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  1. Magpie69


    Not been to venue before. How is it for parking?
  2. Magpie69

    Northern Soul The Reach.With The Soul Crew.

    Hope you’ve got Johnny Jones’ Purple Haze in your box for Kath tonight, Dave!
  3. Magpie69

    Charade Rotherham

    The wife always reminisces about her nights at the Charade club which was at Stag roundabout. This was in its early days in the late sixties/early seventies when Mick Bradford managed it and Dave Grownds was a DJ. She often wonders what happened to all the other regulars. Having got back into the northern scene in the last couple of years, she’s surprised she hasn’t bumped into her contemporaries. Any old Charaders out there?
  4. Magpie69

    Junction 36 Barnsley Soul Club

    May not make it this month - gutted! Kath on great niece’s hen night. Have a good ‘in without us - sure you will. Kath (dancer) and Bill (definitely NOT a dancer)
  5. Magpie69

    Krakow soul

    Thanks for the replies. May have to offer the wife's playlist on her phone to some obliging bar owner. Bill
  6. Magpie69

    Krakow soul

    Anyone know if there is a soul scene in Krakow, Poland? Off there next week and would check out any activity. Thanks
  7. Magpie69


    Great night! I'm no dancer, but the wife is and she and the likes of Steve Hinds, Steve Jones, Dean Fox, Ann and Kev Richardson put on a fantastic display of dancing to a series of stomping sets from the DJ's. Howie - glad you enjoyed the visit but you started videoing after the best stuff was going on. You got any more videos? How do I view your you tube stuff? bill


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