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  1. Hi are you still looking for a Monzas?
  2. VG vg better wanted. Must play clean. please pm condition and best price. thanks.
  3. Hi Alan, did you sell your Tony Owens? cheers stef
  4. Hi, did you sell Pat and Pam? if not I’m interested thanks
  5. Not too bothered how it looks but must play strongly. Please pm price and condition thanks
  6. Hi Still looking for a BL Playboy promo? stef
  7. Hi David Did you get rid of Big Dee Irwin from last month?
  8. It’s no good... I just played it again. I love it. If you’ve not let it go I’ll give you £200. Stef
  9. Ah ok. Well if the other buyer mucks you about and you want 150, let me know. All the best. Stef
  10. ... Cos if you’re not, and you want £150 today, send me your PayPal and I’ll transfer it plus postage f&f. Cheers, stef
  11. Hi Ritchie, are you saying I need to pay £200 to get it?
  12. Nice record. Out of my price league I’m afraid! Let me know what you want to do about Jimmy Hart though. Cheers
  13. Hmm. Difficult to say. Last 3 to be sold according to Popsike were 2016 ($248 and $100) and 2015 ($180). That’s a £136.50 average. I’d happily pay £150 for it. Or, if you were interested you could share your wants list and I’ll see if I’ve anything on their to trade? Stef
  14. After a copy for DJing so needs to play clean. Labels and light scuffs not a problem. please pm with condition and price many thanks
  15. Hi, suburbs still available please? Hi Sheep is the supurbs still available please?

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