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  1. For Sale: Little Joe Hinton - Let's Start A Romance - Arvee Condition: VG++ Vinyl is clean with one minor mark at trail out that causes maybe two minor ticks during fade. Labels have DJ name in marker written twice on each side + an "X" in pen on B side Stunning copy and ultra rare PRICE: $1500 + express intl. shipping Email is best for inquiries: rebuild_it (at) hotmail (dot) com
  2. Need to make a few bucks before some extended travel so letting this one go. Ultra rare 60's northern classic which rarely turns up. Glossy vinyl in Strong VG to VG+ shape graded conservatively. Has a handful of light minor marks which don't affect play. Pressing quality wasn't the best on these but soundclip is provided below. http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/toniross.mp3 Price: $2000 USD Contact me here or by email: rebuild_it (at) hotmail (dot) com
  3. I've updated with what's sold and what's left. Orders that didn't ship Friday will ship out on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for looking.
  4. Grading is: M-, VG++, VG+, VG, VG-, etc. PM or email at: rebuild_it (at) hotmail (dot) com Intl Shipping is $12.50 first class for 1-3 items / $14.50 for 4-6 items. U.S. Shipping is $4 for 1-3 items / $5 for 4-6 items First come first serve. Please no long holds. ___________________________________________________ Judy Freeman & Blackrock — Hold On / Walk a Mile in My Shoes — RCA (issue) M- / M- (RCA sleeve) SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/judyfreeman.mp3 Impossibly rare issue copy on orange RCA label with sleeve. Pristine copy. Sammy Ridgley — Locked Up / I’m Dreaming — Hit Sound M- SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/ridgley1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/ridgley2.mp3 Awesome double sider from Ridgely. Spotless copy. Tough to find these days. First pressing on yellow label Hit Sound. Frankie Zhivago Young — Somebody Stole Your Love / Part 2 — Ultra VG++ SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/zhivago.mp3 Awesome crossover soul from Frankie Zhivago on the JA — Miami based Ultra label. Little bit of crunch in the pressing — but solid player overall. “Part 2” label printed twice. Bob Marshall & the Crystals — You Got Me Crying / I’m Going To Pay You Back — L-Rev Records M- SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/bobmarshall.mp3 Very tough to find 60’s northern 45 from the Norfolk — Virginia Beach area. Ray Pollard — The Drifter / Let Him Go — United Artists VG SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/raypollard.mp3 Classic. Vinyl has some circular scuffs on “Drifter” but plays excellent. Crown Four — Birth of a Playboy / Love For My Girl — Lee John Records M- SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/crownfour1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/crownfour2.mp3 Excellent NYC double sider. Top copy. The Singing Stars — Wait On Jesus / I Want To Go Home w/ Jesus — Ebony Records VG++ $125 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/singingstars.mp3 Funky gospel crossover tune out of South Carolina. Rising Sun — Miami Bump / Part 2 — SRI VG+ (X on A side label) $125 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/risingsun.mp3 Miami modern soul staple from The Rising Sun. Vinyl has a bit of discoloration like there may have been heat damage at edge but there isn’t. Plays excellent. The Lovations — I Keep Singing La La La Ooh / Heaven Told Me So — Cap City M- (small sticker on A side label) (promo copy) SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/lovations1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/lovations2.mp3 White label promo. Pristine copy. Dj Sticker on one side of labels. Determinations — O My Love Sweet Love / Memories Can’t Be Broken — Space VG+ to VG++ SOLD http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/determinations1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/determinations2.mp3 Stunning sweet soul with a psychedelic funky soul flip. Jimmy Ross & Natural Love — Good Bye My Love / Separated — Mimic M- $100 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/jimmyross1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/jimmyross2.mp3 Possibly a pre-release / promo issue with white typed labels pasted over the normal green Mimic stampers. Great sweet soul with a funky flip. The Magic Circle — I Was Bewitched / Stone Upsetter — Mira (promo) M- $60 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/magiccircle.mp3 Under the radar 60’s northern soul on Mira. Promo copy. Chester Randle’s Soul Sender’s — Take A Little Nip / Why Did I Let You Go — Anla M- $50 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/randle1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/randle2.mp3 Great funky soul with a nice sweet flip. Sir Guy — I Cried / The Frog — D.P.G. Records M- (first label / misprint with A side stamped twice + small DJ sticker) $50 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/sirguy1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/sirguy2.mp3 First label issue of this deep soul killer from Sir Guy with an R&B-soul burner on the flipside. Allspice — Slipped Away / I Don’t Know VG+ to VG++ (DJ sticker + stamp on B side) $40 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/allspice.mp3 Issue copy with the sweet flipside. Awesome modern soul 45 from this Wayne Henderson produced group. Rockie Brown — Without A Warning / Instrumental VG++ $40 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/rockiebrown.mp3 Philly northern soul 45 produced by Leon Mitchell. Top copy. Freddie Waters — Love Is A Two Way Thing / I’ve Got A Good Thing — Tee Jay M- $30 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/freddiewaters1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/freddiewaters2.mp3 Sweet soul A side and a funky soul flip with great breakdown. Michael Cloud — Check Your Direction / Don’t Let Nobody Turn — HoMark M- $30 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/michaelcloud.mp3 Crossover-gospel modern soul 45 out of Atlanta. Sunny Carrington — The Girl Every Guy Should Know / Now I Need Her — Deep M- $25 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/carrington.mp3 Solid northern soul 45 out of Brooklyn. Small DJ sticker on B side label. The Epics — We Are Made As One / Part 2 — Bridge Town Records M- $25 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/epics.mp3 Bay area crossover soul 45. Frankie Redmond — I’m Sorry For You / Get Behind Me Devil — Lowery M- $20 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/redmond.mp3 Atlanta area 60’s soul 45. Pristine copy. The Three Reasons — Go Right On / Instrumental — Carnival Records VG+ (writing on labels) $20 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/threereasons.mp3 Writing on labels. Great crossover soul 45. Lintons — Don’t You Ever Walk Away / Lost Love — Erica Records M- $10 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/lintons1.mp3 http://rebuild-it.pairsite.com/lintons2.mp3 Clean original sweet soul 45 out of Chicago.
  5. Currently have 165 gospel LP's on auction. Nice mix of stuff including nearly 30 titles on HSE and other material from labels including Champ, Hub City, Gospel Express, Designer, Pinewood, Bounty, Gospel Recording Co., Atlanta Soul Liberation (ASL), Duvern, Gospel Truth, Rejoice, Duvern, Kent Gospel, Proverb, Savoy, Checker and plenty of private label releases. Styles range from traditional material to crossover gospel soul, funk, and even some 80's modern soul titles. Auction Link is below: http://www.ebay.com/sch/aleit/m.html http://www.ebay.com/sch/aleit/m.html
  6. A little under two days to go. Thanks for looking.
  7. Sick list of independent label and private press gospel 45's from the 60's through early 80's... Many are in M- shape and plenty of unknowns. Every track has soundclips. Link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/aleit/m.html Highlights: Link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/aleit/m.html
  8. Some cool odds and ends from all corners of the scorched earth... http://www.ebay.com/sch/aleit/m.html
  9. One quick and final bump. List updated with what's sold. Still plenty of good stuff left. Thanks for looking.
  10. Quick list but a nice one... Don't post much here but sell plenty elsewhere - i'm sure many on here will vouch for me. Soundclips available if necessary for interested parties. Prices are firm. All items are graded conservatively on the following scale: M- / VG++ / VG+ / VG / VG- etc. Shipping rates are at cost - registered postage or express postage with tracking necessary for higher $$ purchases PM or email at: rebuild_it (at) hotmail (dot) com ________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Colt 45's — Lady, Lady / I Know I Love You — Jerry Records VG+ SOLD Solid VG+ copy that plays excellent with only some minor scuffing/rubbing on the vinyl surface. No writing on labels. Brand New — Thousand Years / Party Time — Duvern Records M- SOLD Beautiful original copy. Among my favorite Miami mid-70's crossover tunes. Barry White & The Atlantics — Tracy / Flame of Love — Faro Records (promo) VG++ $350 This is the rarer promo issue on Faro and in top condition with some light paper scuffing on the B side only and a very minor edgewarp which doesn't affect playback (barely noticeable). MVP's — Turnin' My Heartbeat Up — Buddah VG++ SOLD Deena Johnson — The Breaking Point / Mama's Boy — Wild Deuce (promo) VG++ to M- $150 Don Hollinger — You Got Everything I Need / Rock Me Baby — Dash VG++ (two X's on B side label) $150 Bobby Hutton — Loving You, Needing You / Mono — ABC (promo) VG++ $75 Sam Dees — Fragile, Handle With Care / Mono — Atlantic (promo) M- $75 Millionaires — And the Rains Came / Coffee and Donuts — Specialty (promo) M- $75 Jimmy Braswell — This Time It's Got To be For Real / Time Waits — Jar-Val VG++ (storage warp which causes some noise on lead-in A side) $65 Gene Redding — I Got Soul / I Need Your Lovin' — Bell Records (promo) Vinyl: VG+ SOLD Soul Bandits — Be Good / Save It — Groove Right VG++ to M- (x on "Good"Â label) $60 Relatives — Lenient With my Love / More Time — Archway VG+ SOLD Sheryl Swope — Can't Get Him Off My Mind / Same — Duo VG+ / VG (same track) $50 Light Drivers — Operator / Dreams of a Shoeshine Boy — Gemini VG++ to M- (some label wear on A side) $50 Soul Majestics — I Done Told You Baby / Missing You — Al-Tog M- $50 Cal Brandon — I Kept On Smilin' / Same — Hitman VG+ (one side closer to Strong VG but same track both sides) $50 DJ stamp on both sides of labels that has smeared slightly Mark V Unlimited — Funny Changes / Gone - Sagport Records VG++ $45 Bill Robinson & Quails — Do I Love You / Lay My Head on Your Shoulder — Date VG+ $40 Jo Armstead — I Feel An Urge Coming On / I Who Love You So — Giant VG++ $40 T.N.J.'s — Don't Forget About Me / Falling IN Love — Chess VG++ $40 Tripps — Give It Back / Here Comes Those Heartaches — Victoria VG++ to M- $40 Naturals — Da-Da-Da-Da (I Love you) / This Loneliness — Quadran Strong VG to VG+ (plays excellent) $40 Sophisticates — Can't Move No Mountains / Mono — Janus (promo) VG++ $40 Pirates — Mind Over Matter / I'll Love You Til I Die — Mel-O-Dy VG++ (marker on B side label) $35 The Promises — Living in The Footsteps of Another Man / Mono — BRC (promo) VG+ $30 Sonny Craver — Outside of Memphis / Still Waters — Dalya M- $30 Jesse Boone — I Got The Rings / Anner — Soul-Po-Tion VG++ $30 Finishing Touch — Second Best (Is Never Enough) / Mono — Philly Groove VG++ (Dj stamp + writing on a side + small minor chip in deadwax) $25 Timothy Wilson — Just Another Guy / Queen of Hearts — Buddah VG+ (punch-hole through label) $20 Soul Sensations — A Man That Is Not Free / When I Had You Baby — Music City VG+ $15

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