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  1. Bank transfer only PM if interested x
  2. xxx respect for your compassion, respect for your tolerance, respect for your written words and ethos, respect for your love of fine soul music, respect for the arguments we've had, respect for your presence in our lives, my, and many other people's worlds are a little dimmer today x
  3. please PM if interested
  4. After our first visit to Eggborough last month Nettie and I are really looking forward to this event. Feel blessed and honoured to be asked to play a few at Ray's tribute night. X
  5. coops


  6. coops

    Soul Shack

    Likewise, can't wait to hear Chris' alternative set, spoiler alert....they're gonna be class
  7. coops

    The Coop's Whiskers

    UP-DATED RUNNING ORDER, PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY CONCERNS..... The Coop’s Whiskers: Thursday 20th September 2018 in the Vault at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Skegness. The beginning of the (original) Skegness Weekender. Each dee-jay has either three records per session or 12 minutes, please ensure you finish in your allotted time frame. 19:30 – COOPER * 20:00 – ANDY CANNON * 20:12 – ANDY POWELL * 20:24 – BOB SNOW * 20:36 – CALVIN LEE-HUGHES * 20:48 – DALE BYERS * 21:00 – DAVE BATES * 21:12 – DAVE RAISTRICK * 21:24 – DAVID HAYDEN * 21:36 – DEAN FOX * 21:48 – DIANE FRANC
  8. coops

    Crown Jewel Pure Soul Weekend


    Thanks Mike, I think I just added location
  9. yep, heading up t'north to Berry again, why wouldn't you? xx
  10. must be busy, nearest hotel we could get is in warrington, good job i don't drink one of my favourite dee-jays (TC) is guesting, perfect.
  11. Can the tech man insure there is a USB socket in the decks for me MP3 Player, thank you x

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