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  1. It appears that the consensus is that the red balloons issue is a repress that was done a few months later than the pale blue first pressing. In this instance the repress appears to be harder to find than the first pressing. In any case you get two good sides with "No Baby No" being the better side for me - mid tempo magic from a great artist on a great label from a great era in soul music - and not to forget it is from The Motor City too!
  2. It appears that the label was running between 1966 and 1967 which means that there was only a few months between all of the releases and variants. As regards the Magic Tones disc I have seen this on Ebay a couple of times at the very most but went for big money!!
  3. That's a very good example of the type of thing that is out there but not well documented - until quite recently anyway. The Magic Tones, Solid Hit 108 was overlooked by many of the discographies & label listings but now is starting to show up.
  4. Thanks Again for all of your comments. I have to agree with Ed's last comment, if a well known classic like this exists it what appears to be a virtually unknown format, then what else is still out there in those Detroit warehouses and basements.
  5. I can see how it works but it appears that the balloon design is an oddity as apart from the one image on discogs there seems to be no other reference or documentation in price guides etc to this variant. Very strange, especially when you consider that this is a well known classic.
  6. Thanks for all of the replies. There is an image of the balloon design on discogs but only the no no baby side. I don't see any balloon design copies on popsike but there are many many pale blue ones and white demos of the same design. If the balloon design is a reissue because of demand then why so few copies?
  7. Just wondering how often this one turns up with the red balloons design Solid Hit label. It appears to be less common than the pale blue label but is it rare? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Carl
  8. Original Issue or Demo - Please PM Price and condition. Thanks, Carl
  9. TagTag


    I have an issue with the stars design, labels are correct.
  10. Still looking for this one "matrix 50129-1A" Wand 149 Thanks, Carl
  11. Joey Gee - It's More Than I Deserve - ABC Paramount Demo - £175 + £5 P&P First Class Signed for Deliv. E- Condition with just a few superficial marks, not affecting play. Small initials on label, see scan Plays nicely PayPal Friends & Family to: carldanejones@hotmail.com Regards, Carl
  12. Thanks Mick, not a waste of time, some useful info for me there. Carl
  13. Thanks, is it definitely the alternative take as the kent release? Carl
  14. Must be on Wand 149 but the alternative take as per the Kent release. Different to the UK Pye Int. release so NOT interested in UK copies. Any playable condition considered. Cheers, Carl
  15. carldanejones@hotmail.com PM IF INTERESTED PLEASE PayPal F&F FREE UK POSTAGE CHEERS, CARL Calif. Malibus Love In My Life M&M issue EX £300 EJ Rice Will You Be Coming Back Platinum Issue EX £250 Kenny Hamber Anything You Want Arctic issue VG WOL £150 Vibrations Cause You're Mine Epic Issue VG+ £200 2 Seconds cue burn before the vocals Theresa Lindsey I'll Bet You Golden World Issue VG+ £100 Some minor styrene noise Dobie Gray Out On The Floor Thunderbird W Demo Mint!! £150 The Detroit Emeralds Holding On Westbound Issue VG WOL £100 Manships guide says £200 Ann Sexton You’ve been gone too Long Sevety Seven Issue ? £100 Yellow Issue - Excellent condition except for one mark in the centre of the track that clicks once or twice Abstract Reality Love Burns Like A Fire Inside Sport Issue VG SLD Flip £125 Michael & Raymond, Same backing but better than Joan Dovalle "Let Me Go" Lou Johnson Unsatisfied London UK Issue Mint!! £125 Superb condition - hard to find a better copy Rose Battiste Come Back In A Hurry Revilot Issue VG- WOL £35


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