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  1. Fury stoppage is 5/1. He claims he is a lot stronger and reckons he will stop Wilder
  2. If I was you I would get a city membership now and then apply when the time comes
  3. I watched Richard Jewell last night. Based on a true story about the bombing at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics event. Directed by Client Eastwood. Definitely worth seeing
  4. I had the alarm system installed over on the wifi, I would definitely not recommend it. The CCTV is fine its just alarm system is so unstable.
  5. The Ritz in the 80's my first taste of Northern Soul for this teen
  6. until

    both gone now. apologies
  7. until

    I have 2 that are available.
  8. did this place then become the International 2?
  9. I was relegated to the Vanarama north
  10. I came bottom. Even my fantasy team downed tools like united
  11. Shaun

    trailer park

    have you read ' I heard you paint houses' its a belting read.
  12. I find the waze sat nav app (free) brilliant. It tells you in advance if there is any old bill ahead, also the best available routes when there is a build up in traffic. I used it the first time on the way back to Southampton away at the weekend and I really rate it.
  13. I have acupuncture on mine this Thursday. I am at the stage where I will try anything

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