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  1. until

    I didn't know that Simon. Shame the 45 has a cut down radio edit time of 2min 43 sec instead of full 4 mins. That's 6t's radio demands for you (everything sub 3 mins). T.
  2. until

    Hello BVA Soul Crew..................... May I respectfully request the following for your delectation. FOUR TOPS - do what you gotta do. Away this weekend, but will listen in - no chat room banter tho. Best, Tom.
  3. Some more very nice 45’s. All have clean labels unless stated. See scans below. Gloria Taylor - Total Disaster / Don't want to be a girl that cries (Mercury 73186) M- £40. (great uptempo / superb sweet soul) Scott Bros Orch - They all came back (Toddlin' Town 125) M- £30. Insiders - I'm just a man / I'm better off without you (RCA 9225 demo) M- £90. (two superb sides) Deon Jackson - Love makes the world go around / You said you loved me (UK AT4070). M- £35. (two superb sides) Payment: PayPal / Chq / Bank Xfer. Shipping: 1st 45 £3.00
  4. Two very nice superb condition UK 45’s. Both have clean labels unless stated. Smokey & Miracles - More love / swept for you baby (TMG 614 G/W demo) M- £65. SOLD. Deon Jackson - Love makes the world go around / You said you loved me (AT4070) M- £45. Payment: PayPal / Chq / Bank Xfer. Shipping: 1st 45 £2.50 Royal Mail 1st class rec del. P.M. please if interested in anything or require further info. Cheers……………. Tom.
  5. until

    I wasn't able to be in the Chat Room all night as per usual. Was listening elsewhere. Top night and music again. Thank you BVA crew. Best, Tom.
  6. until

    AND another from me please................... Tavares - My ship. To showcase just how good Tavares became. One of my faves from them also. T.
  7. until

    We already have a great 45 from the TSU Toronadoes selected. But let's have another please Simon & Crew - What good am I ? T.
  8. until

    "I didn't try" is a great choice. Just love it. I know the other side is very much "in vogue" by the likes of Len. BUT for me it will always be "try".. (most know they went on to huge success in the 7t's as Tavares - big Northern exposure for a couple or more of their 45's) Best, Tom.
  9. until

    Sure was a night - what a night it was ! Superb music - loved it. Quite a party Len eh ? OK, who's next with their 50th B'day then - don't be shy. HA! HA! not me for sure. Regards Tom.
  10. until

    Remind me Len.......................... Your B'day bash in Wellingboro' when you had " the Northern Soul Fist" in ICE ? Poss 40th ?
  11. until

    Lenny invited the Allbrighton crew to DJ @ the Embankment Club one time. Everyone just sat there all night, until Len came on for last 45 mins or so. I thought the music was great BUT not to the liking of the normal attendees. I brought a car full over from Banbury and they were not impressed either. Had to mention this Len as you mentioned Allbrighton. Such a strange night that was.
  12. until

    Someone with very good taste chose this beauty...... The Darlings - Two Time Loser. This was deffo a Lenny tune from The Embankment days. T.
  13. until

    Oh, we have a request hour this Saturday also. Let me get in quick then. William Cummings - make my love a hurting thing. Romona Collins - you've been cheating. Cheers................... Tom.
  14. until

    These youngsters with their Birthdays (50th). Ha! Ha! I cannot remember mine, so far back in the past. LOL. Great to see Jem on the DJ roster. Been to some fine "do's" of his in the past. He's a bit of a GEM !
  15. until

    Classy music from start to finish. Forgot how good that Alldayer selection was. Cheers............... Tom.

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