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  1. Becket

    UK Wants. Updated.

    another update. still looking for the ones listed thanks.
  2. Becket

    RIP Aretha

    A voice you recognise instantly and never forget. Just listen to the two gems below and two of my faves........................... Cheers.................. Tom.
  3. Becket

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    I love it and will always get on the dance floor to it. Pestered the Willinghams quite a few times @ Prestatyn top-room rare soul and Blackpool Soul Fest Niter. We had Greety @ our little Banbury Soul Club do's a few years ago and I couldn't wait to ask him to play it - no empty dance floor here. Really pleased Ted has told me he has one also - I can pester him now to play it ! (although he may have moved it on with no dance floor action ? LOL) Cheers................... Tom.
  4. Becket


    Too many "do's" on every Fri & Sat night - scene is swamped with Events. More DJ's or budding DJ's than paying punters. Depending on your music tastes - four peeps can get in a taxi to a local do and drink all night. If you need bespoke music then you will prob be prepared to travel to "where it's at". I'm not adding anything new here - this is what I have read here on SS for the past decade really. And seen it with my own eyes. Maybe needs a clear out of multiple events and back to a handful of them at the weekend ? Cheers..................... Tom.
  5. Becket

    Soul & Motown Night at Towcester Football Club

    Such a friendly event this one with a great crowd always. This is the sort of place it all started at - give them your support. Banbury massive will be there. Cheers............ Tom.
  6. Becket

    uk labels -did they ever exist

    Mick Smith & Pete Smith could tell you all about UK issues and demo's never released. But 45's do turn up years later. Look @ Darrell Banks silver top London - bet a few peeps "wet their pants" on seeing that ! Cheers................... Tom.
  7. Becket

    uk labels -did they ever exist

    Whole load of stories also for Geri Hall on UK SUE. Has never shown up although got an allocated release in the range. T.
  8. Becket

    uk labels -did they ever exist

    Soul Joe Clements - Plexium Demo for auction on ebay now. (small silver "A" on label - compared to issues) (bit like Oriole Motown ones). (nothing else on label to emphasize a demo copy) T.
  9. Becket

    johnny truitt -question?

    Just adding my thoughts here - sorry for hijacking your orig ask. Absolutely love this recording (Just the other day). One of my faves of all time. Always get "someone" who wants to know what it is - when lucky enough to play it out. I "got it" straight away on first hearing this many years ago. Cheers.................. Tom.
  10. Becket

    Witney Soul Club early set @ Christmas gig

    Hello there Dan. Some great crossover and super soulful soundz played by yourself in that first hour. Right up my "straza" musically. So well done there. Yes, see you about somewhere soon. Cheers................ Tom.
  11. Becket

    Witney Soul Club early set @ Christmas gig

    Hello John, Was great to be there on the night - really nice set (and the later stuff was pretty Fab also !) Great sounds @ Banbury in early Jan '18 thank you. Catch up with you soon. Cheers................ Tom.
  12. Becket

    Cueing options for vinyl other than headphones

    Personally, I like to hear "mic" work during a DJ set. Not saying it needs to be between every 45, but it adds "that human touch !" Non-stop music from start to finish makes it sound like a "laptop , memory stick , mp3 player" set. Liven it up a bit with your own "stamp" on it. Only my humble opinion here - not slating anyone. T.
  13. Becket

    Cueing options for vinyl other than headphones

    Get yourself a Coloured single LED, sleeve the leads and connect to tip & ring of Standard jack plug. Use in headphones socket on mixer and adjust headphone volume to suit, so that it illuminates once hitting audio on 45 run-in. T.
  14. When seriously collecting the Motown and related desirable Label no's back in the Nineties; I thought the Andantes was an impossible find. I cannot remember ever seeing or hearing of one for sale ? Now we have J.M. and T.B. each auctioning one together at the same time. And T.B. has already sold another this year. J.M's has a "deletion hole" through it - so who would have done that to delete it ? I know it may be highly desirable; but is it really that rare ? Cheers...................... Tom.
  15. Becket

    UK Wants. Updated.

    updated again.


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