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    Widnes, Cheshire.
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    so many but my fave dancer is "Look in to my heart . Ree Flores"

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  1. Happy birthday Joan, hope all is well, enjoy your day Ste x
  2. I had to look twice to understand what you meant Ste.
  3. until

    I have the same problem with sound files over a few hours long, it must be a standard on Mixcloud. It would be good to have the sets separate for the reasons you mentioned. Ste
  4. Happy birthday Rob, I hope that you have a great day. Looking forward to catching up for a chat. Ste.
  5. Happy birthday Eddy !!! Hope all is well with you, look forward to catching up mate
  6. Happy birthday Chalky, Hope you had a good day.
  7. Happy birthday Kaz !!! I hope all is well with you, have a great day. Ste
  8. Happy birthday Mick, the cats out of the bag Ste.
  9. until

    Really enjoyed last night, the new sets are well worth waiting for, a mix of styles and tempos, thanks for putting it together team Ste.
  10. 55. Check it baby - Willie & the Mighty Magnificents ? 57. I worship you baby - The Glories ?
  11. Happy birthday Sandra, I hope you have had a wonderful day, looking forward to catching up x
  12. I haven't posted on here for some time, so here are my grandson Ronnie and my dad Denis at the allotment, lots of books and lots of biscuits Ste.
  13. until

    It's a one way system Len !!! Your mums painting is great, I had to do a double take, at first I thought it was a photo. Not sure about Slipknot though Ste.
  14. Tommy , the "house on the hill" is mentioned in Larry Williams - I am the one, as Robb said "a metaphor for where the rich live". Ste.
  15. until

    How many's in Mick ? It's empty !!! The sign on the door says something about t'internet. I knew it was a mistake trying to get here before Ste Smith !!!

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