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  1. Kane one of the biggest culprits - cheat - any contact including backing in to get contact and when we had the farce of almost any contact with hands /arms even from a yard away being given as a penalty. Kane had obviously been practising spinning to face the defender and without warning flicking the ball up against and into the defenders arms from a previous position of going away from goal and being shepherded out of the box. With regard to the Son incident - 1) VAR - on what planet are they on - Son tries the left arm grab to impede McTominay, makes greater contact than McTominay'
  2. Must be me but getting unwatchable. Refs allowing players to get away with disruptive niggling blocks, tugs. foot-ins, surrounding the ball when play stopped. All teams at it but it is a standard modus-operandi for Man City to prevent opposition from gaining any momentum. What do they call it - taking one for the team - Fernandinho, Rodri, Walker masters at it - 'What me ref' shrugs as the yellow card comes out. Pity we've got unlimited cameras at games nowadays - can't deal with this disease off the ball anymore. Man City though different class - worth the price of admission just to watc
  3. How good was that !!!! - fantastic team performance from beginning till end - that'll teach them to think you can make five changes and leave the alleged cavalry on the bench - same thing happened to Custer at the Little Big Horn - with the same result. Soton at Wembley - April 17/18 - Keep it going lads - Remember watching Allan Clarke drilling in the only goal at Hillsborough from the main stand that took us to Wembley final in '69. Come on the City
  4. Some great play - 5-0. Could and should have been 10. Rank bad Blades but you can only beat what's in front of you and didn't see 5-0 coming anyway so let's not get greedy. Big season defining 3 games coming up. Utd - Cup, City - (H) then W. Ham (A) - tough run = let's see where we are come April 4th.
  5. 10 games to go - only need 30 pts, and Man City losing 3 and drawing 2 of their last 10. Next up for Man City - Fulham then Leics. - There's 2 of the defeats - could they collapse - Stranger things have happened apparently!! (2016). Maybe a step too far. Man Utd. Spurs and Chelsea all looking stronger but then everyone has had ups and downs. Still shaking my head about how we came out of the Amex with 3 points after the 1st half. First things first - 3 points on Sunday at home to the Blades then can we overcome our inferiority complex in the Cup against Man Utd.
  6. Bought a Paris Blues - Blue Mala issue 16/2 - arrived 22/2 from Maryland - $10 value - no hold-ups, no fees etc $16.42 std postage - all the other services are a complete waste of time and money - Global shipping a racket I try to deal only with sellers who use UPS int. pkt and have decided that ebay and the others are all in on it so would rather go without than pay another 30% + in postage /insurance/fees/tax - plenty of sounds available outside of the high cost / poor service outlets.
  7. Never like to see a poor performance but I think it's been coming. Justin, Maddison, Forfana, Praet all out injured. Barnes, Castagne, Pereira rested and Vardy running on fumes. Schmeichel, Soyuncu forgetting we play in blue so not at all surprised. Will be a tough test Sunday lunch time home to Arsenal. Cannot remember the last time we did the double over the Gunners. Here's hoping !!
  8. Its 1 - 1 - what a save with 10secs left Cannot believe the 2 chances West Brom missed late on as well
  9. Loving it this afternoon - Man Utd behind at West Brom - 2nd minute Big Sam masterclass needed from now 35 gone still 1 - 0
  10. Same 75 mins as L Boy - frustrated as hell - 1st half too much respect despite Vardy having 3 chances - free scuffed header straight at Alisson, hits top of bar with 24' x 8' to aim at, then appeared to be spooked by the advancing Alisson when again through on goal. Thought it was going to be one of those days and when Salah scores did not see a way back for City. An hour after game ends still shaking my head in disbelief at what unfolded. Villa away next after European trip to Prague, then Gooners at the King Power. Brighton (A) Blades (H) Burnley (A) to follow then Man City (H) takes us
  11. Spelling it properly is the least of anyone's problems getting an original Best of luck
  12. Brilliant to see the 'Mighty String' get a mention during the week - and speaking of Mike Stringfellow - was having a chat with Lenny Glover in my office at Midland Sports in Loughborough in 1988 and discussing the great players that he had played with and he stated that Mike was the best until Man. City's mid/late 60's side with Bell/Summerbee /Young/ Lee/ Oakes etc deliberately targeted him with a vicious campaign to kick him out of the game that almost caused a right set too in the tunnel and into the changing rooms - String was never the same due to this. Man. City may have been a great f
  13. Forgot Chelsea - dropping points all over the place until last game West Ham - ran into Liverpool so momentum stopped What a season - didn't see 9 - 0 coming either for Man U vs. Soton
  14. Cold light of day and calm down from initial disappointment - Last 2 games Spurs 1 pt from 6 Arsenal 1 pt from 6 Everton 1 pt from 6 Leicester 1 pt from 6 Man U - dropped 7 pts in previous 4 games until last night Villa dropped pts L'pool dropped pts prior to last 2 games Only Man City on unbroken run Leicester just need to deal with Fulham tonight and Wolves at he weekend - both away so no poor home form issues !!!!!! then it's Liverpool at home. Let's see how that all pans out

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