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    Like many in the seventies  I went to Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca, Nottingham Palais, Birmingham Locarno, Yate. Continued going to Yate and went to Stafford up to mid eighties, and several local dos after that. In the  last Twenty years again venturing out to many midlands dos including Stoke, Wolverhampton, Nuneaton, Rugby, Nottingham, Derby to Weston super Mare and Oxford in the south still cuttin rug.

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  1. Here we go again, someone from our scene cuttin rug, on prime time
  2. My sincerest apologies cheating kind by don Gardner
  3. I’m Gone Northerns ultimate anthem what a legacy we owe Don Gardner many’s a night cutting rug to it over the years played everywhere yet this powerhouse sound still delivers, RIP.
  4. Who ever the dj be it a Northern Soul oldies revival night with soul teds and Johnny come latelys to traditional Northern Soul usually a nighter playing underplayed, never played new discoveries with a dab of oldies, you pays your money you takes your chance.
  5. Yes I knew Phil Arle well in the seventies a gang of us used to go to Wigan, the Mecca, Locarno and several other places he had a green Vauxhall Viva HB travelled a fair few miles with him, Lost contact with him late 70s moving onto jazz funk. Not seen him around in years.
  6. Dry well gypsie not heard out anywhere in decades proper Wigan era sound and not the usual same old chestnuts.
  7. “Northern soul a dance scene” maybe those not wishing to be asailed by the Various shades of Northern past and present (feeling a sense of embarrassment) maybe best served staying at home listening to the entire back catalogue of Gill Scott Heron to expand your mind wearing comfortable slippers as the call to the dance floor has never been a priority either in the present or past.
  8. AOTR, In the bottle etc etc was and is Northern it was played as were many other sounds that we danced to back then we cannot deny our musical heritage fact! If it gets played today so what Northern’s a broad church, always has been.
  9. After watching last nights interpretation of northern on mainstream TV I wonder what will northern be like In ten to fifteen years time most of our generation who went in the 1970s to mid 80s will be well into our sixties, if not seventies, with the majority of the top Djs approaching 80. Will northern still be a way of life for us? Will the treasured sounds still have an eager market. At present the Soul nite/ allniters are still presided over by the 1st wave of northern soul devottees still able to thread the boards with enthusiasm but in ten /fifteen years time will we still be attending like old seasoned campaigners keeping the once secret faith going. Will we witness the now youthful but In the future 30/40 something year olds keeping the faith against ever decreasing numbers when we eventually stop going as age never comes alone. Even middle age outsiders (here to stay) now seeking refuge and a social life in northern Soul will be fewer in number maybe in the end lacking real empathy with our music that they ignored in their youth. Northern souls quaintness the flyers on the table in a digital world, it’s time warp atmosphere of brotherhood and secrecy under duress from the influx of newcomers seeking a ready made lifestyle and The trickle of teenagers liking this strange world of northern soul the generation who will keep the flame burning-maybe. The current major revival the last one. Should we want this northern journey to fade away with our generation or encourage its continuation in a new generation? Will we to coin an oldie or two keep on keeping on or get out maybe it’s time to make up your mind when that time comes sooner or later enjoy while you still can.
  10. The born again northern devotees (Johnny come latelys) will be further encourage to enter our places of worship seeking refuge from the local pubs and clubs seeking out our treasured sounds cuttin rug and becoming one of the family. Happy ending and thank you strictly cum lately for turning the spotlight on northern once underground music scene. No drinks on the dance floor not forgetting your handbags please, oh to late there pissed.
  11. I’m earring strictly session singers done a good cover of tainted love nearly as good as Soft Cell original.........
  12. On tonight’s strictly 59 year old Debbie McGee will be a fine example of our generation still energetically cuttin rug maybe doing some backdrops and spins showin the young soul rebels a thing or two. Got me vhs ready to tape hopefully on 21st century northern on telly vol 20 coming to a weekender soon.
  13. Totally agree All the hallmarks of Roberts n £nig no doubt playing there part as advisers to the bbc, drawing in the soultemps, here today gone tomorrow, well we can all live in hope sadly it’s too late. Sub cultures like jazz funk, rockabilly, even teddy boys way more underground then this over exposed scene currently is. Sadly we can’t turn back to hands of time.
  14. Northern Soul for the masses after all these years this is what it’s come to giving every tom dick and levanna the right to Cut rug with their baggys and bevy in hand eyein up the soulteds giving them courage to be out on the floor. No where to run now, northern overground Rip

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