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  1. How far would you travel..

    This year, been to Wales twice for nighters, round trip around 400 miles. Swinton 3 times, round trip around 350 miles Bury as above Corfu, don't know how far that was, but further than the above. A couple of years ago went to the Aberdeen...
  2. Charity Nighter marathon 52 nighters in 52 weeks.

    Hi Mike, Thanks bud. At Keele this week for number 39. Lots of people have just given cash, we then put that in as well. The joy of that is, we can claim gift aid, so it increases by 25%. Just over 4 grand raised at the moment. I'm sure you ...
  3. The title says it all really. Myself and John Smalley have undertaken a challenge to complete 52 nighters within 52 weeks. The only provisos; We need to be there at the end. We pay for our own petrol, as it was our choice to do the task I...
  4. Winnie :-)

  5. sad day

    Tough time for you Bill, it was the 10th anniversary of my Mum's passing last month, I wrote her a poem and wept a little. What we miss is that unconditional love, that only a Mother gives, and the straight up no messing wisdom, that they all seem to be bless...
  6. Dance Scene Or Soul Scene?

    It's complicated... a bit like the ''are you in a relationship'' question on facebook :)
  7. New safety measures in the USA

    So players of 'soccer' in the USA will be banned from heading a football until after their 10th birthday... They'll just have to play with their rifles until then I guess.... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-11/us-bans-under-10-football-players-from-he...
  8. a bit of a farce ... pakistan v england cricket

    6 double hundreds in 8 tests on that ground. Don't think the Pakistanis expected that pitch either? Still credit to England for knuckling down, they could easily have imploded.
  9. Event Guide - Trial of default weekly display

    Much better Mike.
  10. Just had a call

    This happened last week as well so I'm trying to make those not aware, aware. Got a call from someone telling me that my IP address had been replicated so my computer was now corrupted. The callers said they were from "windows". I asked for more identificati...
  11. Der Bomber

    Just seen on sky sports news that Gerd Muller has been diagnosed with alzheimers. Whilst not a true footballing hero to most of us for obvious reasons, his ability to put the ball in the back of the net was uncanny. I thought it worth a mention for the true ...
  12. Birthday Wishes. Soultown Andy

    Happy birthday Andy.
  13. Rugby World Cup

    Will watch some England New Zealand
  14. current affairs on a break

    I loved the CA forum, but started to find it depressing if I'm honest. As regarding moderating it's almost impossible because contributing members didn't and don't follow guidelines, simple as that. Nearly every thread in there returned constantly to immigra...
  15. Whatever Happened To............................?

    still available, only now in a blue wrapper, and I loves it

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