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  1. Think we're all in the same boat. Got stuff thats been at Chicago for weeks, not seemed to be moving and the same for stuff at LA; other tunes have arrived in pretty good time from different parts of the US.. especially ones not tracked!! Anyhow I had one going out from here and according to the tracking no. it had arrived at Langley and hadn't moved for while. I asked the guy as it had arrived in the US could he, in Canada, get any more info. than I can on it's whereabouts (- yes I know its a different Country but they're closer than us and it was taking an age) . ... turns out Langley is Heathrows sorting Centre.. so it had been sat here in the UK for weeks not in the US..
  2. So by the phrase 'plain good' in the initial post, I take it that means it's a record you really like not a dumbing down of the records qualities? It would seem that we concur..
  3. ... the Top 500... great records and put the scene on a great footing... but are people really still travelling to only listen to these few records?? .. we've about 65yrs. of music to go at from all corners of the Globe..
  4. Fairly sure this was her only release too(?)
  5. I quite like this record and its never been particularly easy to find a copy.. especially in decent nick. Why hasn't it really gone up in value over the last 20yrs +, does no-one play it and/or has the record been 'lost' to new listeners?
  6. Hi, just rooting through some old stuff - not sure if this'll post as its a few years back but, 'Tiffanys World' was the venue, on Oxford Road (I think). the one you entered and were met by about 40steps to get to just below ballroom level, where you paid in - and then another small flight to get you to the venue room entrance door, dancefloor infront and to the left, and, bar on the right. Not sure who ran it - Dave W played the record covered as JJ Barnes - Its Killing Me, as is mentioned here somewhere, but whats not on here is that he'd done himself a rather nifty red Atlantic solid centre acetate looking label. DJ's included Arthur Fenn who played tunes by 'Record Player, which I still don't know the title of as well as half of his set - enjoyed it, just don't know what was played, Pages - Heartaches and Pain and as Joe Tex had recently passed - Under Your Powerful Love. Pat Brady was on too, played stuff that he played at the Queens Hall, Carl Carlton - Hey Little Girl C/U... of which I asked . is this Junior McCants .. I'd had The Boy Needs A Girl for a coupla years by then.. didn't get an answer but with so few copies - did it really matter if I was right or wrong?? ... anyway can't remember any more DJ's went with mi' then girlfriend who had a Gary Numan T-shirt on and bought The Determinations - Bing Bong- King Demo offa Pat (B) for £10... good day out.
  7. cheap ida thought.. always been a hard to get tune.. maybe out of vogue .. hence the price? Would buck up with a few spins ... no doubt!
  8. Used to buy and sell these regularly .. long time ago though.. bought one from Andy Dyson at one of the Hyde All-Niters, run by Mark (Bicknall) for £20/25 and flogged it same night for £45.. Andy probably got it from the US for pennies - so he was happy and so was I.. never had loads of these probably sold 6 or so and one with my collection when that went. I had with a red coloured rams head within the pattern of multiple rams on the label - mid-right I think.. never saw another one like this, but sold it at the time as it had marks n it.. played well, but it wasn't anywhere near mint - my VG.. others VG++ perhaps ?? ... don't get me on to UK sellers gradings!!!!! ...
  9. I thought that in the late 90's early 2000's Robb. All the people at Niters were the same - all looking for the same stuff and a limited - to me in the UK, market to sell to . .. sold a lot o' tunes in 2003, because the scene looked like it was done.. many I couldn't get prices on as I'd not seen them for sale, but also bought them cheap from rooting about everywhere, or from Dave and Rod in Manchester UK and buying since I was 14 - now 56, ... for way below their then market value.. let alone NOW!!!! Ah well - went to Disney with the kids for 3weeks, bought a car etc. etc. got more than I paid for them, but will never have them again - especially ALL near mint. So if yer sellin' make sure to pick the correct time... oh and yes I'm collecting again!!! Never stopped
  10. Like it Gav, a bit late to the thread, 3yrs. but yeah I agree,on here 'cos I'm mooching about T'internet buying tunes, sometimes if my bid is highest etc. tumes,
  11. I haven't seen Chico for a while probably since some do or other around Lancashire after Keele closed. Met him at Keele first, I think(?), we used to buy and swap tunes - he was usually about with Mark.. can't remember his last name.. but we had lots of happy times sharing thoughts on tunes and 'being constructive' over each others prices .. Lovely, lovely lad .. R.I.P. .. me and my families best to his loved ones... I am truly sorry for your loss.
  12. He's Anglo-French.. his dads an English Jazz/Blues guitarist.. apparently Alexis learned to play from his dad. Nice talent to pass on!
  13. Just flickin through some old lists etc. Don't spose you've still got the Columbians have you?
  14. Mr. Waterman again... I take it? Wasn't aware of this version... why did you have to ruin a perfectly good day???!!!! ( time to get on line - as its Sunday, and buy something to take the taste away. ... )
  15. Very fair of you Tim, if you could send me a soundclip with your reply, that would be easier than messing around with the post etc. and your best price .... as its a pretty quiet tune in parts .. thanks, Gary

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