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  1. until

    Yes Steve, every week the pressure moves to somewhere new. Just like the weather ( a song title there LOL). High Pressure over Banbury this Saturday night. That means it will be fine and clear - unlike my head. A very nice honour to be invited to participate though. T.
  2. until

    Fiona, I know the feeling. I am still on my Soul journey after 50 years or more of listening. Always something new to know, that is why I love the Bury Virtual AllNiter so much. I'm educated every Saturday night. Best, Tom.
  3. until

    Which one Fiona ? Do you know the one on KAREN from 1969? Mike Terry / Ollie McLaughlin collaboration with a more funky twist to it.
  4. until

    For me; the two best tracks on the American Mowest label Wilxy. Such a shame Battened Ships isn't on a 45. T.
  5. until

    Carrying on from the virtual AllDayer - the AllNiter just kept the quality flowing. Great DJ line up with their slant of choices and boy did they deliver. Wilxy sneaked in (YES, I know you were offered it) with a 7-8pm slot - very kind of Simon. Just carry on the good work everyone as I am loving it. Tom.
  6. until

    Alldayer played seven hours of the highest quality Soul music. Really enjoyed the show. - great choices everyone. Would love another sometime - but I know a lot of effort is needed to produce it. Big thanx, Tom.
  7. until

    It surely didn't disappoint Wilxy. Loved it. T.
  8. until

    AllNiter line up looks awesome from 7pm. GO Wilxy. AND this afternoon's DJ's haven't been "too shabby" either ! T.
  9. until

    Big thanx Simon. A lot of hard work needed for this I am sure. It is very much appreciated. AND other crew members if involved. Cheers.................. Tom.
  10. until

    In there early doors - Earnest Baker. Here we go for a great afternoon. Best, Tom.
  11. until

    Great show yet again last night everyone thank you. Hope you'll be inviting back the two "new" names. Looking forward to Chalky's 7t's & 8t's next week - last one was just awesome for me (and I hope others). Cheers.................. Tom.
  12. until

    Couple of new names on the DJ roster for tonight. Don't think I have seen them there before ? Looking forward to what they bring to the Event. Best, Tom.
  13. until

    I'll throw 10 in the ring - pick some , pick them all - leave it up to you Simon (& Crew). Betty Moorer - Speed up. El Anthony - That's what my lady says. Emmitt Long - Call me. Answers - Thinking of you. Willie Dale - Let your light shine. Appointments - I saw you there. Flowers - For real. Johnny Maestro - I'm stepping out of the picture. Notations - Trying my best to find her. Jimmy Church - Thinking about the good times. Cheers................ Tom.
  14. until

    No requests in yet for this Saturday's show 7-8pm slot ? Should be OK with mine then. T.
  15. until

    Great to hear from "far away peeps" in the Chat Room Saturday night. Global reach or what. Nice mix of soundz and Dj's. Getting my request in now for this week. Tom.

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