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    Walking in peak district ,yoga,bike rides,records,attending as many soul venues as possible!!!
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  1. Oh yes who 's got a copy of Reatha ? I would travel a long way to dance to it , add on the Bel Aires I've got a feeling , Luther Ingram Run for your life , played loud in a dark hot sweaty room with like minded peeps , my idea of northern soul heaven , can only wish x
  2. Hi mate that version is on a Kent cd from 1996 called CHESS CLUB RHYTHM & SOUL so it could be one of those tracks recovered from master tapes? Not sure if it was issued on 7inch vinyl .
  3. Know what you mean , i sometimes travel on the tram (nottm) often when packed i been offered a seat by young uns, at first i was quite shocked, im in my 63rd year but fit, still work as a plasterer, lots of good peeps out there , all ages we pull together , keep the faith not as soulies but as human beings , thoughts with all those that have lost loved ones x
    Thanks to Trev & the team for a great nite , Mick J did his job as resident ,set the standard for guests to follow, nice to see Kev in form & not lost his sense of humour, & adding some gritty r&b tunes to his set, take another bow Avril you were awesome, great set of tunes played from the heart, not from a fat wallet , you keep on keeping on. Hope to see all again soon but who knows when ? Take care , Martin. x
  4. Hey up Carl what a great nite last year when you were on here, place was jumping , brill last month anorl had a right good nite, no bull, good crowd good laugh, good mates, little secret soul club tucked away on sherwood rise shhhhush , seriously everyone wellcome no exclusions, as the man sez see you there , or see you at the lions in the square , koko.
  5. Wow just bloody set off good job i checked , have to go in tother direction to Sheffield ! Shame was looking forward to it , atb
    Well that was different, is it just me or doe's any one else think they have just been in the making of another episode of phoenix nites? got a big fat smile on me face this morning, boom in ! Yes was booming, great melting pot of souls & sounds all under one roof ! No garlick bread tho, but i hear jerry berry coming next month , see you there
  6. marty57


    Not long to go now for the latest soul gathering at the fed , can't wait to meet up with you guys , chill ,have a laugh, listen & dance to some tunes, oh & forget the bloody nite mare thats been occurring on the roads ! See you there to KK.
  7. Really looking forward to being a part of this nite , can.t wait , koko, little matter of Forest v Leeds down at the city ground 1st ! COYR
  8. marty57


    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL , hope to be fit for this nite , see you there , KK.
  9. Exploding now time line 23 06 rammed & rocking !
  10. marty57

    federation soul club

    Absulutely brill last month, lets have some more , looks like being another full on nite down at our/ your little soul club, date at the city ground 1st against the owls, COYR & KTF .
    Truly aweSUM pity there's only 5stars to give cos it was a 10 all day long , if there's a more full on nite then that in the world of northern soul then please tell me about it , allready can't wait for next installment, can see Pete & Sue having to make it all ticket in the future . KOKO.

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