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  1. am after a copy of the sequins i aint gonna cry no more on terrace label...condition of vinyl not that important but the labels must be clean
  2. i love you baby

    think dave pinch had one in sales recently
  3. Some Wants

    PM'ed you
  4. a big want list

    I have the Hank Hodge feel free to PM me your best offer...
  5. Shaddows - Together Again

    proper choon somebody buy this!
  6. value please...

    I am dandy sir and your good self?...I am liking the £600 value more though
  7. value please...

    Hank Hodge-one way love TIA
  8. will pay £50 + postage...TIA SORTED
  9. having real trouble with my PM's any mods about?...anyway the record is yours my friend i just cannot reply...F+F paypal to cookinupsoul@aol.com
  10. usual script from me P+P rec del incl in price spec del extra overseas please ask for quotes...any Q's Pm me or email cookinupsoul@aol.com...trades welcome as long as they are male group harmonies...no haggling ...cos i cannot be bothered... VOLC...
  11. Diana Newby What your putting me through

    I have a demo copy in EX+ condition in the original sleeve...£100 incl P+P to the UK....
  12. Robert Taylor... Time keeps ticking

    you got one yet?...
  13. Hi need a few prices with a view to sell so market prices needed not price guide ones TIA diane newby-what you're putting me through demo the flairs-you got to steal it james knight and the butlers-there goes my baby edward hamilton-baby d...
  14. Isn't it nice to have a positive thing to say about the dreaded Evilbay of late...This has happened twice within a matter of weeks! I bought a couple of records from different sellers quite warily as both the sellers had just one record for sale amongst some ...
  15. A right mixed lot here for sale...usual script any Q's PM me or email cookinupsoul@aol.com...paypal as F&F or wear the 4% charge...P&P £2 ...trades welcome TODDLIN TOWN SOUNDS-ITS YOUR THING/THE DUD-TODDLIN TOWN- M- £40 WORLDS FUNKIES...