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  1. Gary

    The Grafton Is Back In Lincoln

    Probably cant make 9th may but will come again.
  2. Gary

    Soul Heaven - Rattys Sleaford

    Have to agree with Kev, as a local had really been looking forward to this. Always like to hear Anderson Brothers played out and thanks to Coops for granting my request for Dynamic Superiors!! My son came up to pass a message on to me and said "Dad, i did'nt think you liked House music?" For me too much modern, i am not averse to a measure normally, but agree with Kev, a bit over my head too. Plus side, well organised and friendly reception. Will be coming to the next one. I will keep an open mind. Sleaford has always had a certain apathy towards this type of thing so well done for attracting so many from away!!
  3. Gary

    Your Top Record Ever! One Desert Island Disc

    Just to keep you satisfied - Marvin Gaye. Always comes back.
  4. Gary

    Soul Heaven : Sleaford : May 2009

    I think this current incarnation of this club is the only one i havent been in, previously called legends, asylum, crypt, club havanna. Now called Rattys (last few weeks). Useless information really. The upstairs is great venue though .
  5. Gary

    Soul Heaven : Sleaford : May 2009

    Definately on for this one Dawn . Will try not to drink before i get there
  6. Gary

    Coloured Vinyl

    Grover Washington Junior - Do Dat - Tamla Motown, on yellow vinyl demo. US release. Top tune aswell.
  7. Gary

    Favourite Lyrics

    Ive been waiting here since early morning, tossing pebbles at your window pane D Spinners.
  8. Fair bit of local interest in this one, looking forward to it
  9. Gary

    Price`s For Some Twinight 45`s

    Paid £15 for this about 12 months ago, but it was a bargain, usually £30 (ish).
  10. Gary

    Morning Soul

    Four Vandals everytime!!
  11. Gary

    The Best Label Designs

  12. Gary

    Cajun Hart

    Cajun Hart-Gotta Find A Way B/W Linda Jones-Last Minute Miracle, Warner Bros Demo. Mint Unplayed. £10 inc P&P PM if interested. Gaz.
  13. Gary

    Cajun Heart Got To Find A Way

    I've got this Kev, and think i have a spare copy somewhere, will have a look.
  14. Gary

    Entertainers Iv

    What do you think is reasonable? Had one offered already.
  15. Gary

    Entertainers Iv

    On Dore. Pm's please. Gaz.


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