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  1. Nigel L


    Dear Jackie Can pm Pete's details if you wish, Rgds Nigel
  2. Nigel L

    Nigel L

  3. Nigel L

    Pookie Hudson

    Hi Looking for a clean copy of "This Gets To Me" Tks Nigel An
  4. Nigel L

    Pookie Hudson/Sam & Kitty

    Tks, Any idea of current price Rgds Nigel
  5. Nigel L

    Pookie Hudson/Sam & Kitty

    Can someone pls advise what you could expect to pay for originals of, Pookie Hudson "This Gets To Me" on Jamie Sam & Kitty "I've Got Something Good" on Four Brothers, Also how tp spot the dreaded boots. Many Tks Nigel
  6.  Good communication,gòod service.

  7. Ordered Friday,arrived Saturday, great service.


  8. Great service ,received the vinyl today.  04NOV

    Grading was spot on


  9. Nigel L

    Peace loving man/sweet lies - Emmanuel Lasky SOLD

    Hi, Is this still 4 sale... Tks Nigel
  10. Nigel L

    New Member

    Hi you Ok
  11. Nigel L

    New Member

    Good old Jasper lived in Knowle I think... All changed around the airport now,main road has been moved for the runway extension.. Where you from Don't call me Shirley--LOL
  12. Nigel L

    New Member

    Hi Peter ,from Shirley,Solihull in the West Midlands
  13. Nigel L

    New Member

    Cheers ,I'm sure there's lots of sounds I've never heard before!!! Rgds Nigel
  14. Nigel L

    New Member

    Hi All, Like most of us loved the music for years so thought it was a good idea to join this happy crew. Looking forward to it KTF .


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