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    Been absent for a while. Still obsessed with this thing of ours. 

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    dissin the taffs
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  1. They say you've found a new baby, you're gonna break my heart, They say you've found a new baby, you're gonna break my heart, Mu numa numa ma numa mu num ma num ma moo hoo All the hurt and you...
  2. Hey up Mal, Loving this. My outlaws have done the Camino a few times ( i think 3 separate occasions to to do the full Spain and Portugal length), My Father in Law is planning a solo expedition later this year. He is a keen photographer too, i'm going to show him your exploits. All the breasts mate. Mark
  3. There is an open air Flea market opposite the Flat Iron building. I have picked up quite a few good records in bad condition from there. Enjoy M
  4. The Rita and the Tiara's ones will be ... Ill get me coat.
  5. You will need to be a 'quick change artist'
  6. 'In my box' being the sole contribution to a discussion about a record. GRRRRR
  7. Cant wait Brother Johnny.
  8. 6 - Extensions Those guys you cant have a conversation about a record with beyond "Got this".
  9. I know what you mean Chalks - I opened this to see if I could help in a valuation. . XXX
  10. Dunno if i can be arsed now. AHHHH!!!! BRING YER CRASH HELMETS - THIS IS GONNA GET NAUGHTY!!!!
  11. The maestro Eddie's my name is my all time feel-gooder. It dont matter how dark a place your in, it will always just make you feel good. Many Many happy returns.
  12. Shouldnt that 'but' be spelt with 2 t's? The stran ? SORRY someones going to - The peanut d - no i just cant. XX

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