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  1. A few 70's/80's Original 45's: Dwite Tribble - I'd like to get to know you - Eric Dynamic Nitro - EX £150 Chuck Jackson - Waitin in Vain - EMI - Ex £180 Life - Tell me Why - Reprise WD - M- £150 Bobby Black - Right on - Axis - VG( A few marks, plays really well) £250 Been selling for £500+ lately. Fantastic Epics - Let's get together - Kelton (Biro on flip side) VG++ £130 Calif. Malibus - Love in my life/I stand alone - M&M - M- £180 Billy Byrd - I can't make it without you - Communication - VG++ £300 Charleston Connection - I never knew what love was - WAHR M- £300 R&D Blues Band - I've been around - REXIUS - EX(Small smudge on the record which doesn't effect the playback) - £220 Payment Paypal F&F preferred. P&P In the UK: £8.00 Special Delivery, £3.00 Recorded Delivery. Anywhere else please contact me for postage. Thanks for looking Best Bob
  2. A few nice tunes to go. All originals. Bob & Gene - I really, really love you - MODO - EX £1200 Sam Nesbit - Chase those clouds away/Black mother goose - AMOS - VG++ £375 (Label peeling from Centre Hole on BMG side, see photo)... The Perfections - Can this be real - CALGAR - Ex £300 Calif. Malibus - Love in my life/I stand alone - M&M - EX £300 R&D Blues Band - I've been around - REXIUS - EX £250 (Smudge on vinyl, doesn't affect play) Luv n' Haight - One night love affair - AMR - EX £250 Fantastic Epics - Lets get together - Kelton - VG++ £130 (Biro on flip side. See photo) Touch of Class - Love me baby - RENFRO - VG++ £60 Billie Dearborn - You need me to love you - Bell(Demo) - EX £50 JOI - Spring fever - Beverly Hills - EX £50 SOLD Lou Ragland - What should i do - SMH - M- £50 SOLD The Fidels - Boys will be boys - MAVERICK (Demo) - VG £40 Tiny Watkins - Run run run - GOODIE TRAIN - EX £100 Bits & Pieces - Did i scare you - NASCO (Demo) - M- £25 Ray Lewis - Too sweet to be lonely - D'or ( Rarer black label) EX £80 Dynamic Superiors - You're what i need - Motown - EX £30 Payment Paypal F&F preferred. P&P In the UK: £8.00 Special Delivery, £3.00 Recorded Delivery. Anywhere else please contact me for postage. Thanks for looking Best Bob
  3. Bob & Gene - I really, really, love you - MODO - EX £1200 Photo from actual record for sale. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking. Postage in the UK £8 Special Delivery. Overseas please contact me.
  4. Late as usual, sorry!!!!!!! Well what a day that was, what a way to celebrate the 4th Anniversary. We want to thank everyone of you for your support, not just on Sunday but throughout the 4 years that SND has been running. Without you guys, there wouldn't be a SND. So thank you very much. Big love to you all xxx Thanks to Steve B Burke, for doing the first and hardest spot of the day. You did a fantastic job Steve, your choices were top notch mate. it was a great way to get us started. Thank you. Thanks to Andy Macintyre & Mick Brown for playing two spots for us. Their taste in soul music was brilliant, i probably didn't know half of the records that they played. I found myself going up asking them what was being played, every time they put on the next record. Loved hearing new stuff You guys certainly gave us an education, thanks so much for playing your tunes for us. Hats off to the resident rascals, Terry Wright . Dean Roach . Steve Wagstaff you all did a sterling job, well done guys, lets hope we can celebrate a few more years yet The next SND is 3rd December, hopefully we will see you there. xxx
  5. Really looking forward to our 4th Anniversary on Sunday. CD's done, some great tracks on it. See ya there.
  6. Bob & Gene - I really, really, love you - MODO - EX £1200 Percy Stone - Chained - RAM -EX £700 SOLD D Watson - Say whats on your mind - R.A.C. EX £250 SOLD Photo's from actual records for sale. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking. Postage in the UK £8 Special Delivery. Overseas please contact me.
  7. Looking for a copy of: Smooth & Co - Half Steppin - Bevnik. Please PM me with Condition and price if you can help. Thanks Bob
  8. 3 Original 45's for sale: Second Re$surection - You done let daylight catch you - Stanson - Ex A couple of non feelable marks which don't affect play. £1300 SOLD Percy Stone - Chained - RAM Ex £700. Future 2000 - Good times - ROTA - EX+ £200 SOLD Pictures and soundclips from actual records for sale. P&P UK - £8 Special delivery, Anywhere else contact me. Thanks for looking Bob SR - YOU DONE LET DAYLIGHT.mp3 PS CHAINED.mp3 F2000.mp3
  9. Thanks for coming over Russ, it's always nice to see you & Jackie and The Tunes wor areet It was treat to hear them mate. See you soon Best Bob
  10. Soap The pleasure was all ours mate, we had great comments about your spot mate, So hats off to ya Soap. Yeah a real nice way to spend your Sunday. See ya at the go go mate.
  11. Always last , i know, we run a bit slower down here in Deepest,Darkest Dorset. Special thanks to Ray France & Dianne France , fantastic spot from you guys, Johnny & the Expressions & thanks for your support xxx To Soap, what can i say my friend, great spot, you never stop surprising me mate, a good few i didn't know How much do i owe you Thank you Pal. x Jackie Steele. Russ, that was one of the best spots i've heard for ages mate, thanks so much for coming and entertaining us. And also the resident Rascals, we wor oreet!!! as Brian Pinches would say Must give a shout out to Pat Anthony & Bernie O'Brien fantastic surprise guys thanks for coming. Tom Dacey, good to see you pal. Alison Wormald, Karan and Grumpy. xxxx Catriona Jakeman and Rich, my sides are still hurting, great to see you. What a great afternoon, a big thank you to everyone who came along, we hope you had a great afternoon. Without your support, we wouldn't be SOUL NOT DOLE. It's very much appreciated. Next SOUL NOT DOLE - May 28th (Another Bank Holiday) Guest DJ's A SND Stalwart, John Everard, Cardiff's one & Only Jayney Somers & From Sussex Keith Woon & Maxine Woon Hope to see you again next time. Best Bob x
  12. Hi everyone, can anyone help with a clean original copy of Carol Anderson - Sad Girl on Fee please? PM with price and condition Thanks Bob
  13. Frankie Alexander - No seat dancin - DeElegance - EX £500 + Postage SOLD Photo & sound file from actual record for sale. Thanks for looking Best Bob Frankie Alexander - No seat dancin.mp3
  14. Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper Soul -EX condition (Some label damage as with most copies, this is one of the better copies) Looking for offers over £1600, no time limit, if I get an offer I find acceptable i'll let it go. Photo and sound file from the actual record. PM Me if your interested. Thanks for looking Best Bob Benny Harper - My Prayer.mp3
  15. until

    Just about recovered from a fantastic weekend of being with really nice people and fantastic Soul tunes. I really want to thank Jens Chreisti, Pete Shirley and Carl Hedburg, for coming all the way from Stockholm to entertain us and entertain us, they sure did. Not only are they really lovely guys but what a taste in Soul Music. Read their playlists on FB and you'll see quality all the way. Thanks so much guys. Must also give mentions to our resident SOUL NOT DOLE rascals & DJ's Terry Wright Steve Wagstaff and Dean Roach, for the effort put in over the weekend. you did us proud. Biggest of big thanks to all of you lovely SOUL NOT DOLERS who came and supported us. you're all wonderful, without you it wouldn't happen. Thanks so much. Just to let you know the next SOUL NOT DOLE is Sunday April 30th Details to follow shortly. It's Bank Holiday too Hope to see you there. Best Bob

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