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  1. Robert Taylor... Time keeps ticking

    you got one yet?...
  2. Hi need a few prices with a view to sell so market prices needed not price guide ones TIA diane newby-what you're putting me through demo the flairs-you got to steal it james knight and the butlers-there goes my baby edward hamilton-baby d...
  3. Isn't it nice to have a positive thing to say about the dreaded Evilbay of late...This has happened twice within a matter of weeks! I bought a couple of records from different sellers quite warily as both the sellers had just one record for sale amongst some ...
  4. A right mixed lot here for sale...usual script any Q's PM me or email cookinupsoul@aol.com...paypal as F&F or wear the 4% charge...P&P £2 ...trades welcome TODDLIN TOWN SOUNDS-ITS YOUR THING/THE DUD-TODDLIN TOWN- M- £40 WORLDS FUNKIES...
  5. im pretty sure i still have a versatiles for sale will check when i get home from work and get back to you cookie
  6. a few from me for sale here some rare some not so...prices incl standard delivery.. paypal as F+F or wear the 4% yerself...any Q's Pm me or email cookinupsoul@aol.com...forgot to mention trades welcome quality male group harmony type of things... ...
  7. Cajun Hart/Got To Find

    i am selling a few of my sons records off for him and he has a copy of this with the sleeve not sure of value so i am afraid its make an offer...

    wasn't there one in sales a few days ago?
  9. suggestions needed

    bloody finally 12.31 today my daughter in law gave birth to a monster baby 8lb 8 1/2 oz...they have named him Alexander (phew no cheesy xmas names such as noel etc lol)...thanks for all your posts its given me something to read whilst waiting and many thanks ...
  10. suggestions needed

    thanks for the suggestions guys...still waiting been home for a kip looks like an xmas day baby!
  11. suggestions needed

    its xmas eve and i am sat in a hospital awaiting the birth of my first grandchild...( cudda waited til after i had got pissed fgs)...any suggestions to encourage the birth musically??...topical... ive tried baby mine etc...i think mum is getting bored... fail...
  12. Flint Emeralds, Monzas

    falcons now sorted thanks for all the Pm's
  13. who is backing him?

    actually it's neither copy it's a CD i don't really collect vinyl albums only 12's i have are those modern things that divide opinion so much
  14. who is backing him?

    interesting reading thanks
  15. Flint Emeralds, Monzas

    monzas instant love either label design falcons- im a fool i must love you...must be in friggin good condition...can you tell i am getting frustrated? SORTED! flint emeralds-just like a baby.....any bugger????...