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  1. what is the going rate for an original nowadays? one way love that is...
  2. bitchdj

    SORTED Barrett Strong - Is it True 7”

    well thats under the price it books at good luck finding one
  3. bitchdj

    SORTED Barrett Strong - Is it True 7”

    £45 incl P&P
  4. bitchdj

    SORTED Barrett Strong - Is it True 7”

    ive got a couple of minters if you are not sorted let me know
  5. I seriously cannot believe people would actually pay money for something in such bad condition...I know it went for silly money on JM's but really?...are people prepared to have the record in any condition...more or less unplayable in this started at $8...
  6. bitchdj

    The trends gonna have to show you

    butch? ...ok so I am a bit forceful at times but fairs fair...
  7. bitchdj

    The trends gonna have to show you theres one here
  8. bitchdj


    Have a little faith?...if so I am sure I have one...will need to check condition etc...
  9. bitchdj

    picture wanted

    so which group recorded on terrace label as it is not mentioned at all here?
  10. bitchdj

    picture wanted

    erm not being an expert on girl groups or knowing how many were called the sequins are you now going to tell me I have the wrong picture??'s the sequins who recorded on the terrace label I am looking for
  11. bitchdj

    picture wanted

    lovely ta i have been sent a colour one also ...thanks for taking the time
  12. bitchdj

    picture wanted

    permission from whom? this is the question
  13. bitchdj

    picture wanted

    Not sure if this is in the right section but can anyone help me out with a picture of the girl group the sequins? I need it for an art project for my bar...if you can help please send to have looked everywhere and cannot find a decent pic at all TIA Cookie
  14. am after a copy of the sequins i aint gonna cry no more on terrace label...condition of vinyl not that important but the labels must be clean
  15. bitchdj

    i love you baby

    think dave pinch had one in sales recently