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  1. Heard the sad news today of his passing...The scene will be an empty place without him. A stalwart of all things soulful, a true gentleman and beautiful soul. Rest with the angels my friend..x
  2. The most scandalous ones I have seen lately are the 100 club anni carvers...It puts me off looking at Ebay lately the amount of terrible bootlegs/carvers whatever you want to call them...
  3. last nights single thanks PM me...sorted now thanks !
  4. I've got the invincibles as they all are with the labels reversed...£200 if it's any good to you?
  5. Hi usual script from me prices incl standard postage in the UK any Q,s PM me or email cookinupsoul@aol.com...trades considered thanks for looking ! THE JAMMERS - WHERE CAN SHE RUN TO - LOMA W/D VG - £20 WESLEY PAIGE + THE MASTER THREE - IVE GOT TO FIND OUT FOR MYSELF - ROJAC EX+ £40 MSQ - SAVE A PLACE FOR ME - RAINY DAY-VG+ £25 C-QUENTS - ITS YOU AND ME BABY - ESSICA-EX £60 WORLDS FUNKIEST BAND - WHEN YOURE ALONE - CALIFORNIA GOLD-EX £40 MERCY MEN - YOU MADE IT THUNDER - BEE GEE-EX+ £90 BETTYE SCOTT + THE DEL VETTS - GOOD FEELING - TEAKO -EX+ £30
  6. A simple "no thank you" would be nice at times...or even worse you spend umpteen hours exchanging PM's and when you think the deal is done they dissapear! not a word not a get stuffed or anything...
  7. Usual script from me any Q's Pm me or email cookinupsoul@aol.com P+P uk is £3.00 overseas £9.50 anything over £100 will be sent signed for £7.50. It's a mix of stuff here any you don't know can mostly be found on youtube...trades considered for male group harmony type records...Happy looking... SUPERLATIVES-DONT LET TRUE LOVE DIE-DYNAMICS-EX+++ £150 COMPOSERS-LETS GET TO THE POINT/CHANCES GO ROUND-COMPLEX3-EX+ £80 OTIS BUSH-SO MUCH LOVE/SOMEONE TO LOVE-CHA CHA-M- £75 BLEU LIGHTS-I GUESS IM IN LOVE-BAY SOUND-M- £100 FLAIRS-YOU GOT TO STEAL IT-RAP-EX £100 GEO
  8. I am only looking for red white and black design I have a lot but will consider anything really...TIA
  9. I am quite well thank you hope you and yours are also...x
  10. Here is the thing the majority are rare...I have a recent manship guide...some are so pretty ( I like that) don't know if that's just a me thing. I am really aware that I am out of touch with prices having not been "out out" on the scene for a long while...I tag things on ebay and have a JCB ready to pick my jaw up off the floor when I see the end price of items I thought were relatively easy to find...I have also sold items on here through wants and flog me now I have asked the question "what is it worth may be persuaded" and parted with records for what I call silly money...am I holding on
  11. Not one I have ever tried but maybe...
  12. I have spent a rare afternoon with my vinyl it does not happen often of late I have retired from the DJ thing...I am astounded at the multiple copies of records I have 2-3 or more copies of the same record on various formats...demo issue silly bugger mentioned on the lable etc...exactly how do you decide which ones to keep as I am having a kind of a purge...
  13. Hi Tom I think you may be after Patrick alley- groove feeling...and why not it's a grand track indeed!

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