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    Walking in peak district ,yoga,bike rides,records,attending as many soul venues as possible!!!
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    what by judy street

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  1. Oh no if things are'nt bad enough , so long gorgeous lady , for me a perfect soul voice .
  2. Sorry can.t help replying wot a double sided bargain !!
  3. Know what you mean , i sometimes travel on the tram (nottm) often when packed i been offered a seat by young uns, at first i was quite shocked, im in my 63rd year but fit, still work as a plasterer, lots of good peeps out there , all ages we pull together , keep the faith not as soulies but as human beings , thoughts with all those that have lost loved ones x
    Thanks to Trev & the team for a great nite , Mick J did his job as resident ,set the standard for guests to follow, nice to see Kev in form & not lost his sense of humour, & adding some gritty r&b tunes to his set, take another bow Avril you were awesome, great set of tunes played from the heart, not from a fat wallet , you keep on keeping on. Hope to see all again soon but who knows when ? Take care , Martin. x
  4. Hey up Carl what a great nite last year when you were on here, place was jumping , brill last month anorl had a right good nite, no bull, good crowd good laugh, good mates, little secret soul club tucked away on sherwood rise shhhhush , seriously everyone wellcome no exclusions, as the man sez see you there , or see you at the lions in the square , koko.
  5. Wow just bloody set off good job i checked , have to go in tother direction to Sheffield ! Shame was looking forward to it , atb
  6. Been banging the drum for Cathy for ages now, hope she will get the bookings she deserves , by the way shes no newby , been around long time, go Cathy you got it mate
  7. marty57


    Well that was different, is it just me or doe's any one else think they have just been in the making of another episode of phoenix nites? got a big fat smile on me face this morning, boom in ! Yes was booming, great melting pot of souls & sounds all under one roof ! No garlick bread tho, but i hear jerry berry coming next month , see you there
  8. marty57


    Not long to go now for the latest soul gathering at the fed , can't wait to meet up with you guys , chill ,have a laugh, listen & dance to some tunes, oh & forget the bloody nite mare thats been occurring on the roads ! See you there to KK.
  9. Really looking forward to being a part of this nite , can.t wait , koko, little matter of Forest v Leeds down at the city ground 1st ! COYR
  10. marty57


    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL , hope to be fit for this nite , see you there , KK.
  11. Exploding now time line 23 06 rammed & rocking !
  12. marty57

    federation soul club

    Absulutely brill last month, lets have some more , looks like being another full on nite down at our/ your little soul club, date at the city ground 1st against the owls, COYR & KTF .
    Truly aweSUM pity there's only 5stars to give cos it was a 10 all day long , if there's a more full on nite then that in the world of northern soul then please tell me about it , allready can't wait for next installment, can see Pete & Sue having to make it all ticket in the future . KOKO.

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