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    soul music, dancing, drinking and a bit of hokey pokey [as long as it dosn't interfere with the first 3]!!
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    Perth, Australia
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  1. whiskyagogo


    Tangeers Let my heart & soul be free / whats the use of me trying PM only Original Okeh Demo GBP 900 in Ex condition and plays Mint. Includes postage & insurance from Aus. Paypal friends or bank transfer. All the best Keith
  2. whiskyagogo

    The Adorables

    Hi pm sent
  3. whiskyagogo

    the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Thanks Carl
  4. whiskyagogo

    the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Hi guys My update is not looking good I emailed Michael yesterday and his reply was that he had "cc'd Will who is organising distribution, which means, I think? That they have not been posted. My oil has run dry now and I am hacked off and recommend that No One buys from this bunch. I will pursue through PayPal now but if I have lost my £30+ it is small biscuits compared to some unfortunate Souls. ktf Keith
  5. whiskyagogo

    the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Thanks Carl I have pm'd you
  6. whiskyagogo

    the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Hi Guys Had an email off Michael with apologies, saying he would dispatch my 45s.He didnt say when and I am wondering why in 4 weeks now they have not or were nt dispatched before? Needless to say I will provide an update when and if 45s arrive. Thanks Keith
  7. whiskyagogo

    the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Thanks if its the same guy, I got as much chance of a reply as I have of 45s
  8. whiskyagogo

    the epitome of soul [sandbag]

    Hi I liked it too so thought I would order it for a Mate and I off a guy called Michael @ the 45 club who welcomed me ect. I asked politely over the last 3 weeks if My order had been posted as yet I received fack all as a reply! Good service Michael.
  9. whiskyagogo

    Post insured - proof of record value

    Am i correct in thinking you would have to insure it for double the value (price paid) so both buyer and seller get refunded? Thanks
  10. whiskyagogo

    The Masqueraders enter America's Got Talent

    Brilliant!! ignorance isnt bliss, its piggin ignorant. I wish them the Best!!
  11. whiskyagogo

    The top 500

    Sorry, but in 76 I and many more like me wore patces on vests and bags and Never felt guilty, ashamed or threatened. Sad maybe to some but true that I still do.
  12. whiskyagogo

    Sad news. Francis Terry Thomas- RIP

    RIP Mr Tee A proper Soulie
  13. whiskyagogo

    Whitby Weekender(Yorkshire's Original) SOLD OUT!


    If you cant make the Whitby weekender, I think I've heard you cannot sell on, is this correct?
  14. whiskyagogo

    Whitby Ticket 2017

    1 x 2017 Whitby weekender ticket for sale 30 GBP pm only please


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