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  1. All sorts of angles coming home to roost - tax on a tax as I said at page 1/1 - you can't win other than with your feet from these transactions - Royal Mail were challenged in court over charging end customer for collecting fee on behalf of HRMC and LOST - Customer contested on the basis that if the import duty / VAT was heading to HRMC then get the fee from them and WON - He had snatched the mail from the sorting office - refused to pay - RMail took him to court to recover their £8 - Royal Mail walked away and completely ignored this precedent on the basis their pockets were deeper than most
  2. Just seen a note on an ebay listing that from 01.01.21 - ebay will be collecting VAT (20%) on transactions going thru' them from abroad. No other details as to how it will be calculated ( usually shipping etc added and then a tax on a tax ) - Anyone out there got anymore details ? Just thought I'd cheer everyone up !!!
  3. pm'd you Off line until Thurs lunch
  4. Remarkable but true - Huns Review was in the Frost brothers duds box back in 1972 - got it from Pete Jenny before he took over A.T Browns 2nd hand record shop in Leicester about the same time as we got George Blackwell as an unknown. Played it a few times at the Fantasia but it never took off - I suppose back then it was competing against a weekly flood of sounds. One sold on ebay - last Sunday 13/12/20 - $787 30 bids Best of luck - my view of it has mellowed with 48yrs time passing.
  5. Am I missing something about today's football. How many more times do we have to watch the wide defenders and midfielders passing the ball outside or infield, the the receiver having to wait for the ball or even worse - having to wait and go back to fetch it. A reasonably fit 15yr old will track back a minimum of 7 yds per sec. so you have 11 players behind the ball in very short order. Free header / open goal for Vardy (shouted goaaaaaah) - Also looked like a City defender headed the original corner goalwards before Toffee's 2nd goal - must have gone to the Jonny Evans school of defensiv
  6. 13 Classic killers - some proper rarities again on list 3 1st up a remarkable super rarity VEL-VETS - I GOT TO FIND ME SOMEBODY - TORO DISC VG+ ( Argentine 7" 33rpm single ) £600 ono How ? / Why ? - remarkable deck cam porn - in the flesh this all time classic in what must be it's most rare format. GHETTO BOYS - HAND WRITING ON THE WALL - TARX M- £400 Spectacular Big City awesome sound / atmospheric floor packer - just brilliant PEOPLES CHOICE - SAVIN' MY LOVIN' FOR YOU - PALMER VG £550 1967 Wylie / Hester / Terry masterpiece - some ringwear but this dancefl
  7. Anyone out there with any of these Cash or swaps or combo Earle's - Someday baby - Tee-Ti Zircons - Was it meant to be this way - Heigh-Ho Helene Smith - The pot can't talk about the kettle - Blue Star PM me if able to help
  8. Maradona - met him at ISPO ( World's largest sportswear show ) in Munich in the 80's - Was on the Puma stand - he wore Puma Kings back in the day and was sponsored by them - right old security fuss on his arrival - a superstar and then some. Also saw him in the 1990 World Cup Final in the Olympic stadium in Rome against West Germany. Without doubt the worst Final in history and a massive disappointment but never the less absolutely great to be in the Stadium for such an occasion - still got the photos - 12 of us on a Textile industry beano. We took 12000 t-shirts - yes 12000 - 9000 Germany Wor
  9. Records arrived safe n sound today ............thanks for that !!!!!

  10. Des, No problem - thanks for that - will go out tomorrow then Regards Steve
  11. Des, Stoppers still available - let me know paypal f & f - steve.frost@readymeals.co.uk + £7 sp. del regards Steve
  12. AS I SAID - 2nd list of proper play out sounds PLAY GRADED WITH DESCRIPTIONS LITTLE EDDIE TAYLOR - I HAD A GOOD TIME - PEACOCK VG+ £550 ono SOLD Monster driving r&b killer - Looks VG - plays better - toughest & best on label LARRY ALLEN - CAN'T WE TALK IT OVER - GREEN DOLPHIN M- £1100 All time great - fabulous copy TONY CLARKE - A WRONG MAN - MS VG £550 Supreme Detroit anthem - Mike Terry magic - plays better must have sound STOPPERS - COME BACK BABY - JUBILEE VG+ £225 SOLD Beautiful black stock copy of this awesome male group mid te
  13. Remember last years joke injury time pen for Liverpool - and Salah's ability to lose height when jumping on contact - I know he's not playing. Just seen the line-ups - cannot see that Liverpool team being able to stop City - famous last words aye.
  14. There's a sound out there from the late 60's Album of football songs by Liverpool fans - If you remember Liverpool fans were acknowledged as the originators of many football chants and songs back then. The album contains a few references to Leicester City being a bogey team for the Reds - Big Ron Yeates could never get the better of String the King. Search it out - My elder brother Andrew was the local wholesaler for TransAtlantic records back then and we had copies in his van. Check it out. As for tonight - too close to call - heart says City and an away win would not be a surpri

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