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  1. Hi David Did you get rid of Big Dee Irwin from last month?
  2. yes please. Can you send to:
  3. Mornin Martin, I’m being an arse. Missed out on Tea Shop in Chinatown for the sake of a few quid. Regretted it ever since. If it’s gonna take 300 To prize it off you, then I’ll find it. That said - let me know your wants just in case! Stef
  4. No probs, Martin. And let me know if you might want to trade something. Don’t suppose you’re at 100 Club tonight are you? Stef
  5. Ok, thanks for that. How’s about £275 plus p&p stef
  6. Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, not so bothered by the labels, so if you’re looking to sell, let me know what you’re after would you? If I can afford it, we can look at labels. That ok? Cheers
  7. I’m after a VG+ copy, not concerned about label condition. Please pm me with condition and price thanks
  8. I’m after a VG+ player. Not fussed about the labels. Please pm price/condition. Many thanks.
  9. Looking for a clean player. Less bothered about label condition. Thanks.
  10. It’s no good... I just played it again. I love it. If you’ve not let it go I’ll give you £200. Stef
  11. Ah ok. Well if the other buyer mucks you about and you want 150, let me know. All the best. Stef
  12. ... Cos if you’re not, and you want £150 today, send me your PayPal and I’ll transfer it plus postage f&f. Cheers, stef
  13. Hi Ritchie, are you saying I need to pay £200 to get it?

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