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  1. Gary Farrington

    100 Club 6TS

    Does anybody need to jump in with us on way down Leaving ormskirk 230ish Southport 3ish Hoping to be there 8-9pm
  2. i was just bringing it up as i was thought maybe a simple mistake had been made in error , usually the minutes silence at the anniversaries are held at 3.06
  3. dont get the 3.04 , when it was 3.06 , just in case anyone thinks i'm being disrespectful , i was there that day lifting people over the double fence into the less crowded left hand side pen
  4. are they using the two rooms next to each other , or the small one across the hall
  5. VERY IMPORTANT do they have bt sports in the leg ion ,
  6. just joined and playing catch up , i only scored 42 points anyway last week
  7. are we doing a league as in previous seasons

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