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  1. SAD NEWS.....In the photo taken at the Cellar Bar Stamford by Frank Elson back in 1974 is a black guy we all knew as Geno, I'll always remember him dancing with a suit on and a silk hanky in his hand....he was a class act. Over the last few years Poke has had this personal mission to track him down after returning home to Africa to become King of his local Tribe. Poke did tell me several years ago that Geno my have been murdered in some tribal altercation. Poke emailed the local paper in Africa a few months back with a request for some info and regretably they cam back with the sad news that Geno had infact been murdered several years ago as Poke had suggested. RIP in peace Bro..
  2. YOU HAVE MY DETAILS AND PAYMENT STEVE VIA PM Moderator please close thread as I am now sorted with record via Stephen Houghton
  3. Rare Pleasure ‎– Let Me Down Easy Label: Cheri Records ‎ Format : 7"
  4. YOU GOT IT GREEDY...cheers its more Latin than Modern..
  5. Its a male singer modernsoul/crossover
  6. My brain is not working proper today 80'90s record, big at the 100 club? Lavern someone , with dance in the title I know its not much but after an hr on google Ive give up

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