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    Soul music, what more is there?
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    Halifax, West Yorkshire
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    Too many to choose from
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  1. Colin Wood

    Got a couple for sale

    Melvin Elling - Lonely Eyes -Stretch EX++ £200 or nearest decent offer Ithacas - If You Want My Love - Fee Bee EX++ £50
  2. Colin Wood

    Colin Wood

  3. Colin Wood

    The Greetland Gangsters Birthday Aka Colin Wood

    Thanks Mark hope you're keeping well it's been a while since we saw you.
  4. Colin Wood

    The Greetland Gangsters Birthday Aka Colin Wood

    Haha first time someone's wished me happy birthday in Japanese ;)
  5. Colin Wood

    The Greetland Gangsters Birthday Aka Colin Wood

    Mr Flynn, how's it going where the sun comes up? Good to hear from you, sewa wo suru
  6. Colin Wood

    The Greetland Gangsters Birthday Aka Colin Wood

    Thanks all much appreciated. Shirl nutty? Crazy? A bit mild that guys she's absolutely bonkers but I love her
  7. Colin Wood

    RAFA club Newton Aycliffe Serious Shades of Soul

    First time for me at the RAFA and what a great night with top drawer sounds, will certainly be back. Nice one Paul keep on doing what you're doing not many venues playing class music like we all enjoyed last night, thanks. Col.
  8. Colin Wood

    James Kelly Duhon-In School-Jude,price Please

    Great record, played it on Derek Pearson's BCB radio show on Mainstream back on 11th May.
  9. Colin Wood

    Derek Pearson & Colin Wood Bcb Radio Sat 11 May 9-10Pm

    Hi Derek, A bit late replying but as usual had a great time playing a few on your show and a great laugh as well, here's what I played: Tommy Good - Baby I Miss You - Gordy The Channels — Anything You Do — Groove The Ambers — I Love You Baby — Verve The Perfections — Girl You Better Hurry — Tri-City The Impalas — Old Man Mose — Rite-On The Intentions — Dancing Fast, Dancing Slow — Kent The Intentions — My Love She’s Gone — Kent Donald Jenkins — Somebody Help Me — Courtland HJ Jackson & The Bootleggers — Dance The Shing-A-Ling — Cross-Tone The Intrepids — To Make You Love Me — Cotillion James Kelly Duhon — In School — Mainstream Collections & Civics — I’ll Be There — Soul Train Cory Glover — Little Girl — Lowton Anniversary Cheers mate, Col.
  10. Colin Wood

    Micky Cruise Rip

    RIP Mickey, a true soul gent who will sadly be missed. Our thoughts are with Annie and his family. Colin & Shirley
  11. Colin Wood

    More About "time Will Pass You By."

    Hi John, Hope you and Lori are keeping well. Colin & Shirley.


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