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    Just a soulguy from early 70s

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    soul music, dancing, drinking and a bit of hokey pokey [as long as it dosn't interfere with the first 3]!!
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  1. Can someone tell me please, why green sleeves? Thanks KC
  2. Yep, good record will have to play it, got mine from Mr Tee in Kidderminster, prob 25 years ago.
  3. Do some research. TBH it tits me off with the amount of requests for valuations. Whatever someone is prepared to pay is the obvious answer. When the question probably being asked is " whats the most I can ask for this" Happy New Year
  4. Hi guys Just received this with the "upside down V" ( A not crossed, so pretty sure its a boot) Thats 2 I have now thought I was getting an original. Thanks for any help. KC
  5. Yeh I bought the box set, buy them individually would cost more, so I was contented. Merry Chrimbo to me Also got my Sinceres a few years ago now for £240. Swings & Roundabouts
  6. Soul Communicators - Those lonely nights On Fee Bee. A Real one. NO BOOT Please pm with price & condition Thanks KC
  7. Genuine, cant attend. PayPal F&F, pm me. Thanks
  8. Tangeers Let my heart & soul be free / whats the use of me trying PM only Original Okeh Demo GBP 900 in Ex condition and plays Mint. Includes postage & insurance from Aus. Paypal friends or bank transfer. All the best Keith

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