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  1. I like all his stuff - "Cry Like A Baby" is great tune and so are "Have You Heard About The Fool" and "That's Me Lovin' You" ... offa 2 of his Motown related albums.. The first from "Goin' Back To...", on Motown from 1969 and the second two from "Teardrops Keep Falling On My Heart", on VIP in 1970. The first I heard was "I only get this Feeling" at Wigan .. so I've have a massive soft spot for that.. so I'll go with that and agree with StuH.
  2. Gazoor

    R I P Lee Vowles

    Massive shock!!! We spent many an hour posting info. on tunes and talking b******s! on the 'Advanced Northern Soul' forum a number of years ago..
  3. Thanks Chaps... I've had copies of both the green/white Issues and Demo.s in the past... , just hadn't seen the all white one before... which does exist but not officially for the copy I have.
  4. It's also missing the "Arranged and Conducted by..." text under the artist's name, as well as the typefaces look wrong... Nice spot on the lack of credits... another one for the bin then! :-)
  5. Thanks for your help gents. I showed it to a mate of mine today and he believes it's real... but going off what GarethX says ... it aint. I thought the only styrene copies of this were done by 'Soussain', as all original issues are on vinyl... anybody clear that line of enquiry up?
  6. Just trying to get a definitive answer on whether the White Demo., pictured below, that I bought the other month is an original or not. It's on a label design that I hadn't seen before, but even though it was listed with the word 'pressing' after it... it looked real to me and I am not aware of any 'boot' using the design. I've tracked a couple on the web and the few that I found have sold for approx £450 on a well known dealer site and $522 on Ebay... It cost me £46 plus postage... so my question is ... Has it been 'booted' on this design? Thanks for your help... Happy New Year!
  7. Gazoor

    Customs charges!!

    Unfortunately the value of the item includes postal charges, which have gone up quite a lot.. doubled in fact over the last couple of years and postage costs are plainly seen on the mailer. I agree with Dylan above... the handling fees of £7 or £8 for having to collect the item yourself is a massive p***take!!
  8. Gazoor

    Harold Andrews Is This A One Off

    Hi Hovis, saw this old post just flitting around on the net. There are 2 versions of this tune on the same label number etc. One uptempo with more backing and girls from the start and the other a slower version. I take it you have the faster version?? Good tune!
  9. Gazoor

    Mystic Moods - Astral Trip

    I had the picture cover one too, at one time ... its a Portuguese issue.. and a US Demo. Always liked it great tune!!
  10. Gazoor

    The Tribulations

    Here's a little bit of info. , photograph of the group and sound clips listed by band member Jay Tee, placed on soundcloud in 2015... https://soundcloud.com/jay-tee-201/sets/the-fascades-and-the-tribulations-songs ... one sold on Ebay in April for over $900.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tribulations-Packin-039-Up-My-Bags-UNKNOWN-NORTHERN-SOUL-45RPM-RECORD-SHELLY-MOTOWN-/112384552831?_ul=BO and another in May for $900 and then the same person sold another one the week after for just short of $950, details here with quite a bit of info... http://www.valueyourmusic.com/items/112399892980?from=112391019118 I like the 'Packin' Up My Bags' side... nice tune!
  11. Hi, I've got Ike and Tina on A&M in M- condition and Ike Turners Kings of Rhythm on Sue in just short of Ex, probably a strong VG+.. (I don't really go in for the "+++++" descriptions, I bought it off Craig Moerer years ago and he doesn't sell knackered stuff!!) ... one mark on it from memory and I think a slight click early on... I'd have to check. What would you pay for each? Cheers, Gazoor
  12. Gazoor

    'Spot-light On' Roger Banks

    I first met Roger in the days when he ran a Soul Nite at Stalybridge Celtic Football Ground... (not sure of the year '80ish). Great lad used to do excellent tapes with, as mentioned earlier quite a number of LP tracks on them, which I too have a penchant for. The tunes he was playing at the time were The Metros - Since I found..., John Bowie - You're Gonna Miss, Tempests - Someday... and also I think Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good. .. as he was a big fan of 70's tunes too. This eclectic taste a few years later imho pushed through a lot of the soul/R&B stuff that no one else played or was trying to sell to Northern/Rare Soul audience. Record sales very reasonable ... stuff I didn't buy off him over the first handful of years... Jack Montgomery - Don't Turn Your Back £7... Brooks Brothers - Lookin For A Woman £30. Ah well can't always be right anticipating the scenes future biggies!!!! He was also good enough to give me numerous lifts to the 'Top Of The World' and various other allnighters at that time, as I was one of those no car/non-driver types being 18ish... Many good times... he never managed to convert me into being a Johnny Hunnicut fan though... no matter how strange his dancing was... I dopn't see him anymore really as I rarely go to All-Niters or travel... but whenever I do its always great to catch up and have a chat
  13. Gazoor

    "want", Robert thomas -"salvation"

    Congrats, another tune for you to play out at 'Solent Cougars'!
  14. Gazoor

    Records on the Ru-Jac Label

    It may be of interest as a sub thread (?) that the Mon'Ca release of 'Its No Sin' has the same catalogue number and is the official B-side as it is on Ru-Jac.


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