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  1. Lee Bates

    Lee Bates

  2. Lee Bates

    Jim Demetriou Soulcast Shows (X2) Now Online

    Remember Jim from the 100 Club, always a very friendly chap and all round nice guy
  3. Lee Bates

    Bobby Womack R.i.p

    Another loss, RIP Bobby Womack, we owe you a great deal, thank you x
  4. Lee Bates

    Writing On Label - Not Always A Bad Thing

    Well if that's the case Ray Pollard defaced my Shrine 45 "This time"!!! Others artists also seem to have also defaced 45 and lps....
  5. Lee Bates

    What Would You Choose?

    Well my little lad has his induction to the world of soul this eve, laying contentedly in my arms.....he got "All I do is think about you" - Tammi Terrell, "Still waters" - The Four Tops and then "It takes a whole lotta man" - Gladys Knight in that order for no other reason than they are each choice...........gotta give your kids a good start in life
  6. Lee Bates

    What Would You Choose?

    My four year old has a taste for Syl Johnson "Star light star bright" and has sang it to her new brother today so I must be doing something right!
  7. Lee Bates

    What Would You Choose?

    Nice choice. Yeh, its a pretty special feeling. Hope all goes well for your daughter and grandchild
  8. Lee Bates

    What Would You Choose?

    I hope my choice will not be the same....let you know in the morning!
  9. Lee Bates

    What Would You Choose?

    LOL what an apt choice Rod!!
  10. Lee Bates

    What Would You Choose?

    Its a concept I have thought about before when my two daughters were born but as I sit here with my new born son, Edward James,30 hours old, my thoughts are what should I treat him to as his first soulful musical experience? As a point of discussion what would you choose?
  11. Lee Bates

    Jackie Day - Come On Try Me

    Jonathan, there is one on ebay now (mine) if you are still looking....and its going at a bargain price Cheers Lee
  12. Lee Bates

    Is There A Better £5 Original

    Just another day - Willie Hutch - Motown.......choice
  13. Looking at perhaps letting a few tunes move on.....what would you value them at?? Talkin' 'bout woman - James Wesley Smith - Angeltown - has a few pops and marks - vg+ Like my baby / I'll be around when you want me - Gino Washington - Mala promo - excellent Loves what you want - Marisha Gatti - Poo Pan - vg+ but has a label tear 4cm x 1cm We have a good thing - Dean Courtney - RCA - white demo - excellent ..
  14. Lee Bates

    How Much Would You Pay

    Its alright Jim, you'll get my copy when I die....the Mrs has been informed!!