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    Northern Soul, since I was about 12 years old & also drifted into reggae during the 1980s.
    I have a relatively small Northern Soul collection, although it's been growing over recent years.
    Anything to do with 1990's Bally/Williams Pinball Machines, unfortunately they take up a lot of space so I've been forced to only keep two - Theatre of Magic and Twilight Zone.
    I'm also a Naim Audio addict
    I have a wife and two children.
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    Epitome of Sound - You don't love me

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  1. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    John Manships video is very nice, but do those weighing scales and vernier callipers have a valid calibration certificate? If not, all that fannying about is pointless
  2. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    I must say that having a hand cut aluminium plinth at a cost of £6k does sound a bit over the top to me too, but who are we to argue if it makes him happy eh? Sure, with high end audio (and plenty of other hobbies), the law of diminishing returns kicks i...
  3. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    Being something of an audiophile myself (I have a relatively modest £10k Naim CD, streaming and amplification system), can I assume that your comment about expensive audio cables is based on your own personal listening experience or is it just your opinion? ...
  4. recently brought technics 1210 turntable

    It never ceases to amaze me how often I see YouTube videos of people playing 45s worth serious money on toy turntables - crazy. You bought well and won’t regret it. Sure, there are still arguably better ‘audiophile’ turntables out there, but for playing ...
  5. I've got the Marion Stewart footage on a videotape - boxed up in the loft probably. I bought the tape off a guy at Keele around 1989/90. I uploaded some Keele, 100 Club and Old Vic footage to youtube some years ago, I didn't bother with the Queens Hall stuff ...
  6. If you were dj'ing to yourself

    Lou Roberts and the Marks - Ten to One - MGM Parliaments - Don’t be sore at me - Revilot Dottie and Millie - Talkin’ about my baby - Topper Harvey - Any way ya wanta - Tri - Phi The Miracles - If your mother only knew - Tamla Tony Mid...
  7. Cancer Research TV Campaign

    Yes, that’s the one. Any idea what the record is? As Kev said, an instrumental most likely.
  8. Cancer Research TV Campaign

    That’s the one Kev. Thanks, Andrew.
  9. Cancer Research TV Campaign

    Yeah, that is a different ad. Thanks anyway.
  10. Cancer Research TV Campaign

    I’ve just caught the end of a TV ad with a Northern Soul feel. Has anybody else seen it yet and if so, what is the tune that is featured in it please? I wasn’t fully paying attention at the time, so it could just be a ‘made to measure’ piece of course.
  11. A Huh thing. A bit of colourful, lightweight nonsense. It's been, it's gone, it's forgotten.
  12. Little Anthony and The Imperials - Better use your head. There’s a really nice snappy drumming sound as the fade out begins, if I was in the studio I would have insisted that the fade out was left until just a few seconds later.
  13. Those vocals, the production and that crashing beat - Proper Northern.
  14. Spooky and Sue was the first version I heard, via a muffled sounding bootleg back in the 70's. For me though, I think that the Chuck Jackson version is the best.
  15. Chuck Jackson gets my vote.

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