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  1. until

    Request hour would be great Simon if you have the time ? From me: Reaching for the world - Harold Melvin & Blue Notes. Regards, Tom.
  2. until

    Back this weekend everyone and looking forward to it. Daughter was moving house end of last week so busy weekend doing "what was needed". Best, Tom.
  3. until

    Anyone care to name these " wanted dead or alive" peeps ? The "men they couldn't hang". LOL. Know the faces from "back then" somewhere.
  4. until

    @ Wilxy. Missing you on Mixcloud. Glad you can tune in tho on RadioKing ?. How's the Detroit wants going ?
  5. until

    My head went all funny trying to read Baz's list above without any punctuation. LOL ! Obviously needed some HAIG blue to lubricate the "old grey matter". Be OK on the night then. T.
  6. until

    Morning everyone, sorry for the late reply. Could not get involved Boxing Day, but was listening in when time allowed. It has all been said: young guns went "great guns". I would just like to wish the BVA Crew & all Listeners a very Happy New Year. I believe we will still need BVA in the first few months or so. Cannot see live music events returning just yet eh ? BUT looking good for sometime in 2021. Catch up with you all for BVA New Years Special for sure. Ching! Ching! Best, Tom.
  7. until

    Yet again another very enjoyable and educational event on BVA. My kinda music all night. Thank you to all the DJ's and efforts to put together great sets. AND SIMON: the wallet may take a pounding as I revisit those play lists. LOL. Not wanting to pick anyone out - but for the only reason haven't come across him before (I don't think)> Charlie Smith. Nice one. Bonnie Blanch Ford 45 - whoosh ! Request hour was great too. Cheers..................... Tom.
  8. Four superb condition British 45’s. Perfect clean labels. See scans. Kim Weston – you’re just the kind of guy (MGM 1382) Mint. £70. Lynne Randell – stranger in my arms (CBS 2847 O/W Demo) Mint. Immaculate/Pristine. £600. Brenda Holloway – together ‘til the end of time (TMG 556 R/W Demo) Mint. Pristine. £300. Brenda Holloway – hurt a little everyday / where were you (TMG 581 G/W Demo) M- £200. Payment: PayPal (Gift / F&F) / Chq / Bank Xfer. Shipping: Royal Mail 1st class Special Delivery £7.50 (or maybe £3 Kim Weston 1st class “signed for”) P.M. ple
  9. until

    BVA Crew. May I request the following please: Voices of east Harlem - So rare. Regards, Tom.
  10. until

    Oh yes, this is right up my straza. I just know I am going to be educated a bit. AND be able to "nick" a few tunes that are spun. Cannot wait for this one. Cheers, Tom.
  11. Quite an Anniversary night with 2K in attendance. You got enough rooms for this amount ? Please post up a MixCloud link if you can - always great to revisit and listen again. Thank you to everyone for their time and effort. Top event. Kind regards, Tom.
  12. 6pm start for request show - one hell of a night in store then. One from me please: The Springers - nothing's too good for my baby. Best, Tom.
  13. until

    A superbly executed show from the "young guns". Thank you very much for all your efforts. I enjoyed immensely. Hopefully BVA can benefit from over 3k listeners and many new followers in the weeks to come - I hope so. Kind regards, Tom.
  14. You want an issue. The B side is awesome. Will be massive one day for sure. (It was a good time).
  15. until

    These "young guns" are getting some praise from peeps that know them. That makes it even more interesting. Got my pen & paper at the ready to "nick" any good plays off 'em ! LOL. T.

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