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  1. "I'll be back" for this event deffo. Last time B'day celebrations went on and on (you know how it is) .................... Request please: Ravins (Ravens) - your love. Cheers............... Tom.
  2. This is a very special week as Martins family are celebrating the 18th Birthdays of the Leach Family Triplets this very day and Saturday we can help celebrate this momentous occasion and of Co-Producer Martin keeping the soul flowing for us all, Congratulations to Martin and family from the whole of BVAN. How great is the above. Interestingly it is my Birthday today also. Have family things planned for the garden - albeit duff weather here. Will try and catch up with you all @ some point. Enjoy the evening and request hour. Best, Tom.
  3. until

    Not to be missed event this Saturday me thinx. Have promoted heavily around "middle earth" Banbury. Shame we have to lose an hour that night. LOL. Broadcast on both Platforms - so will have to be jumping around those chat rooms + SS. Cheers.............. Tom.
  4. Totally agree on this - I have seen the same. Did it sell quite well especially locally - hence the proliferation of stockers ? Best, Tom.
  5. Yes Chalky, that is the story I know of also. All the peeps at the launch just discarded them - left all over the place. AND someone (or more) did go around hoovering them up - good on them ! I first saw it on a Mick Smith list for £70 when they reached our shores (he had a few). I had never heard it and was an avid UK Motown R/W demo collector at the time. He said buy it, you will not be disappointed - so I did and I wasn't. Nobody ever mentions the flip side - Desperate Situation. Think this is great - in its own right. Best, Tom.
  6. I seem to remember a story (true or not ?) that RCA recalled or re-used the vinyl of non selling stock copies. This is why black stockers are particular scarce. Or am I totally "off my head" with this ? Best, Tom.
  7. until

    I have virtually met so many people I don't know (possibly not ?) in the last 12 months. It seems like I have know them forever . I cannot put in words how BVA , the CREW, followers and friends have enlightened myself with their musical knowledge, wit , friendship and general all round kind heartedness (if such a word exists ?). I cannot wait to meet you all at a future Bury Soul event that will definitely happen. Most respectfully yours, Tom. AND a special request from myself for this most special Event. The Originals - I'm someone who cares. T.
  8. until

    Two requests for myself please Simon & Crew: Merry Clayton - Gimme shelter. Merry Clayton - Keep your eye on the sparrow. What an amazing voice - it actually "cracks" on GMS. Another very under rated artist - she actually sings; backing Mick on Stones version. Best, Tom.
  9. Crikey; that request hour soon filled up ! Looked a day ago and nothing even in EVENTS for this week re. BVA ? Tom.
  10. until

    Simon & Crew, Can you add the following please to the request hour ? Four Tops - don't turn away (sheer perfection imho). Best, Tom.
  11. This appeared on ebay a few years ago. A test press 45 of Someday, so does exist on 45 in this format. Removed from sale - prob due big dosh being offered. Has it ever surfaced anywhere ?
  12. until

    Request hour would be great Simon if you have the time ? From me: Reaching for the world - Harold Melvin & Blue Notes. Regards, Tom.
  13. until

    Back this weekend everyone and looking forward to it. Daughter was moving house end of last week so busy weekend doing "what was needed". Best, Tom.
  14. until

    Anyone care to name these " wanted dead or alive" peeps ? The "men they couldn't hang". LOL. Know the faces from "back then" somewhere.
  15. until

    @ Wilxy. Missing you on Mixcloud. Glad you can tune in tho on RadioKing ?. How's the Detroit wants going ?

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