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  1. Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    Good shout this, would not have hesitated years ago, but a Motown songbook is not up my street. If he is doing "Fish aint biting", "Cant get off till the feeling stops", etc etc, then I am in.
  2. Jack Ashford recalled in his book that the "Funks" turned up for work to be met by a notice on the door stating "no session today". Can you imagine that? I would have thought the major players like The Temps, Diana Ross, would have been in the know, but very ...
  3. Show us your great photos (2016)

    Great pics, great memories, have been in print for 40 years sadly no more
  4. steve w

  5. Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    I don't know what it is about Brenda Reids voice but it reaches every bone in my body. I can't remember if i have seen her live during mid seventies in the "reaching for the best period" but even in my youth full state I am sure I would have remembered that ...
  6. I think another book is coming out soon after called "MEMPHIS 68", should be interesting as well, been pretty busy as Mr Cosgrove. Will need to get them both methinks
  7. Bobby Womack R.i.p

    RIP to the last great soul man. Thanks for the music.
  8. Frank Wilson At Cala Gran,fleetwood

    add The MASQUERADERS at Prestatyn the first time they come and did a saturday afternoon session and you have all 3 best performances in the last ten years, many more have come very close but IMO .....Frank, The Mighty Mighty Dells and the Masqueraders are the...
  9. Edwin at Wigan in 74 - where he did his set and then came back and did it again when he found out about a sound fault Temptations in 75 - with Richard Street and Dennis Edwards in the line up Phil Perry at Prestatyn, Masqueraders as well but the to...
  10. Favourite Producers - The Final

    Gamble and Huff for me as well, Re-HDH really should win it if only for individual tracks after they left Motown- Sterling Harrison and Thelma Houston spring to mind All great though
  11. Unfortunately I think Chuck Barksdale is very ill as well, this is indeed a sad time for all but I hope Chuck recovers from his illness The Mighty Mighty Dells - wish I could have seen them more than the once at Trentham
  12. Thanks Rob - utterly brilliant - If paul riser or mckinley jackson are on the credits you just buy it
  13. RIP Mr Babbitt remembering a great chat we had on soulful detroit when reminded that he wrote 'love and devotion' for Danny Woods "oh i forgot about that said Bob, well hundreds of northern fans haven't Bob and never will - thanks for the memories
  14. Bill Withers

    Fantastic documentary, anyone know if that was THE Corey Glover singing in Brooklyn Park Great Bloke, his reaction to his daughters singing was very emotional, could you imagine the band he could muster if he did decide to record again? I believe Womack...
  15. Wanted Ella Woods & Marcia Hines

    I have a Marcia Hines for sale soulful, LP only though

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