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  1. can anybody help with this wants please?
  2. coops


    although it's a working weekend for me i think a trip back home is in order for this event
  3. until

  4. The Soul Shack The shack's music policy is this. We invite guests to play whatever he or she wants to play, no limitations (original vinyl only). We invite our guests because we know they can play excellent tunes without being shackled to the "you must fill the dance floor" dictate. Residents from Di Naylor, Terry Westhead and Dave Raistrick - April's guest Mark Sargeant So To be honest If you want the same old soul night please attend another soul night, there are many, many to chose from. We understand We won't feel rejected. The Soul Shack A Different Gravy below is s selection of tunes played at our march 2022 event:
  5. just a small box Andy, share a table with another small box person? if one could only attend one all-nighter each year, for me, this would be the one.
  6. Post it on weekenderror page on Facebook?
  7. Bank transfer only PM if interested x
  8. until

    FRIDAY AFTERNOON 14:00/15:00 Mark Gilmour 15:00/16:00 Colin Brown 16:00/17:00 Dith Tgardner (Jeff Bogg) 17:00/18:00 Mark Coe FRIDAY EVENING 18:00/01:00 SOUL NOT DOLE/STOCKHOLME INCL: Jayney Somers Pete Shirley Jens Chreisti Carl Hedberg Terry Wright Bob Snow Saturday afternoon: Girls with Soul 11:00/12;00 Jessica Stevens 12:00/13:00 Michelle 'P' 13:00/14:00 Claire Moirano 14:00/15:00 Carol Vare 15:00/16:00 Sue Webb 16:00/17:00 Carol Cooper 17:00/18:00 Jayney Somers 18:00/19:00 Susan Stutting Saturday evening: 19:00/20:00 Mck & Mo Chapman 20:00/21:00 Cliff Steele 21:00/22:00 Ian 'Taffy' Guy 22:00/23:00 John Vincent 23:00/00:00 Mark Whiteley 00:00/01:00 Steve 'Jay' Jackson 01:00/02:00 Mick Waddington Sunday Soul Session: 12:00/13:00 Baz Goddard 13:00/14:00 Dith Tgardner (Jeff Bogg) 14:00/15:00 Colin Brown 15:00/16:00 Stevie 'P' 16:00/17:00 Tony Mckenna 17:00/18:00 Mike Mazurek 18:00/19:00 Bob Snow 19:00/20:00 Rupert Burdass 20:00/21:00 Dave Halsall 21:00/22:00 Shaun McPhail 22:00/22:30 Mick Waddington & David Raistrick WHOOOOOOOSH
  9. xxx respect for your compassion, respect for your tolerance, respect for your written words and ethos, respect for your love of fine soul music, respect for the arguments we've had, respect for your presence in our lives, my, and many other people's worlds are a little dimmer today x
  10. After our first visit to Eggborough last month Nettie and I are really looking forward to this event. Feel blessed and honoured to be asked to play a few at Ray's tribute night. X
  11. Yep
  12. coops

    Soul Shack

    Likewise, can't wait to hear Chris' alternative set, spoiler alert....they're gonna be class

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