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  1. FTMNTC team are really lookin' forward to this event  on Friday nite

    We now have a full calander of events on a monthy basis this year we  have some very special guests lined up for the  enthusiasts that support us....! 


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  2. Here’s something to look forward to our  next event on the 21st Jan a free CD for the first 35 enthusiasts through the door . Thanks to all the attendees and their selections as well as the guest DJ. Remember if you want a selection for the our next CD ask the DJ who’s playing it on the night and it will be included, (one per person/1 per couple)

    Probably only one of only a few events that does this for our customers, we do like to share #Musicmatters

    Below what was played and requested from our 18th December event.

    We do like to share @FTMNTC



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    20 minutes ago, Jez Jones said:

    GREAT NEWS ...Knypersley Club are gonna let us do 'pay on the door' .

    There has been excellent ticket sales but for people that haven't had the time to obtain tickets....pay on the door is available !!!!


    7pm start ...earlier for drinks in the main bar if you want


    WE didn't have a chance of a 'boogie' last year.....lets not miss this one !!!!!!!

    Tis great news Jez lookin' forward to it 🙂

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    First of all i must say thanks to Geese & Jez for getting the ball rolling again for settin' up a soul night north of the city where its sadly been missing out for a number of years now !

    The feedback on this event is very good 🙂

    Must say lookin' forward to spinni' a few oldies on the nite

    Bit of a  re-union gathering on the nite 

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  3. Guest DJ is Neil Toplis from Doncaster...Neil has some great records and a mighty fine ear for a 'tune'....we're in for a treat

    Neil will provide a perfect alternative to the residents choices .....

    Resident DJ's

    Paul Dale

    John Gallagher

    Dave Cartilage

    Jez Jones

    Kev John

    Whilst these 'lads' aren't out every weekend DJing ...you can rest assured they will dig deep and bring you some interesting and adventurous playlists....rather than the same old predictable records that have a tendency to be played by so many...

    If you're an inquisitive 'soul' come and join us and see/hear what gets played


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  4. It’s now in production ready for collection at our December event, all the tunes that were played out at our November event, if you hear something you like on the event night, let us know and we can include it on our free January CD, if available as an upload #musicmatters

    Courtesy of FTMNTC team


  5. Really looking forward to welcoming Simon and Amanda Cottrell to FTMNTC.

    These guys are well known in the enthusiasts scene.........and we are really fortunate to have them on here

    Let me say these f**kers won't stand there with a stupid grin on their faces and play NF Porter as though they're doing something really exceptional .....

    These two will DIG DEEP and you'll see why they are in demand at progressive Allnighters nationwide

    Be prepared to be WOWED ....you night is in safe hands !!

    Be great to see ya !!!

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  6. On 24/10/2021 at 10:50, Jez Jones said:

    Well the free CD is now in production will be ready for our 6th November Soul night,

      ****ONLY available exclusively on the night. ****

    We’ll try and make this a regular feature, burning tunes that were all played at our previous months event, for our enthusiasts, look forward to seeing you all very soon----- friends old and new.


    Don't forget the CD its free & only available on the night 🙂


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  7. ENTHUSIASTS....lets get busy...let's get ready



    'we don't do em' !!!!!


    ...just like we used to....

    **...You may hear some you know,

    We're sure you'll hear a few you won't know...

    it's possible you'll hear some you've forgotten...**

    You may add some to your 'wants' list....


    Where music matters and NOT who plays it

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  8. Now we’ve got over our October event, let’s move on to what’s coming in November, time to get this one in your diary, one not to be missed, we’ve got 2 great collectors Simon & Amanda Cottrell, (Empty Bottles) who’ll be gracing the decks this time around, so hopefully see you all here once again.



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  9. On 06/10/2021 at 16:52, Jez Jones said:

    Blimey Kev...you've hit the jackpot again !!!

    Over a 1100 views...you'd better get the new furniture out just in case 🙂

    Hahaha  now 1300 Jez

    I'll be setting up from 6:15pm & get the new furniture out 😃

    plus we can use the bar & the lounge area for a overflow area & hear the music clearly in all areas of the club & not forgetting the alfrsco area 

  10. We are really looking forward to our 2nd night time event for FTMNTC. since the beast called 'Lockdown' A real pleasure also to welcome Mark from Shrewsbury to come a play a few records for us...most splendid !!!

    The first one back was a real success...there was an absolute 'barrow full' of really good tunes....which bought a smile to faces

    Here at FTMNTC we have a success criteria revolving around what comes out of the speakers.....Quality tunes of whatever ilk and era.

    We are lucky in the fact we don't need to focus on attendances, bums on seats, bods through the door.......thats NOT what we do this for...

    You may have noticed the #musicmatters .....thats how simple it is !!

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  11. Just a quick update on the event Saturday 

    We raised £910 for our nominated charity's

    ...& the best news is we will be back to our prefered date of Saturday 22nd October 2022 @Congleton Cricket Club

    this is a confirmed date

    Thanks for your support this year C072 team

    Lets get together  & do it again next year !


  12. ** BREAKING NEWS **

    We are pleased to announce that 'Little Scotty' has joined our DJ line up for today

    Scotty of course is a legend on the Midlands NS DJ circuit and is 'head honcho' behind the MASSIVELY successful Goodyears Soul night amongst many others

    and is in fact known nationwide as a DJ that 'delivers'

    As we'd say around here...the fella knows his onions !!!!!

    A BIG CO72 welcome awaits for Scotty !!


    1) A quick reminder for those kind people who are considering donating a prize for the raffle......a MASSIVE thank you --and if you hand it in on the door we will ensure it goes in with all the other prizes for the draw !!

    every little helps towards fundraising for our 3 charities this year


    University Hospital North Midland Charity

    British Heart Foundation

    2) This is NOT just another Charity soul night....

    .We DO emphasise the DAY/NIGHT aspect. of this long established annual event...

    get in EARLY ... meet friends and acquaintances old and new..

    CO72 charity fundraisng event hearing the

    'sounds' of an era.....

    3) with that in mind allow me to mention the car park onsite tends to fill up early, if you intend to get there later you may want to try in the first instance

    Once the venue car park is full..there is plenty of roadside parking outside the venue and surrounding roads and side roads

    Alternatively...there are 2 car parks approx 5 mins walk from the venue

    Antrobus Street, CW12 1HB

    West Street, CW12 1JR

    4) travelling by car ?

    Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6....GREAT venue in a unique setting in South Cheshire

    ABOVE ALL travel safely and we look forward to seeing you later x


    In readiness for tomorrow......

    Just some 'logistics' info....for those travelling by car from out of town.

    Once the venue car park is full..there is plenty of roadside parking outside the venue and surrounding roads

    Alternatively...there are 2 car parks approx 5 mins walk from the venue

    Antrobus Street, CW12 1HB

    West Street, CW12 1JR


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  14. OK...have had a few private messages asking me 'do you have to buy a wristband beforehand' ?

    The club have also had numerous phone calls with similar questions !!

    Well the answer is YES you can pay on the door.

    £10 entry on the door...you will receive a wristband PLUS a complimentary raffle ticket

    We released a set number of wristbands for sale prior to the event as some people like to plan ahead and buy wristbands in advance

    See you all on Saturday 

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