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  1. Hi I'm looking for this on Deblyn Records. Please pm me with price and condition. Cheers, Paddy
  2. jpm

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    I love a bit of Latin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBRPAA9haQU
  3. jpm

    Peppermint Harris

    Still, still looking?
  4. jpm

    Peppermint Harris

  5. jpm

    Peppermint Harris

    Still looking.
  6. jpm

    Peppermint Harris

    Hi I'm looking for Wait until it happens to you On Jewel. vg+ or better preferred. Please pm me with price and condition. Cheers, Paddy
  7. Hi I'm looking for Ruby Andrews The Love I Need/Just Loving you On Zodiac. Please pm me with price and condition. Cheers, Paddy
  8. jpm

    The V.I.P.'s

    Hi I'm looking for Straight down to the bottom on Island and Wintertime on CBS. Both must have intact centre's and be vg+ or above. Please pm me with price and condition. Cheers, Paddy
  9. jpm

    Rhythm A Go Go

    6t's Rhythm and Soul club. Smart dress only. https://www.facebook.com/rhythmagogo
  10. jpm

    Kim Weston and The Marvelettes

    Marvelettes sorted! Still looking for Kim Weston.
  11. Hi I'm looking for Helpless on Gordy and I'll keep holding on on Tamla . VG+ or above. Please pm with price and condition Cheers, Paddy
  12. jpm

    Rhythm A Go Go

    We're back like a Phoenix risen from the ashes! Our new home is the old masonic lodge, it's nearly a hundred and fifty years old! We like a place with character. Only differences this time is we finish at 1 and our capacities down to 100 so get there early. See you at the Go Go.
  13. jpm


  14. LP only Andy. Shake a hand is the name of the Lp.


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