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  1. vadnochka

    first three records to start a set

    Never yet in 50yrs of DJ'ing managed to get to the 3rd sound without changing my mind and going in a different direction. Starting back in 68 at our school lunchtime disco and 70 at our local soul club, well actually it wasn't but Kev Hall and myself turned it into one. Being open 5 nights a week came as a double edged sword - Weds - Thurs - allowed slow nights to break stuff - Eddie Ernie / Professionals / George Blackwell / Steinways / Natural Four / Vel-Vets to name but a few but always the commercial pressure from the management to keep the floor going - Unknowns tolerated as long moans from punters kept to a couple a night but 1st 3 was a moving feast dependent on what was in the box that night / week / month / year / decade / venue - remember back then we were not contemplating 50 yr. longevity for any sound - Who would of thought nearly 50 yrs on the latter 5 from above would still be dancefloor killers and big-ticket items, although Eddie & Ernie still sounds fantastic to me ( got me suspended from school in early 1972 for bunking off and driving to Contempo / Blue & Soul office in Soho to raid there record cupboard ) Different view following Tim Brown at Wilton - he kicked off with Ray Agee - shit that's one I can't play - but thankfully that was the only one he played that I had in my box as opposed to headlining at the Embankment where the chances of being gazumped were much reduced. Taking the 'big box' (figuratively - only 100 sounds ) to Thringstone next Sat 22nd - got a good idea what's on offer but taking numerous pieces this time that I've left at home before so will respond to others play lists / crowd in and running order with live act on as well - SO could be Shorty Long / Jimmy Fraser / Fi-dels or Nolan Chance / Ringleaders / Showmen or Exceptions / August Moon/ Mel Williams ( Buddah ) or Ivories / Sam Dees / Ascots or probably none of them - it will be a combination throughout the night - unlikely to be many total obscurities to the initiated but defo for the locals - but were getting there. Why don't we all report back after Christmas with where we were, what we played and how it went. Have a great soulful / successful Christmas Steve
  2. vadnochka

    Adorables & Others

    pm'd you
  3. Hi, Did you sell the Charles Sheffield - if not give me a shout Regards Steve
  4. vadnochka

    What's the best thing you ever won in a competition?

    1979 - my young sister is at the Convent school (13yrs younger than me) - school fete coming up - parents on holiday in Italy ( Lakes ) - yearly trip to San Mameti - 10 books of raffle tickets 50p a book - bought the lot as sister is bawling 'mum's' not bought the tickets. Prize draw the following Saturday at the fete - Johnny Briggs - Coronation St. quest star - pulling the tickets - Won the star prize - 1 weeks holiday to Italy - Terracina / Rome / Naples for 2 - Wife was expecting our 1st child so absolute bonus - great trip. Took my mates back to Terracina after going to 1990 World Cup final.
  5. Always good to read John's post's about the chronology of some of our greatest sounds. This particular 45 arrived in Bill Swift's box after many weeks of trying to persuade me to part with my copy at the Torch. Alongside Hector 'from Selecta', Swifty they kept nagging me to sell my copy that I had acquired from Graham Warr at the Cats after he had returned from The US in mid 72 and had it on a hand written list for a fiver with many other great sounds. Little did Graham know Levine was playing it at the Mecca the previous week with a massive positive reaction and my 'is it any good' inquiry (obviously a blind as I'd been in the Highland Room the previous week)got nothing other than Yeah could go massive. The fiver changed hands and Sam & Kitty duly powered out of the Fantasia speakers the following day and was pretty much a Mecca / Fantasia exclusive for some time ( Months not weeks ) Don't believe those stories about multi copies - IF so why did Graham and I almost come to blows when he marched across the floor at the Torch a couple of weeks later accusing me of robbing him because I knew it was already a massive sound. Tough shit hey. I continued to play the sound almost through to the autumn / winter, got fed up with it, treated it as 'played out' and having relieved Hector and Swifty of £22 - every penny the pair had on them + A lovely SS7 issue of the Valentines - Breakaway - valued as so many top sounds at a fiver. So £27 deal - at the time the most expensive deal. Hector & Swifty duly took the Sam & Kitty back to Nottingham and thus to be played in the Selectadisc cellar.
  6. vadnochka

    Little Richie on Manship

    At least John usually only auctions 45's with some degree of rarity or provenance. If you want to see some real eye watering prices (they beggar belief) for sounds which are definitely not rare or auction contenders look at some other well known dealer's current auction list. Most of the sounds are available elsewhere at set-sale prices at a massive discount. Who are these people bidding on such 45's, or are they just lazy about comparing availability on other well known and used sites.
  7. Let this one go a couple of years ago - would love to get one back in the box. condition & price Anybody help Thanks
  8. Lenny Curtis - Nothing can help you now - End/Hit Appreciations - It's better to cry - Sport John Bowie - You're gonna miss a good thing - Merben - Sorted A few I've let go in recent times, would like to get back in the box Anybody help? condition / price
  9. vadnochka

    Shorty Long / Burnt toast black coffee

    PM'd You Steve
  10. vadnochka

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Amazing - found a copy of the Tripplettes in my Knackered / duds box in the loft - trying to rescue it - serious crackle & an e/warp. Here's hoping
  11. Brenda Holloway - Favor for a girl - Argentine 33 1/3 - 45 - Tamla Motown Zircons - Was it meant to be this way - Heigh-Ho Guitar Ray - You're gonna wreck my life - Shagg anyone out there - price / condition Thanks
  12. vadnochka

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Now that to me is one that sounds fantastic irrespective of price - just one of those - 'own it before I die sounds' Got the big ones but never seen one available. Remember Ted playing it a some gig and the locals moaning ' what's this shite' - heathens, whilst I'm going thru' my I'm not worthy routine. Awesome
  13. vadnochka

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    @ £2000 in trades for Milton James on Dore from JM when he brought that light blue DJ copy back from LA in the mid 90's - played it out at the Griffin, Leeds. Brit, Notts. Wilton, Embankment, Wellingboro'. and other venues. Eventually succumbed to a pretty please from Maria Willingham in the later 90's - They had been interested in the 45 when John brought it home ( he only lived a few hundred yards from me ) but after playing it numerous times I took the plunge. Sold it for less than the trades value I paid but some of those trades were $5 Tangeers issue / $12 Andrea Henry issue so didn't feel so bad at the time. Never imagined the price inflation that would continue. I still believe it is a single copy sound - at the time it was undocumented in the discography of Dore. Strange one as well with a 33sec. instrumental intro before the vocal kicks in.
  14. vadnochka

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    You need the right missus - last week saw a Mel Williams - sweet girl of mine - Buddah - all time want - and this one not cheap - 4 figure price as expected. What was not expected was - missus stumps up the money overnight - in the box!!! - just them job.


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