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    mick cooper
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    suffering fools with a smile and a pat on the head
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    barbara hall - drop my heart off at the door
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  1. coops


    Can the tech man insure there is a USB socket in the decks for me MP3 Player, thank you x
  2. coops


    The Shack, our local, see you there xx
  3. coops

    RIP Ray France

    cheers Baz
  4. coops

    RIP Ray France

    times for friday.......
  5. coops

    RIP Ray France

    friday 26th jan
  6. coops

    RIP Ray France

    seeing it coming doesn't lessen the impact, rest easy big man xx
  7. on a serious note....... there is no such thing as Northern Soul Dancing but there are people (and this has been going on for decades) who dance to soul music, some of which is called 'Northern Soul' ...... just saying
  8. I have still not received the return-funded record yet, please send it and take away any doubt i have about your honesty.



    MicK Cooper

  9. please PM if interested Jackie Lee - Natural Four - Lee Williams - SOLD Thanks for taking the time to look x
  10. coops

    Rugby Soul Club - 15th Anniversary Allniter

    worth it and more.......
  11. coops

    and more

  13. coops

    Matta Baby - Do The Pearl Girl

    Got one now, thank to those looking out for me xx
  14. coops

    The Coop's Whiskers

    Following on from the success of the Cat’s Whiskers in 2017 the event on Thursday 20th September the 2018 event will take a slightly different format. The ‘Coop’s Whiskers’ event will run from 8:00 until 01:00 in the Vault at the Grosvenor House Hotel. The dee-jays wiil be those in attendance who wish to play some tunes. Each person wanting to spin a few will be given the opportunity to play three records. When all those wishing to play tunes have played their first three we will go round again so a second three could be played. The more record spinners there are would mean the less each to play but the whole point of the event is to get as many people to play as we can. The only proviso is the tunes are to be Soul music (of any genre but must be soul). So, if we have 40 people wanting to spin tunes that would be three each, if only 20 people want to then that will be six tunes each (2X3). Etc. etc. If anyone wishes to play some tunes they must let me know by PM or e-mail ( so a list can be made, the on-going list will be posted on this page from time-to-time. The last date for additions will be Aug 1st 2018. (it’s being called The Coops’ Whiskers because it is part of my 60th birthday celebrations. As for me, a perfect present would be to have 40 dee-jays at this event. As per usual it is free admission for those attending the Original Skegness Weekender and, as usual for the Cat’s Whiskers those who dee-jay will do it for the love of playing tunes.