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    Shirley,Solihull,West Midlands
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  1. Nigel L


    Dear Jackie Can pm Pete's details if you wish, Rgds Nigel
  2. Nigel L

    Nigel L

  3. Nigel L

    Pookie Hudson

    Hi Looking for a clean copy of "This Gets To Me" Tks Nigel An
  4. Nigel L

    Pookie Hudson/Sam & Kitty

    Tks, Any idea of current price Rgds Nigel
  5. Nigel L

    Pookie Hudson/Sam & Kitty

    Can someone pls advise what you could expect to pay for originals of, Pookie Hudson "This Gets To Me" on Jamie Sam & Kitty "I've Got Something Good" on Four Brothers, Also how tp spot the dreaded boots. Many Tks Nigel
  6. Nigel L

    Peace loving man/sweet lies - Emmanuel Lasky SOLD

    Hi, Is this still 4 sale... Tks Nigel
  7. Nigel L

    New Member

    Hi you Ok
  8. Nigel L

    New Member

    Good old Jasper lived in Knowle I think... All changed around the airport now,main road has been moved for the runway extension.. Where you from Don't call me Shirley--LOL
  9. Nigel L

    New Member

    Hi Peter ,from Shirley,Solihull in the West Midlands
  10. Nigel L

    New Member

    Cheers ,I'm sure there's lots of sounds I've never heard before!!! Rgds Nigel
  11. Nigel L

    New Member

    Hi All, Like most of us loved the music for years so thought it was a good idea to join this happy crew. Looking forward to it KTF .


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