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    Northern Soul, since I was about 12 years old & also drifted into reggae during the 1980s.
    I have a relatively small Northern Soul collection, although it's been growing over recent years.
    Anything to do with 1990's Bally/Williams Pinball Machines, unfortunately they take up a lot of space so I've been forced to only keep two - Theatre of Magic and Twilight Zone.
    I'm also a Naim Audio addict
    I have a wife and two children.
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    Epitome of Sound - You don't love me

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  1. Soul16

    I want a fabulous Dancette!

    They’re all vintage Mal, the Bermuda’s I have date from the late 60’s I reckon. I understand that they track at 6 grammes too, not sure I’d risk any valuable vinyl to that much pressure mate if I’m honest.
  2. Soul16

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    For playing 45s I use an Audio Technica LP1240, for ‘Hi-Fi’ listening I use a Michell Gyrodec. CD player is a Naim CD5 XS, Amplifier is a Naim NAIT XS with a Flatcap (Don’t ask), Speakers are Neat Motive 1. Just got into this streaming malarkey and I run Spotify into a Naim Unitiqute and Naim Muso QB. No, I don’t work for Naim, but I do like their stuff!
  3. Soul16

    I want a fabulous Dancette!

    Hi Mal, I have some available, the ones I have left are: 1 x Dansette Bermuda MK 1 2 x Dansette Bermuda MK 2 1 x Dansette Monarch 1 x Dansette Popular 1 x Dansette Conquest All in great condition cosmetically. They’re a bit of a distance from you (Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire), but if you’re interested let me know and you can come and see them. Not sure of prices at the moment, (they belonged to my brother) but I’m not looking for silly money for them. Andrew
  4. Soul16

    Non Vinyl

    In simple terms, Northern Soul is/was very much about exclusivity, certain DJs had certain rare records and if you wanted to hear them on their original format, you would sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles to do so. For me, the DJ was King. They were exciting times, we were young and the records weren't that much older. This 'scene' is now donkeys years old, so what may be new to you is considered standard fare to others. Northern Soul is now a broader church and there are thousands of great records out there, so you can't guarantee hearing the stuff that is on your CDs. With all due respect, you are just as likely to hear the 'big sounds' at wedding receptions and retirement parties via CD and (more likely) digital files these days. So, welcome and just enjoy what you have been missing out on for all these years.
  5. I don't think it has been, but apologies if this particular photo has already been uploaded earlier in the thread. A wider view of the boxes.
  6. In the light of the current scandal, I think it'll be more interesting to see if cowboy DJs playing out bootlegs to the paying public comes to halt. It would be nice if Northern Soul could re-align itself to some kind of normality and move away from being the circus that it has become in some quarters. Maybe it's too late though. Why is it that so many feel the need to buy these bootlegs in any case?
  7. Yes, as far as I’m aware, the Outta Sights are genuine, and not counterfeit copies of Outta Sight 45s. Counterfeit is arguably the wrong word for the dodgy stuff really. ‘Counterfeit’ suggests they were out to deceive buyers into thinking that they were real. The illegal stuff is clearly not attempting to deceive anyone. Some of the items were tagged as ‘Licensed release’ though, so maybe some were. Your average buyer of such items may not really care too much I guess. As you say, Minefield!
  8. From what I can tell, the business continues Steve, albeit with a few members of staff being out of the game for a few months. Hence my deliberate present tense response.
  9. Yes, they also sell legitimate Outta Sight and Kent product.
  10. I’m sure fraud of originals is out there, but to a far lesser extent. This was about shifting large quantities of flimsy fakes with crude pastiches of the original label designs. UK Grapevine boots are only £4 a pop though - Bargain!
  11. I doubt it Len, a blind man on a flying horse could see that they’re all brand spanking new. For the sellers, I think it’s just a case of cashing in on a big market while you can and spending the ill-gotten gains on stuff that they need but can’t afford on a standard pension... When it comes to the buyers of said items, I imagine that they’re purchased for some kind of misguided ‘look at my Norvern vinyl collection’ willy waving thing. Legalities aside, the only reasonable reason I can think of is that if you owned a 45 rpm jukebox and you wanted to load it with Northern Soul, that would be the way to go.
  12. Their whole business was based on selling fakes to buyers who knew they were fakes on a Buy it Now basis for around £6 each. They shifted loads of this illegal worthless plastic to buyers who wanted to be part of the ‘new cool’ that is Northern Soul...
  13. There’s still loads on eBay right now. Even the sellers name and location strongly suggest that it’s the same ‘gang’. Unbelievable.
  14. Sounds like a possible plot for NORTHERN SOUL - THE MOVIE 2... Bootlegs have been coming out of Kidderminster since the 1970s, somehow it seemed relatively innocent in those days, but this Is just pure greed and is totally shameful. Looks like there are sizeable sums of money involved here, I wonder what the proceeds have been spent on. If there was any justice, eBay could surely have some liability here too, they provided the platform for it and take a cut of the proceeds in commission. However, the seller is responsible for the item I guess. Interesting stuff.
  15. I’ve been caught out a few times, I got done once by a dealer who used to sell a lot of records on this forum. This was before the forum feedback system. The beauty of the feedback system is that a repeatedly dodgy seller won’t get away with it for long. These days, I try to resist buying without hearing a sound file first. My priority is how good a 45 sounds, rather than how it looks. After all, I buy them to listen to them. I’d rather pay a little bit over the odds from a dealer I can trust, rather than take a chance on a record that has only been ‘visually graded’ by a seller I don’t know. I can’t claim to have bought from every well known record dealer out there, I’m sure there are plenty, but I can certainly vouch for Pete Smith and Darren Brown.


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