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  1. harrythedog


    The venue is perfect. Give me a good old shithole any day. Just look at the Casino, Pier, Central etc.The atmosphere is spot on, with a great knowledgeable crowd. Plenty of women there and they return time and again. We are so lucky to have this venue on our doorstep, with a chance to listen to underplayed 60,s and 70,s. Long may it continue. Shitholes rule OK
  2. harrythedog

    The Mighty Bub - Would Have Been 60 This Year

    Total one off. " I,am here to educate not F*****g entertain" one of my favourites when asked for a record. Saw a few DJ,S in later years trying to F & Blind whilst jocking ( James Trouble comes to mind) but nobody could hold a light to him. Really nice lad and a true character. The scene is a lot poorer without him
  3. Does nobody have the benefit of doubt anymore. Hes apologised what more do you want the bloke to do.
  4. harrythedog

    Which dj ?

    Butch. Still head and shoulders above the rest. I went to Thorne last Saturday and he did 2 spots totalling two and a half hours of pure class. Nobody has come close to him over the last 20 years.
  5. harrythedog

    BOOMERANG with Butch

    This was quite simply a pilgrimage to hear the greatest soul DJ ever - Butch. Hes done it in the past and he can still blow everyone else out of the water now. He did 2 spots which were so varied and would have kept everyone happy, no matter what their musical tastes were. Through the night we would all turn to each other and mutter-OMG what the hell is this. This was exciting and fresh again just like the early days. To top it off hes a really nice unassuming bloke. Well done to Boomerang for getting him to come to Yorkshire. Brilliant brilliant night.
  6. harrythedog

    Video of Sheridans from 2004

    Absolutely loved this place. Reaffirmed my love affair with rare soul. It had everything, a dingy intimate venue, like minded punters, the cream of DJs and underplayed 60s soul. Perfect perfect perfect. Sadly missed
  7. harrythedog

    Wigan DJ’s

    Kenny Spence, so underrated and one of my favourite M,s DJ
  8. harrythedog

    Chris Pele's 60th birthday bash at the Wilton

    One not to miss. Lets make it a great night for Pelle. He often gets overlooked when people talk about the great days at the Wilton, but he was there from the very start at the Carlton club and then was involved when it moved to the Wilton. Top lad who is still supporting small venues and has been around as long as I can remember, this time lets support him at this iconic venue. PS. How the hell did we make 60.
  9. harrythedog

    Rarest of the rare allnighter 1994

    Fantastic nights with like minded people, who had been on the journey over the years and were always looking to hear something new. This was something we all thought would keep going and never did we imagine it would descend into the fancy dress pantomime we have today.
  10. harrythedog

    the man that lived in wigan toilets

    Had a good chat with him one Friday night (Wheel & Torch night) if I remember. He used to be in the merchant navy and spent most of his life sailing the oceans of the world. He spoke of the places he had visited and it was good to know a bit about the man behind the face. Fantastic memories of a special time.
  11. harrythedog

    Divs are more abundant than ever......

    You only have to look at the photo section on this site. Most of the photos explain the term div far better than I could here.
  12. harrythedog

    The Conclusion - Wilton's Soulful Sessions

    Absolutely gutted. From the early days at the Carlton club, Wilton All nighters and then The soulful sessions, these nights have been a big part of my life. Always supported by similar minded people who are fed up with the same old same old. The Wilton will always hold happy memories for me. They should have been fighting at the door to get in for Richard Caiton, the problem is that 95% of todays so called soul fans don't even know w..
  13. harrythedog

    'Spot-light On' Nev Wherry

    I got a few records from the auction list, and if my memory serves me right it was his dad I dealt with regards the sale of the records.
  14. harrythedog


  15. harrythedog

    For your pleasure ,,,,,or pain

    Brilliant. Thanks Tim. Made my night

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