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  1. Great set some fine tunes, had to leave Sunday morning so missed this
  2. Melvin Elling - Lonely Eyes -Stretch EX++ £200 or nearest decent offer Ithacas - If You Want My Love - Fee Bee EX++ £50
  3. Great record, played it on Derek Pearson's BCB radio show on Mainstream back on 11th May.
  4. Hi Derek, A bit late replying but as usual had a great time playing a few on your show and a great laugh as well, here's what I played: Tommy Good - Baby I Miss You - Gordy The Channels — Anything You Do — Groove The Ambers — I Love You Baby — Verve The Perfections — Girl You Better Hurry — Tri-City The Impalas — Old Man Mose — Rite-On The Intentions — Dancing Fast, Dancing Slow — Kent The Intentions — My Love She’s Gone — Kent Donald Jenkins — Somebody Help Me — Courtland HJ Jackson & The Bootleggers — Dance The Shing-A-Ling — Cross-Tone The Intrepids — To Ma
  5. RIP Mickey, a true soul gent who will sadly be missed. Our thoughts are with Annie and his family. Colin & Shirley
  6. Hi John, Hope you and Lori are keeping well. Colin & Shirley.
  7. Almost right Gilly, myself and Shirley got married three years ago in Las Vegas and were honoured to have Jobn and his lovely wife Lori as witnesses to our wedding, they truly are wonderful people and we are lucky to be able to call them friends. On the day, we were in awe listening to John talking about his time in Detroit working with artists and musicians that we know and love. He told us that he had found the original demo of TWPYB and I was very fortunate when John sent me an MP3 of it a couple of months later. As has already been said John is a very talented musician and has written
  8. Sounds like we missed a good un, sorry we couldn't make it Paul & Rosemary. Now then what's this about with the Funky Gibb-on?? Sounds like that might stick - well for a while anyway and I have no idea what you're all on about you'll have to enlighten me Martyn. Oo Oo Oo..... sounds like it was a Goodie night :D Cheers, Colin.
  9. Man of few words, me?? Ha ha no worries Brent I know where that comment will have come from and I'm sure it won't have come from so high up Looking forward to another top night in Bolton, will have to make sure I bring something not too loud man Cheers, Colin.
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys much appreciated - sorry for the late posting not been well all week so didn't fancy firing up the laptop. As already been said top night as usual at York with some fine toons being spun by some top jocks. Here's what skipped out of me box to the decks: Marshall & The Chi-Lites - Love Bandit - Daran Lee Garrett - Can't Break The Habit - Harthon Philharmonics - I Need, I Need To Your Love - Soulin Ernie Andrews - Fine Young Girl - Capitol David Coleman - Drown My Heart - Barry Geater Davis - My Love Is So Strong For You - House of Orange
  11. Lol it's actually mine as she hasn't paid me for it yet, no you're right as with all my records it's Shirl's
  12. Is it match oftje day you're after? TV will be on in the bar
  13. Is it match oftje day you're after? TV will be on in the bar

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