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  1. apparently, in years gone by the Scotland managers were leaned on by the Scottish FA to pick Scottish based players instead of those who left Scotland to play in England. I doubt we will see the likes of the Doc again.
  2. He went to court with Morgan....I think a few of the players that were shifted on were bitter but make no mistake the doc had to shift them on or it was his job gone. He got a new TV for winning the FA Cup and the directors rewarded themselves with a new tv after it was voted through. How times have changed.
  3. another one who started going in the Doc era. This is a good interview, very funny in parts
  4. I had a few mates who went over to Vegas when he won the world title, what a trip that would have been. Poor old Minter, I never heard he was poorly. Ken Buchanan is poorly as well.
  5. The Ritz in the 80's my first taste of Northern Soul for this teen
  6. until

    both gone now. apologies
  7. until

    I have 2 that are available.
  8. did this place then become the International 2?
  9. I watched Journey man with Paddy Considine. It was a good film, more so if you are in to boxing.
  10. Shaun


  11. Shaun



    I go most months. I look forward to your set

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