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  1. Arthur Adams - My Baby’s love - Chisa W/D VG++ £75 Moria Palmer - Whatever is fair - Val NM £150 The Mighty Golden Wonders - Ain’t it a shame / What we need Is love - CYE VG distortion at start then VG+ Offers PM if interested Post at cost, PayPal as f&f or cover fees.
  2. Please PM with price and condition.
  3. Lovin' On The Outside (Makes Lovin' At Home Much Better) VG++ £75 plus postage. PayPal f&f. PM if interested.
  4. Label variation: Bell label release with Amy/ Mala affiliation. Vg++ £200 + postage. ON HOLD.
  5. Buy now pay later PM me with price and condition Cheers
  6. Cajun Hart - Gotta find a way- WB green issue VG++ £900 + postage Paypal f&f or bank transfer.
  7. Postage at cost. Paypal f&f or bank transfer. Scans on request. PM me if interested. Eric & the Vikings - Time don’t wait - Gordy Vg++ £100 Four Tops - Drive me out of my Mind - ABC Vg+ (TOL Aside) £100 Al Pinkston Jr - She's Not There / I Look I See - Tra Mo, Vg++ £75 Volumes - Gotta give her love - American Arts Vg+ £25 Val & Nick - I’ll find you - Glover Vg+ £50 Ernie Andrews - Fine young girl - Vg+ £60 Joe Town - Busy Signal - Top Dog Vg++ £100 Curtis Johnson - Trying to win you over - Pelican WD Vg++ £20 Sensational Gospel Saints - Time ain’t long - Web Vg++ £50 Full Speed - Put em on the right thing - Real Thing (Label spots) Vg++ £100 Peggy Larry - Welcome home - Sidewalk WD Vg++ £75 Now - Chained - Hit City (Red label) Nm £50 Geraldine Curry - You’re so wonderful - London House (a & b wol) £90 Esther Williams - Would it matter - Friends & co Vg++ £10
  8. Hi Yes original on Garrison please.
  9. Honey Bees-Let’s get back together-Garrison Please pm with price and condition. Thanks
  10. How rare is this? I know this is in demand...however there have been quite a few Mint minus copies for sale recently. Just asking.
  11. Do you have a location or record fair tips?
  12. Remember this one from a Frankie Knuckles mix tape from 92. Wow.
  13. Remember these from a Tony Humphries set
  14. Al Pinkston Jr - She's Not There / I Look I See - Tra Mo, Vg++ £75 + p&p Paypal f&f
  15. Wanted: Firestones-Buy now pay later - Moira. Please let me know price and condition. Cheers, Mark
  16. Please me me know price and condition. Regards, Mark
  17. Joe Towns Busy Signal vg++ Slight edge warp NAP £100
  18. Come on back to me baby. Please PM with price and condition. Thanks, Mark
  19. Please let me know price and condition Cheers, Mark

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