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  1. Mixedangased

    Joe Dunlop List 03/07/2018

    Will take Roy redmond please
  2. Mixedangased

    Prestatyn passes

    Still got 2 bands £35 the pair
  3. Mixedangased

    John St John - you can't mean it

    Thats the one i have too
  4. Mixedangased

    Prestatyn passes

    Got 2 left
  5. Excellent member and very helpful thanks again Chris for your help !!!ed

  6. Mixedangased

    Prestatyn passes

    Have three passes for sale £25 each be there thurs. if
  7. Mixedangased

    Prestatyn wristband

    Hi ed ,ive got three going spare £25 each, my numbers 07745230430 regards chris 1 now sold .
  8. Mixedangased

    Mighty lovers

    Ok mate no probs,all the labels ive seen seem to have wear,but good luck . atb chris
  9. Mixedangased

    Mighty lovers

    Got a mint - but label has some wear any good ?
  10. Mixedangased

    J Manship Auction Results 01/11/2017

    Probally about the same sime sam dee made £1600 +
  11. Mixedangased

    Mary Wells

    Think i have one somewhere will have a look m8
  12. Mixedangased

    Pat bradey records

    wow thanks
  13. Mixedangased

    Selling my collection help wanted.

    Ask pete smith he will buy the lot,or you have to get some help grading every one and pricing up.
  14. Mixedangased

    Pat bradey records

    Anyone know the result of the connie clark auction ?
  15. Mixedangased

    Judy clay

    Sorted now thanks for all the replys.


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