for us “younger” lads, massive record! RIP Tami...
  2. Hiya Richard, Just seen yer note mate. I'm overseas, possibly until October. But it may be at my mate's. I'll check. FB PM me with a reminder please. Glad you liked m' spot! G
  3. It was played covered-up as The Angelenos - The Ghetto Beat, initially at Tony's-Blackburn, and a few times more recently also Swinton, Coalville, Gilbert's. I have a spare somewhere, but it sounds like you might get a free one from the other contributor who appears embarrassed to have it
  4. Eyup Rhino, as I remember the cops were after stopping the SoulTown allnighters before the local raves started. You are right in that it was driven by Preston-Lancs Constabulary, for sure. The local beat coppers and the Saturday desk sergeant were very good really. They came in for a brew a couple of times, helmets off(no authority) and said they thought it was brilliant having a "do" with so many people and no trouble. In fact one night, a young copper came in twice for about half an hour because he thought the music was "ace". One night, a right twat of an officer with a swagger-stick under his arm was berating me because Tommo, Oz et al were on the fruit machines, which seemingly weren't licensed for use after midnight. This arse-wipe officer was waving his stick in my face at the top of the stairs, and behind him was the duty-sergeant pulling faces at me trying to make me laugh whilst flashing the V's at the officers back. The sergeant came back an hour later and apologised for the officer being a twat...
  5. So the buggers locked-up...superb! Karma is alive and well.
  6. It was those illegal raves that eventually got the Soultown allnighters at Blackburn closed down. It was a precedent in the licensing act that I operated under, not a law i.e. card carrying Soultown members only and membership applied for at least 24hrs before the event. The raves around London got busted, and a chap called Tony Courser-Hater who was at least fronting a few of them got nicked. In the resulting very fast-tracked court-case, he and his legal team used in his defence(the arseholes) that he operated under the same precedent and practices that Soultown used, which of course he didn't. And therefore he obviously lost the case, he was gonna lose anyway as we all knew, the Establishment was after stomping down hard on the whole rave culture. Him losing the case meant that the precedent was ripped out and thus allowed the Police to close Blackburn down again, over the councils head. I had a similar problem with the Soultown Mexborough allnighters. I would have loved to have punched that Courser-Hater chaps lights-out at the time, what a twat!
  7. The Police at the licensing meeting lied through their collective teeth. They presented a case for refusing the license citing(and I kid you not), a murder, a bank robbery and a burglary as being the direct responsibility of people attending the allnighter. It turned out that when quizzed both by me and a couple of councillors(out of the 12 present) that in fact the only misdemeanour they could prove was a car parked the wrong way on Town Hall Street. Oh, and the Pizza Shop owner was only pissed-off because he'd stayed open late for the allnighter one night, thinking he'd cash-in, only to find out that very very few of the allnighter attendees were hungry...excellent! I hadn't seen that article before, cheers. G
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings here. But I've been asked to pass on that Paul Woods - Woodsy from Hull(although he lived in the Colne area for a good few years), died unexpectedly earlier this week. A real character Paul, and a Wigan record bar stalwart. Often to be found in the company of other Hullites, Mike Kemp, Steve Gainey, Rick Laydon, Keith et al, and/or picking Brad & Barries brains for record tips. A very good knowledge himself and a chap who could cause a mass record argument in a phone-box! Always considered good company by his many pals. He will be sorely missed...
  9. Eyup, Just seen this. If you still have Miller Sisters, Dalton James & Sutton and King George, would you consider a price reduction for all 3? Cheers, G
  10. Funky Baby! The Phillips Bros - I got hurt / Who stole my cookie - NOW. Fab double-siderBrilliant condition £400Cheers, G
  11. Could Emory Cloud be the Emory from Emory and The Dynamics then? They are both Atlanta labels. It's a good bet...
  12. Kick-arse classic! Please see photos for label condition WOL etc. Vinyl has a few visible scratches, but plays through with very little acknowledgment of it. If you're the type who scrutinises condition with a magnifying glass, it ain't for you. If you are the type who will possibly touch yourself whilst listening and looking at an incredibly well-priced original Ernest Mosley spinning on your turn-table, well here it is. I'll even include a few soft tissues in the deal... PM to purchase please. Cheers, G Price now reduced to £600, but you only get the one tissue!
  13. Originally a strong Deep Funk biggie, but contained the raw energy and correct beat to cross-over to the Northern scene. Ace floor-shaker with tons of legs in it still! Superb condition. £320. Cheers, G PS See you in Hemel Hempstead next Sunday...
  14. What a damn shame. Nice bloke John, shy, unassuming but a fabulous record knowledge, and a fantastic amount of vinyl too. We did lots of record deals. Generally, I gave him rare uptempo R&B and he gave me rare northern. It worked for both of us at the time, and I've never seen again half the records he got from me. A lovely bloke, but as his close friends know, very hard to get out of the house! RIP mate...

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