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    Reggae Motown and mainly Northern soul.

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  1. Unfortunately Northern soul venues are attracting non soul people. Ok everyone welcome. Not many places to go for a dance But when talking to local event Dj’s they’re saying they have had requests from people for all sorts of records pop music Abba and the like. They have to tell them it’s a soul event not a wedding Disco
  2. Just wanted to test the view point lately at some local events for some to me anyway Bizzare reason some couples have danced to like ballroom style. Being from old school Norhern I don’t get it me and the missus look on and thinkWTF. Are we just Oldies out of touch. Your thoughts please.
  3. until

    Great weekender in 2023. This is a plus plus KTF
  4. until

    Fri finish is 2am Sat finish is 2am Sun finish is 12 am
  5. until

    They are available for collection from Tower box office from Thursday noon
  6. until

    Will wristbands be available for collection on Friday noon or otherwise
    Not many in attendance. Atmosphere a bit dull maybe a bad night. Music good but not a good evening. Not enough soulies to make it Good Effort
  7. Empty soulless maybe bad night. Music okay Good Effort
  8. Gary KTF

    Tipton Soul Club

    Great way to spend afternoon if you’re love Northern soul and a bit of modern crossover All dj’s Really good Nice atmosphere. Thanks to all involved in making this a great Venue. Be there or be square LOL SEE YOU ALL NEXT TIME
  9. until

    Great time had by all. Pontins did a good job with the food. Recommended the Team done well Thanks to Soul wax and Soul Mafia. Already booked for next year. KTF
  10. until

    Well done keep on keeping on KTF
  11. until

    Thank you for the complete non reply Goldsoul aka Kev As strange as it may seem we don’t all have access to a Facebook account and rely on Soul source for info! Cheers
  12. until

    Do many organisers respond on this site. Facebook has not got info about wristbands either
  13. until

    What time and day will Wristbands be available from
  14. until

    Any info on line up times or warm up at Scarborough Arms

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