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    Northern Soul, since I was about 12 years old & also drifted into reggae during the 1980s.
    I have a relatively small Northern Soul collection, although it's been growing over recent years.
    Anything to do with 1990's Bally/Williams Pinball Machines, unfortunately they take up a lot of space so I've been forced to only keep two - Theatre of Magic and Twilight Zone.
    I'm also a Naim Audio addict
    I have a wife and two children.
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    Epitome of Sound - You don't love me

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  1. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Johnny Truitt - Just the other day
  2. Milton Harris The Strangers

    Two for sale, both with clean labels and no writing. Scans can be provided on request. Night Winds - The Strangers featuring Richard Pitts. Warner Brothers promo, in mint condition. £50 She's Hurting Me - Milton Harris. Mutt Records, in mint minus ...
  3. trying to find this song

    My best guess would be 'Jock Mitchell - Not a chance in a million'
  4. Poll: Version Battle - Ever again

    Bernie for me too, I heard that version first and first heard the Gene version on the Grapevine LP. I do like that Del-Val label though. Sorry to be picky, but the lyrics above aren't quite correct, I think they're: 'First we meet, oh baby, then we ...
  5. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    She still does, early Saturday evenings.
  6. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    You are probably right there, maybe I just recall JT because the music he played seemed to include plenty of obscure American danceable records that appealed to my ears. I do remember that he seemed to be very knowledgeable (may have been scripted by someone ...
  7. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    Yep, that's the one. Atrocious in my opinion.
  8. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    Not that many thankfully! Jimmy presented the show in the 1980's.
  9. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    Hmmm, yes I heard it this morning too... There was a nice little pre-amble from Phil 'the collector' Swern, as soon as he mentioned the FIP label, I turned the radio up, ready for an unexpected treat, only to hear that the Mel Britt track was a re-record...
  10. PayPal error my fault

    If, as you say, the recipient is not even responding to PayPal, that is pretty short-sighted on his part. If your payment came via your credit card, rather than a balance in your PayPal account, it may be worth having a chat wth your credit card company, they...
  11. Dottie & Millie and Gerri Diamond

    Sorted for Dottie and Millie -
  12. Looking for the following two 45s: Dottie and Millie - Talkin' about my baby - Topper Gerri Diamond - Only you - Counterpart Must look and play in at least Excellent condition - photos and sound clips would be appreciated. Please PM with c...
  13. dells ....its all upto you

    There is an original UK issued Chess copy around too, I bought it from Chris Savory at one of his record fairs. He was a massive fan of The Dells and insisted that I bought it blind, with the offer of returning it if I didn't like it. 35 years later, I s...
  14. Steve Davis 1990 HiFi Magazine feature

    I see what you did there
  15. Currently in the process of clearing out the loft and I found this feature from HiFi Choice magazine. (Apologies, looks like you have to click to view) SD p1.pdf SD p2.pdf SD p4.pdf SDp3.pdf