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    dissin the taffs
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  1. gert mark

    valatone reunion teaser

    Cant wait Brother Johnny.
  2. gert mark

    Soul Terms Of Endearment / Categorising

    6 - Extensions Those guys you cant have a conversation about a record with beyond "Got this".
  3. gert mark

    Soul Terms Of Endearment / Categorising

    I have real tears!! MUGGLES, superb.
  4. gert mark

    Requests For Values

    I know what you mean Chalks - I opened this to see if I could help in a valuation. . XXX
  5. gert mark

    2010-06-11: Cleethorpes

    Dunno if i can be arsed now. AHHHH!!!! BRING YER CRASH HELMETS - THIS IS GONNA GET NAUGHTY!!!!
  6. gert mark

    Eddie Holman

    The maestro Eddie's my name is my all time feel-gooder. It dont matter how dark a place your in, it will always just make you feel good. Many Many happy returns.
  7. Shouldnt that 'but' be spelt with 2 t's? The stran ? SORRY someones going to - The peanut d - no i just cant. XX
  8. gert mark

    Tell Me What You Think

    You are probably right Bobby, duets, especially cross genre duets sell as they create an interest from different parts of the music consumer. The original statement might have had some legs if the situation, and the statement, were made before pop music and pop music cultures exploded in the 50's and 60's. Since then not only have pop stars careers been reported and disected by various media, including mainstream, but there are also his recordings to give testament to his career. Prior to this it may only have been certain elite's who recorded history, not any more, even this is out there somewhere now. I dont think time is going to change the way pop stars careers are viewed, there just isnt the oportunity to re-write something that so many people commentate on. (as a side note, people are regularily trying to re-write Northern soul's history and their part in it, and undo any positive contributions they may have made by making themselves look daft, this is with a tiny fraction of the commentators that Rod Stewart would attract.) I believe his back catalogue alone will show future generations of music investigators that he was just a guy who had a distinctive voice, came across as an alright kind of bloke, but essentially a karaoke singer who pulled off a fantastic career by using other peoples songwriting talent. Nice subject
  9. gert mark

    Vietnam & Protest Soul

    Hey Ion Its a great subject, i foccused quite a chunk of my degree on a similar subject and it was so much fun. Not so much on the music front, but there is a touring exhibition of African American propoganda posters inspired (so i understand) by George Jacksons 'Soledad Brother' letters, it has just finished in Manchester Uni but i dont know where next. Also on Itunes there is a free weekly download which comes from the library of National Congress called the 'Black Media Archive'. Ive got about 200 hours of really fantastic primary stuff from there, including rare Interviews with prominant Black militants, including musicians, there is some really important stuff on offer there for free. Hope this can help. Good luck next week M
  10. gert mark

    6 Million People Can't Be Wrong

    ps. sorry about how i have done this reply, bit of a technophobe.
  11. gert mark

    6 Million People Can't Be Wrong

    I have always stayed out of any IL Vs threads, mainly cos I have always found them quite purile, still first time for everything, here goes. The guys at Manifesto, the people who contribute to SS articles, record re-releasers/booters, tailor made releasers (like IL), the people who write or the people who do radio or podcast stuff, promoters and DJs, are all having a go at somthing they, and sometimes others, are exited by. Manifesto isnt the Times, IL isnt Curtis Mayfield, TB isnt Berry Gordy, the fella who puts a do on in his local church hall isnt going to get to promote the next U2 tour, and the guys who DJ there arent gonna have radio 1 knocking on their door anytime soon. It baffles me how when someone gets off their harris and has a go at something they instantly (sometimes even pre-emtively e.g. Gingers book) get slagged for it. NO ONE IS GOING TO GET RICH FROM NORTHERN SOUL, all of these things are done for the love of it, so sometimes things dont work or turn out how they were intended, or relate to a cetain person, SO WHAT? We are an underground scene, in our lives, it is a part of who we are, but in the great scheme of things its pretty small fry. Of course some people have very over inflated ego's about their place in Northern Soul lore, dont think for a minute that they are the only ones. But if thats what they want or need from our scene then its no skin off my nose, let them play the big un it aint going to hurt me, and if i get to go to a nighter out of it then even better. I dont ever remember buying Manifesto, i may have done, I have never bought any of IL's productions, just not my thing, but Gos bless em all for giving it a go, cos if people didnt, we wouldnt have anywhere to go at the weekends, Interesting articles to read on the bog, or websites like this to pontificate about everything. I have always made a point of thanking the promoters of events i go to (if i know who they are) cos their motivation has given me hopefully a really enjoyable evening and i recognise i dont have the time, discipline or get up and go to do it myself. I think the same applies here. I dont plan on buying any of the mags or cds etc reffered to in this thread, but good on everyone concerned for doing it.
  12. gert mark

    100 Club Aug 15Th 10Pm-6Am

    Cant believe im missing it, gutted. Life getting in the way of living. Have fun kids See you at the anny! XX
  13. gert mark

    Cleethorpes 2009

    Is it just me or is this week going %$&*ing slow???? Roll on Friday, see you all on the floor. Mxxx
  14. gert mark

    Clifton Hall 1982

    Nice. If only we could bottle that x-factor? Re the old - new chestnut though i would argue that technology and production can very often act as an obsticle to finding that soulful feeling one can get from a track. Thats not to say that im anti experimentation, far from it, but for me i have found it much harder to find many of the later, flashier produced songs that flick my switch. Of course they are there but they are even more diamonds in the rough than the under produced, bare your soul, just have to get this song out there kind of music which typifies the majority of 60's Northern. Did that make any sense at all? M


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