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  1. 'Fraid it's Mick's front room for now folks - but when things are up & running again - The Black Cat has now moved to a nice new venue at The Lightcliffe Club, 60 Wakefield Road, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8AU. Not far from the old venue, but so much nicer! I can't wait - fed up with the lockdown already & we've an awful long way to go yet!
  2. I run a soul night (along with a friend) & neither of us are out to make money from it - both of us happy just so long as we don't run at a loss! By the time we've paid out the room hire - DJs fees plus various expenses such as flyers etc, there isn't really an awful lot of cash left over. I love the music & to see a room full of my mates having a blast is reward enough for me! Part of me is absolutely raring to go after all this - throw the BIGGEST & the BEST party the minute we possibly can - but the sensible side of me says "hang on - wait & see how it all goes...…" I feel very nervous - not only for my own health - but also that of anyone who comes to the event. I know lots will be very keen to party asap, but I would hate to feel that anyone - guests - bar staff - cleaners - anyone at all - had become ill because they came to our do. Much safer to wait & see how things pan out I reckon. Better safe than sorry - I think we will all have to make do with the virtual events for quite some time...….
  3. I'm fine thanks Dave - hope you are too! Stay safe & healthy
  4. I had a few events set up throughout the rest of this year, but as I'm one of the "oldies" I'll feel more than a bit nervous about restarting events when life returns to normal......if it ever does...…... As far as I know everyone that I know well is safe & healthy at the mo, but I've heard of a couple of people on the soul scene who haven't made it through -plus one (distant friend) still on a ventilator & on a happier note - one who has recovered. I think the restart will be very, very gradual - weekenders & large events will be one of the last things to get going again - maybe the smaller events will be up & running sooner than the very big ones. Think we are all going to have to make do with the virtual events for quite some time though! Hope we the enthusiasm we feel for the music can survive all this.
  5. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!
  6. Happy birthday Alison! Kath xxxx
  7. A massive thanks to you & your colleagues Mark - well done - stay safe & good luck to you all xxxx
  8. Another one cancelled - shame as only just moved to a new & nicer venue, but no other option
  9. Good call in cancelling Mick - wise move - better safe than sorry! xx
  10. Soul at The Lightcliffe - scheduled for the 28thMarch is now cancelled - all being well our next one is on 30th May.
  11. I've had quite a long chat with the mate that I run this event with & we have reluctantly made the decision to cancel this month's event. I know a lot of events are still going ahead - I also know that some of our punters will be very disappointed & probably feel we are over-reacting - but in our minds health & safety - not only punters, but DJs, door staff & the bar staff too - HAS to take priority. I just couldn't live with myself if I thought that anyone had contracted this bloody lurgy at my event & then taken it home to pass on to other (maybe more vulnerable) family members. Stay safe everyone & hope to see you all when this thing has passed.
  12. I've had a long chat with Laura & we have reluctantly decided to cancel this month's event. We value the health & safety of our punters (& the club staff too) way too much to go ahead with it all - so many of us are in our 60s & feeling very vulnerable at the mo, plus neither Laura or I would want to feel responsible for anyone picking up the virus at our do, & then taking it home to other (maybe more vulnerable) family members. Stay safe everyone - all being well we hope to see you all at our next do at The Lightcliffe on Saturday 30th May - trust me - after all this we will have one HELL of a party!
  13. Just seen the latest UK figures for today - 590 so far - up 130 since yesterday & still a long way to go. This government has failed us enormously - there should have been airport checks from day one on absolutely everyone entering the country & isolating anyone who seems in the least bit ill. Instead they are STILL freely allowing flights in from anywhere & everywhere totally unchecked. China has a lot to answer for!
  14. Worrying time for you & your family - fingers crossed for you that your stepson's test comes back negative.
  15. I have an event scheduled for the end of this month - debating with myself whether to cancel or not, but I think I'll wait until nearer the time to make a decision. With a bit of luck things could hopefully improve by then...…..somehow I doubt it. I really don't want to feel I'm letting the punters down - & I know all the DJs will think I'm being a wimp - but everybody's health & safety HAS to come first. Everyone involved - punters, DJs, bar staff, cleaners - are all at risk. I'm an old fart & very much in the "vulnerable" category too - I will be sitting on the door accepting the door tax as people come in, so in a very dodgy spot. It isn't only my call - I run the event along with a mate so it will have to be a joint decision. Fingers crossed as they say......…hoping for the best but fearing the worst.... I reckon by then the government might have taken it out of our hands & put the country on lockdown. We've only just got it going too - this only our second event - the first one in January was a massive success so really reluctant to cancel, but if it comes to the crunch I think we will have to
  16. My son has lived in Taiwan for the last 20 years - they have been strictly checking temperatures on all new arrivals at the airports - anyone with a raised temperature has been escorted off into quarantine & as far as I know, all flights from infected areas are banned. Everyone is wearing a mask too. Even though it's a hugely overcrowded, bustling & polluted island just on China's doorstep, they've had no new cases for days on end now - still very low numbers at 45 in total & just I death. Compare that to the UK - flights from anywhere & everywhere are allowed in unchecked & people advised to "self isolate if they feel ill"...……….Think I know which country has got it right...….
  17. Things just get better & better for us at The Lightcliffe! The club management were so pleased with our very busy first event in January, that they have now agreed to open up a small side room for us to use as a chill-out area & record dealers room!
  18. Saturday 28th March sees our second Soul at The Lightcliffe event. The club is very easy to find - only about 15 mins drive from Chain Bar Roundabout & on the main road - the address is 60 Wakefield Road, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8AU. Large car park - fab sprung dance floor - bar at WMC prices - request-friendly DJs & now the welcome addition of a chill-out/record dealers room too. The music is a mix of Northern/60s soul & gritty old R&B, with maybe a few rarer tunes thrown in too - all up-tempo stuff with the dancers very much in mind! For more info you can also find us on our Facebook page.
  19. Something a bit different - gritty old R&B & Popcorn - fab dance floor too! The Lightcliffe is very easy to find - on the main road & only about 15 mins drive from the Chain Bar Roundabout. Address is 60, Wakefield Road, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8AU. Large car park - fab dance floor - well-stocked bar at WMC prices. For more info you can also find The Voodoo Lounge on Facebook
  20. The music - as always - will be a mix of Northern & 1960s soul, plus lots of nice, gritty old R&B tunes - all up-tempo stuff to keep the dancers happy & that dance floor busy! Not JUST another Northern night then...…………Bring it on!
  21. Our first event in January was really busy - by 9.30 we had a full house - the atmosphere was great & the room was bouncing - the next one in March is shaping up to be every bit as good!
  22. Really looking forward to The Voodoo Lounge at it's fab new venue!
  23. Really pleased to say that Mick Elsworth & Stuart Woodhead (both from The Black Cat at Low Moor, Bradford) have recently accepted our invitation to join us on a permanent basis at Soul at The Lightcliffe, as the Black Cat Soul nights are now no longer being held at Low Moor Club. Great stuff!!
  24. Anyone travelling & wanting an overnight stay? I've had a look at hotels in the area & I'd suggest you contact either The Old Post Office, 55 Winding Road, Halifax HX1 1SJ (01422 362855) or The Wool Merchant, 5 Mulcture Road, Halifax HX1 1SP (01422 368783) Both have vacancies at the time of posting & both are in the centre of Halifax - about 10 minutes drive away from Lightcliffe Club. Other hotels I looked at are either miles away, booked up or much more expensive.
  25. Since posting the flyer, The Black Cat has now moved to a new venue & joined forces with Soul at The Lightcliffe. The address is The Lightcliffe Club, 60 Wakefield Road, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8AU - same music - same fab atmosphere - just a new venue with a much better dance floor! The next event will be on Saturday 28th March.

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