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  1. As a simple punter and also collector I don’t think much will change. We all have our own views with their own validity. Personally if a DJ plays bootlegs, I’m not interested in listening to it and will go to another room. A skilled dj should be able to operate inside the law. Reissues I accept but over reliance on the commonly available reissues really isn’t that skilled. Ovo will always be my preferred listening. Often I have to travel good distances to attend events. Hearing sounds I would never be able to hear otherwise is one of the pleasures that make the trip worthwhile. The so called millionaire djs have their place in this respect as well as the dj that puts together his own take on achieving a sound.
  2. Thinking of buying a copy but read cautionary tales about it. quite a few for sale on discogs but am told that the yellow label Highland stock copy has been booted. Is there a way of identifying a genuine from the boot? looking at the promo copy, the admirable Brad Hales has a VG+ copy at $80 which sounds fair. However I would prefer near mint if poss. There is an NM copy but the guy wants £250 for it. Is that a realistic price? Popsike and discogs sales history place it at half that and lower. any thoughts for a willing but troubled buyer?
  3. Wile I go along with the noble intent of the film, i didn't find it all a pleasant film to watch. Sadistic violence was stretched over a long part of the film. There were only 8 people at the viewing I sat thru, one person walked out halfway thru and the lady I was with wanted to do the same and only stayed the course out of respect for me. It really was seriously overdone and took away time that could have been used to explore many of the other troubling strands of this awful tale notably the police investigation and the court case for which the film short changes us imo.. the Adaptation of the Dramatics story in order to create a sense of reaction to Motown being considered to have sold out to the establishment also casts a doubt on the credibility on the film. I've heard the sentiment expressed before but it doesn't fit the facts in this particular case. If this bit was adapted, how much of the rest was based on truth? Much as I would like to recommend the film as a lover of the city, its music and the civil rights movement, I really can't bring myself to do so.
  4. i agree that a lot of the prices are top heavy. A lot of the lower end records tend to be available much cheaper. However the really rare stuff (i'd say £250 and upwards) comes up so occasionally, the price guide is not relevant. If you want the record, you have to pay for it. many times the seller talks even higher than Manship although also some talk less. That was the point i was trying clumsily to make. As you say discogs and popsike can be useful but often the record has never been sold or not recently. I also have my doubts about some of popssike entries.
  5. I suppose its worth depends where you approach it from. Yes as a book it is expensive although it was a late birthday present for me so i didn't have to fork out for it myself. as a guide to Northern Soul vinyl, it is as comprehensive as I've seen. Certainly will help me to know better what I'm buying so will pay for itself quickly. I can imagine those who know the scene better than me will criticise it. As for the prices, it is a guide so the prices are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Some look ludicrously low, there are a lot that seem very top heavy. In the end people will pay what they think something is worth to them. I find the main problem with the rarer stuff is just finding the record in the first place, as I'm not likely to see it again, the price tends to be what it is (within reason and a bit of good natured haggling) I see lots of dealers price above Manship anyway.
  6. Just arrived in the morning post. Poor old postman nearly had a hernia carrying it. It weighs a ton! First flick thru shows a lot of new features. an LP section and pages of label scans. Original presses, bootleg presses and a variety of collectors showing off their stuff. Worth waiting for!
  7. RIP Prince. Ten Commandments Of Love is still one of my favourite records. maybe not politically correct today but summed up many of the attitudes behind bluebeat. sat here stupidly smiling at my iPad thinking about it.
  8. Last Popsike sales are in 2013. The prices from that year go from 100 to 133 pounds for excellent condition records
  9. Hopefully this time my photo will load. Two obvious differences from the copy shown above, plain white background but also mine has a name and address printed in the bottom right corner. Colin Duffield living in Sheffield .
  10. Sent the Manship Mail advertising the book hopefully to my wife without comment. seems my birthday present is sorted so feeling quite chuffed! however she hasn't let drop yet what she expects in return....
  11. Do you know where I could find a copy of the advert? Sounds interesting.
  12. Have this poster on my wall. Does anyone know anything about the concert? seems to be at the city hall. Sorry poster didn't come thru. It is for a Jr walker concert under the mojo logo at the Sheffield city hall. Cost ten Bob to get in.
  13. Thierry the record is a promo only LP. The reference number includes the letters HC which indicates it is hors commerce. it was issued to coincide with the launch of the Tamla Motown label in France and was presented at a press launch in Paris on the day of the Motortown review concert at Olympic in April 1965. My copy came from the collection of Jean jacques timmel who was international manager for Pathe Marconi at the time who distributed the label in France. the musician listing mentioned above for the tour sounds right.

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