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  • Birthday 28/01/1963

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    Ste O'Connor
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    Widnes, Cheshire.
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    so many but my fave dancer is "Look in to my heart . Ree Flores"

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  1. Happy birthday Peter, I hope that you and Ace had a great day Ste.
  2. Sorry to hear that you are calling it a day, I think that you have started some great discussions, making members engage in conversation. All the best. Ste.
  3. Thanks Ali, we don't see enough of you , sorry to hear that your dad was ill , when I see weirdo Mick I will tell him you were asking about him P.S Don't mention the rugby it can only get better.
  4. Thanks Len, see you at the next Bury Ste .
  5. Thank you kind people .... a little older and maybe a little bit wiser
  6. Thanks very much for the birthday wishes
  7. Happy birthday Mr Smith, good to see you and Lou last night, enjoy the rest of your day.
  8. I was watching my favourite cartoon... I mean my grandsons favourite Hey Duggee when an advertisement for this came on. The recruitment to replace us has started
  9. Happy birthday Steve... Enjoy Sicily !!! Not in the slightest jealous, honest... Ste.
  10. So sad to hear about Grant, I was with him at the last 100 club anniversary, he was passionate about his soul music , he would let you know what he liked " proper northern ", and he definitely let you know what he didn't !! Rest in peace Grant.
  11. Russell, whilst driving around Cheshire in our scaffold wagon I have seen quite a few owls carved out of tree trunks, some cartoonish and some really lifelike, this is a good one but i'm not sure about the wings, is there a reason for the raised wings ? Ste.
  12. Peter, I wonder what is the relevance of the jet in a bottle ? Ste.

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