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  1. Thanks both, want to check some old PMs
  2. Is there an icon for PMs and if there is, where is it to be found please.
  3. This year, been to Wales twice for nighters, round trip around 400 miles. Swinton 3 times, round trip around 350 miles Bury as above Corfu, don't know how far that was, but further than the above. A couple of years ago went to the Aberdeen nighter. Safe to say I don't mind travelling.
  4. Hi Mike, Thanks bud. At Keele this week for number 39. Lots of people have just given cash, we then put that in as well. The joy of that is, we can claim gift aid, so it increases by 25%. Just over 4 grand raised at the moment. I'm sure you remember I'm a technophobe hence the limited ways in which to donate.
  5. The title says it all really. Myself and John Smalley have undertaken a challenge to complete 52 nighters within 52 weeks. The only provisos; We need to be there at the end. We pay for our own petrol, as it was our choice to do the task If a promoter lets us in for nothing, we then donate the entrance fee. We are well into the task, I have currently completed 38 nighters, and John has finished 39. The aim is to complete the marathon on the 2/12/17 at the 100 club. It would be great to see some of you there, and even better if you could donate. We originally set a targ
  6. It's complicated... a bit like the ''are you in a relationship'' question on facebook :)
  7. I loved the CA forum, but started to find it depressing if I'm honest. As regarding moderating it's almost impossible because contributing members didn't and don't follow guidelines, simple as that. Nearly every thread in there returned constantly to immigration, whatever the original subject matter, and never a thought or care about what was being said and how it might affect other members.
  8. We are pretty grumpy on here Maryam. As has already been said, there's been so much misrepresentation over the years, last one on BBC was the one show, complete with presenters in gargantuan trousers and cardboard badges, and was at best naff. I've seen the videos on FB that Jud filmed, and know a lot of the people that were there, I think that the real problem is the suspicion these ventures are viewed with. I know you say ''it's not underground and pretty much out there'', (paraphrasing) but the percentage of people still into northern to the percentage of people in the UK as a whole, doesn'
  9. Anybody seen Lilyhammer? Steven Van Zandt from the Sopranos in it, snitches on his family boss in New York and relocates to Norway. I've watched the first 7, not in the same league as the Sopranos but very , watchable, not sure it's meant to be funny, but it is in parts
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: I got there pretty much as it was starting, parked the car in a field... View full article
  11. A TALE OF TWO DITTYS. I'm very much aware that ditty is not the correct word, but it allowed me a literary reference, just to remind me the following is just the usual Sunday morning wibble. If it helps sing the words as you read them, or hum if your vocal abilities resemble my own. The title refers to 2 reviews of last night's outing. The first is for the busy, 'White Rabbit' types who undoubtedly have a huge list of chores to perform and every minute counts, in the interest of diversity, it also caters for those with a diagnosed short attention span. REVIEW 1 I went to the Bletsoe reunion la
  12. So your main gripes are that the Guardian printed the article, and Craig Charles has nicked some DJs spot? He mentions racism on the northern scene, which I think was the point of the original post? Any pearls of wisdom on that? Apologies if you're addressed the actual subject matter in a previous post.

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