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    Widnes, Cheshire.
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    so many but my fave dancer is "Look in to my heart . Ree Flores"

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  1. Happy Birthday Pete, hope you and Ace had a great day. Ste.
  2. Thanks Ali, long time no see, good to hear from you x Ste.
  3. No problem Dave, good to hear from you
  4. Thanks Sandra, they certainly did x
  5. Thanks very much everyone for the birthday wishes Ste.
  6. Happy birthday Ste, was good to see you and Lou on Saturday, have a good day Ste.
  7. Corporeal... word of the day Ste.
  8. Happy Birthday Joyann ( again ) x
  9. Russell they look like photographs from another time. Very nice. Ste.
  10. I remember the lad with the choker type necklace dancing in Mr Ms 79/80ish, think his name is Sandy, he used to do some type of martial arts.
  11. Fantastic photo Simon, thanks for sharing
  12. Just seen this, I think that I may of grinded some enamel off my teeth, some very tense and sad moments, a story that never gets old.

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