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  1. Soul Terms Of Endearment / Categorising

    6 - Extensions Those guys you cant have a conversation about a record with beyond "Got this".
  2. Soul Terms Of Endearment / Categorising

    I have real tears!! MUGGLES, superb.
  3. Requests For Values

    I know what you mean Chalks - I opened this to see if I could help in a valuation. . XXX
  4. 2010-06-11: Cleethorpes

    Dunno if i can be arsed now. AHHHH!!!! BRING YER CRASH HELMETS - THIS IS GONNA GET NAUGHTY!!!!
  5. Eddie Holman

    The maestro Eddie's my name is my all time feel-gooder. It dont matter how dark a place your in, it will always just make you feel good. Many Many happy returns.
  6. Shouldnt that 'but' be spelt with 2 t's? The stran ? SORRY someones going to - The peanut d - no i just cant. XX
  7. Tell Me What You Think

    You are probably right Bobby, duets, especially cross genre duets sell as they create an interest from different parts of the music consumer. The original statement might have had some legs if the situation, and the statement, were made before pop music...
  8. Vietnam & Protest Soul

    Hey Ion Its a great subject, i foccused quite a chunk of my degree on a similar subject and it was so much fun. Not so much on the music front, but there is a touring exhibition of African American propoganda posters inspired (so i understand) by Ge...
  9. 6 Million People Can't Be Wrong

    ps. sorry about how i have done this reply, bit of a technophobe.
  10. 6 Million People Can't Be Wrong

    I have always stayed out of any IL Vs threads, mainly cos I have always found them quite purile, still first time for everything, here goes. The guys at Manifesto, the people who contribute to SS articles, record re-releasers/booters, tailor made release...
  11. 100 Club Aug 15Th 10Pm-6Am

    Cant believe im missing it, gutted. Life getting in the way of living. Have fun kids See you at the anny! XX
  12. Cleethorpes 2009

    Is it just me or is this week going %$&*ing slow???? Roll on Friday, see you all on the floor. Mxxx
  13. Clifton Hall 1982

    Nice. If only we could bottle that x-factor? Re the old - new chestnut though i would argue that technology and production can very often act as an obsticle to finding that soulful feeling one can get from a track. Thats not to say that im anti experimen...
  14. Think it was either Dave T or Robin S who used to play it a bit in the 80's. Coax Lenny Dopson out of his semi-retirement and it will probably get a spin, it is often in his play list. TUNE.
  15. People Who Don't Dance

    Very true, they are just the hired help. We should be keeping 20 of them to a house, and have a gangmaster to beat the cr*p out of them every time happy days style R&B gets played. On a more positive note, do you think it may be that when they ...