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  1. Sad news indeed, first met Billy when he was on the door at Lowton with Jimmy Buff, It seemed at one time they were on the door of every decent venue. Sincere condolences to Billy's family. Ste x
  2. Watched the first episode last night, looks promising.
  3. Happy birthday Eddy, see you out and about mate
  4. Happy birthday Chalky, hope you had a great weekend
  5. I always give my anniversary records to a friend who collects , I don't own a record player or collect myself so they go to him, I don't even think or care about how much they are worth, you can't put a price on happiness
  6. Definitely Ree for me , it just seems to have a bit more to it. Excuse my ignorance but why is Ree's version attributed to Ree Flores and Willies version to George Flores ? I could search for it but i'd like to see if any of our members knows the answer.
  7. Happy Birthday Kaz , hope you have a great evening Ste .
  8. I thought the same thing when I seen the studio set up they had, great photo but as you said so disappointing.
  9. Happy birthday Sandra !!! I also hope that you had a lovely day x.
  10. We should ask the Japanese, at the end of their world cup win against Columbia they picked up all the litter from the stadium, apparently at the end of concerts in Korea they do the same. I personally think it should be drummed into our children at an early age. We shouldn't need clean up squads, the litter shouldn't be there in the first place. I know, tis but a dream. Ste .
  11. How very poignant! I'm sure that she will keep you busy, she looks full of energy. Catch up in a few weeks. Ste .
  12. Very nice Dave, what have you named him ? Ste.
  13. Happy Birthday Len. Hope you have a great birthday weekend Ste.
  14. Widnes63

    100 Club 6TS

    Top drawer as usual... With a bonus 100 club debut set from Will Askew sandwiched nicely between Messrs. Dobson & Croasdell. Pure brilliance !!! Good to catch up with friends, looking forward to the milestone 40th next month. Ste .
  15. This is now being shown on BBC4 in six episodes.

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