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    Widnes, Cheshire.
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    so many but my fave dancer is "Look in to my heart . Ree Flores"

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  1. Louise, I have had a couple of these starter nests in my shed, there may be only one wasp in it, if any. The wasps make the nest out of wood pulp which they chew and spit out to create a miniature feat of engineering. My technique to get rid of them was...open the door slightly, knock the nest off with a yard brush, drop brush and close the door, there may be one or two pissed off wasps but they soon calm down. Ste.
  2. There is a Lowrider type song by Nelson Sanders called I'm lonely, starts with similar lyrics. Ste.
  3. Mike, thanks for posting this, as you said "awesome". Ste.
  4. Happy Birthday Martyn. I hope that you have a great day Ste ( No kisses ).
  5. Very sad to hear this. As Les said "Sue will be sadly missed". If she wasn't on the dancefloor she was mingling taking photos, and she was always 'there'. At nearly every event Sue seemed to be there. Condolences to friends and family. RIP Skippy Sue. Ste.
  6. until

    How many's in Mick ? It's empty !!! The sign on the door says something about t'internet. I knew it was a mistake trying to get here before Ste Smith !!!
  7. Mystery solved, Mr -Winsford soul- Smith will be pleased to hear ( or should I say smug?) that he was correct in saying that it was a wren . Ste.
  8. Nice photos Alison !!! I hope that all is well with you and yours Ste.
  9. Happy birthday Dave. Hope you have a great day, as best you can in the present circumstances Ste.
  10. until

    Good idea Steve, it's a cunning plan and it just might work If it comes to fruition put me on the list please. Thanks again. Ste.
  11. until

    Thankfully Ady's set is still visible for now, thanks for the posts Steve. Ste.
  12. Kevin, what a great read, a proper eye opener. Great photos as well Ste.
  13. Oh right, well I hope everything is ok in Lincolnshire then Lets hope we can get back to the 100 club soon, until then take care. Ste.

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