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  1. Interesting that Godin was encouraging soul people to “spread the faith”. Much of the discussion on this forum recently seems to be about keeping the “scene” more underground and exclusive. Wonder what he would make of the NS Proms etc that has produced such a scandalised reaction on here. (NB I remain strictly neutral on this issue, not having been part of the early scene myself.)
  2. Thanks. At my advanced age, the memory can play strange tricks.
  3. A few years ago at a Northern night, I seem to recall a couple of Van Morrison tracks being played - Wild night and Domino. Never heard them mentioned or played out since. Was this an aberration or were they played out back in the day? (The response on the dance floor was positive, suggesting some familiarity)
  4. Wow! Thanks to all who responded to my post. There’s a lot for me to digest here. Seems my inkling that it might provoke some discussion was correct. Thanks again for the inputs.
  5. A big thank you to all who have responded. Very helpful
  6. Thanks for that. Will try to find time for a listen.
  7. As a teenager in the late sixties I was a huge fan of the soul music of the time - Stax, Atlantic, Motown; Otis, Sam and Dave, Isleys, Marvin Gaye etc. - before it all went a bit psychedelic and (worse), Philly and disco, and my tastes veered in another direction. I’m therefore not of the “Northern” generation. Over the last ten or so years, as a result of my other half returning to the “scene” after a period away from it (she’s a dancer, not a collector or archivist), I have come to enjoy attending NS events as an observer. I realise that there are a range of historically iconic venues, and I am aware of the general chronology, but I hear and read references to the typical sounds of these venues as “Torch”, “Casino”, “Cleethorpes” etc tracks. Without me seeming to be too “divvy”, would anyone like to suggest a list of ten classics representative of what would be heard at each of the following venues: Golden Torch Twisted Wheel Casino Blackpool Mecca Stafford Cleethorpes Clifton Hall Any others? I’m hoping that my self- confessed ignorance does not provoke the “If you know, you know”, “Johnny come lately” or “divvy” responses I’ve had from those who see themselves as the “keepers of the (faith) keys” when asking for opinions on this site previously. The post might even provoke an interesting discussion among contributors…..
  8. I’m pretty sure that the event was about “Northern Soul”, not specifically Wigan. There were loads of venues playing what came to be known as NS long before the Casino (and post-Casino for that matter). Some on here seem to think what went down in Wigan tells the whole story. Ironically it was that very Wigan-centric view that gave rise to the much-mocked cliches of baggy trousers, vests, circle skirts etc.
  9. Would be interested to know what would be acceptable aspects of the “Northern Scene” to those who are bad-mouthing the way things are at the moment. Which venues/events/DJ’s are considered to be true to the original spirit of the scene as they feel it to be? Or are the true followers meant to just sit at home playing their OVO stuff and reminisce about the good old days?
  10. Stuart has been a great supporter of NS during his shows on Radio 2 and Radio 6 and I don’t think he deserves some of the flak he’s getting here. The event was never going to be a rare/underplayed night. I didn’t like some of the choices (can’t understand Frankie Valli being seen as soul) but let’s be honest, the selection was pretty representative of what’s played at most mainstream NS venues. If you accept that NS deserved a showing at the Albert Hall/Proms (a bit ambivalent about it myself) I reckon it was as good as it could have been. Despite my misgivings, I actually enjoyed it!
  11. Spoke to Stuart Maconie (who is curating the prom) a few years back and put him on the spot about his favourite NS tracks. He quoted Rita and the Tiaras (GWTWIML) and “the vocal version of Exus Trek”, i.e. Luther Ingram’s “If it’s all the same…..”, so maybe they will feature.
  12. I think your impression has been skewed by assuming the majority of those who are “on” Soul Source contribute to the forum. I suspect that the truth is that most of those who visit the site are, like me, checking out the Events section or looking for interesting articles and news about the music, artists and the history and development of the scene. (No doubt someone will have stats to contradict me!)

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