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  1. Anyone have info on where these came from ? Seen loads of great UK demo's like this - all with same writing for date and library file no. Possibly another forces radio station - Cyprus ? All have been mint probably unplayed when first hit our shores. If the no. 16003 is to go by, they must have had thousands. (saw a SS Heatwave once in the 2xxx range). Cheers................ Tom.
  2. Updated - many sales now.
  3. Some UK & US sales – all are very nice condition with clean labels (unless stated below) ………………… Make me a sensible offer if you think I am out with my prices. Lefties Soul Connection – You don’t know (MPM 086) M- £25. SOLD. Nicole Willis – Feeling free (Timmion 013) M- £10. Little Carl Carlton – Competition ain’t nothing (UK Action 4501) M- £50. SOLD. Willie Hightower – Because I love you (Capitol 5916) M- £50. Reparata & Delrons – Panic (UK Bell 1014) M- £60. SOLD. Tony Michaels – Picture you & me / I love the life I live (GW41 Demo) Ex £90. Four Voices – Your love is getting stronger/With a lonely heart (Voice 1112 2nd iss “nashville matrix” stamped) M- £50. Sam & Bill – I’ll try (UK Brunswick 05973) M- £35. Kelly Brothers – Crying days are over (SIMS 293) Ex. £40. SOLD. Sidney Barnes – Hurt on the other side (UK white label test pressing – Charly recs?) M- £20. SOLD. Sheppards – Stubborn heart / How do you like it (UK JayBoy 30) M- £80. SOLD. Jackie Wilson - What’cha gonna do about love (UK Brunswick Red demo BR3) M- £25. Esquires – My sweet baby (UK Action 4618) M- £50. Sugar Pie DeSanto – My illusions (Soul Clock 1003) M- £50. Harvey – Any way you wanta (Tri-Phi 1017) M- £90. Darrell Banks – Angel baby (UK Atlantic 584120) M- (does have faint rubber stamp rhs) M- £90. SOLD. Patti Austin – Someone’s gonna cry (Coral 62478 coloured iss) M- £100. Scott Bros Orch – They all came back (Toddlin’ Town 125) M- £30. Jean King – Don’t say goodbye (HBR 497 demo) M- £40. Capitols – Cool jerk / Hello stranger (UK Atlantic 584004 possible demo? Has “A”) M- £25. SOLD. Baby Washington – Leave me alone (US SUE 790) Ex £40. Billy Harner – What about the music (UK Kame Sutra 2013 029 with centre) M- £20. Carla Thomas – I play for keeps / I’ll never stop loving you (UK Kent 117) M- £25. Larry Williams – You ask for one good reason (Okeh 7280) Ex- (slight ringwear – name on B in biro) £70. SOLD. Eula Cooper – Beggars can’t be choosey (Note 7208) M- £70. SOLD. Fred Hughes – Oo we baby I love you (UK Fontana TF 583) M- £40. Etta James/Sugar Pie DeSanto – Do I make myself clear (UK Gold Chess CRS 8025) M- £30. Jimmy Ruffin – Don’t feel sorry for me (Miracle 1 white demo) Ex. Fine copy for 1961 rec. £150. Spinners – I just can’t help but feel the pain (Motown 1136) M- £35. Anita Humes & the Essex – What did I do ? (US Roulette 4542) M- dh £45. SOLD. Fran Jeffries – Gone now (Monument 1089 demo) M- £70. Nancy Wilson – End of our love / Face it girl, it’s over (UK Capitol CL15547) M- £60. SOLD. Soul Brothers Six – Thank you baby for loving me (UK Atlantic K10471 demo) M- £30. SOLD. Little Richard – A little bit of something (UK Columbia DB8240) Ex £50. SOLD. Sharon Soul – How can I get to you / Don’t say goodbye love (UK Stateside SS411) VG. £50. (lots of fine marks – nothing deep. Plays loud & clear both sides. Clean labels. RARE on issue). Bobby McClure - You got me baby / Peak of love (UK Chess CRS8048) M- £65. P.M. me please if interested............................... Payment: PayPal (as GIFT in UK £) , chq , bank xfr. Shipping: 1st 45. £2.50 Royal Mail first class rec del. Cheers…………….. Tom.
  4. Someone has posted up both trax on YouTube now.......................
  5. Having arrived home Sunday morning with my 100 Club 40th Anniversary 45, I was eager to listen to its B side. [The A side, Carolyn Crawford, having already been played by Ady on the night.] Well, what can I say, I was totally gob-smacked by how awesome it was. Never having heard this before (not sure if anyone had already?) I couldn't stop playing it. Mickey is better known for his writing, arranging and A&R work, than his voice isn't he ? Ady quotes 1968 and the interweb states him and Kim left Motown in 1967 for MGM. So would this and Carolyn have been released on the MGM label then ? I very much hope Ady has some more stuff like this to play / release over the coming months. Cheers.................... Tom. (Banbury)
  6. Nick Topsy-Turvey's "No Boundaries" room will go from strength to strength. The ability to play and hear a plethora of great music is so refreshing. He has some great guest DJ's lined up for us. Well done to Eddie and Mick for great sets last time. I'm sure they will be re-appearing very soon. Cheers.............. Tom.
  7. Nick Topsy-Turvey's "No Boundaries" room will go from strength to strength. The ability to play and hear a plethora of great music is so refreshing. He has some great guest DJ's lined up for us. Well done to Eddie and Mick for great sets last time. I'm sure they will be re-appearing very soon. Cheers.............. Tom.
  8. another update. still looking for the ones listed thanks.
  9. A voice you recognise instantly and never forget. Just listen to the two gems below and two of my faves........................... Cheers.................. Tom.
  10. I love it and will always get on the dance floor to it. Pestered the Willinghams quite a few times @ Prestatyn top-room rare soul and Blackpool Soul Fest Niter. We had Greety @ our little Banbury Soul Club do's a few years ago and I couldn't wait to ask him to play it - no empty dance floor here. Really pleased Ted has told me he has one also - I can pester him now to play it ! (although he may have moved it on with no dance floor action ? LOL) Cheers................... Tom.
  11. Too many "do's" on every Fri & Sat night - scene is swamped with Events. More DJ's or budding DJ's than paying punters. Depending on your music tastes - four peeps can get in a taxi to a local do and drink all night. If you need bespoke music then you will prob be prepared to travel to "where it's at". I'm not adding anything new here - this is what I have read here on SS for the past decade really. And seen it with my own eyes. Maybe needs a clear out of multiple events and back to a handful of them at the weekend ? Cheers..................... Tom.
  12. Such a friendly event this one with a great crowd always. This is the sort of place it all started at - give them your support. Banbury massive will be there. Cheers............ Tom.
  13. Mick Smith & Pete Smith could tell you all about UK issues and demo's never released. But 45's do turn up years later. Look @ Darrell Banks silver top London - bet a few peeps "wet their pants" on seeing that ! Cheers................... Tom.
  14. Whole load of stories also for Geri Hall on UK SUE. Has never shown up although got an allocated release in the range. T.
  15. Soul Joe Clements - Plexium Demo for auction on ebay now. (small silver "A" on label - compared to issues) (bit like Oriole Motown ones). (nothing else on label to emphasize a demo copy) T.

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