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  1. Looking for a clean (VG+ and up) original copy of the International GTO's on Rojac, please DM with set price/condition. Bell Sound stamp, vinyl not styrene, etc. etc. Thank you, D
  2. Hello all, Looking for a clean (VG+ or better) original copy of this, not the '70s styrene boot. Both sides must play cleanly, photos and/or soundclip appreciated. Please DM set price and condition, thank you, D
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    Hello Dianne, thank you but I'm afraid that the MR-stamped one is the bootleg - "Monarch Recording". Originals are thick heavy vinyl (yours will probably be styrene) and have a "Bell Sound" stamp on the runout. Atb, Damian
  4. Naturals - Color Him Father please Des, not sure if PM went through. Thank you.
  5. Hello all, Looking for a VG+ or better original copy (not the boot with the crappy printing) of this one, please DM set price and condition if you've got one. Thank you, D
  6. Looking for a clean original copy of this if anyone's got one.. please PM with price and condition. Thank you, D
  7. Soul Majestics... nailed it.. when I saw that last copy go for $800+ on eBay I just couldn't believe my eyes.
  8. Great thread, found it just yesterday. First one that came to mind was TSU Toronados on Rampart. May have been rare at some point but there's probably a few hundred copies out there by now (with a new one going up on Discogs every week, it seems) and it still sells for 200-300 $/£. Top notch record whatever the case. It's probably also a good example of a record that people won't let go of once they have it in their collection - same as with Soul Brothers 6 on Fine, although that one seems to be more scarce overall. This is just personal impression from someone who hasn't been at this long, all of that said..
  9. Thank you. I looked it up and it turns out I already have that on LP - but it's on some weird unheard of label called something like "Music on Vinyl" or "Vinyl Only Records" (?) or something to that effect, and sounds pretty bad - this is actually what I had in mind when I wrote about sound quality in my initial post. It sounds as if many of the songs had been lifted off badly worn 45's and not even on good gear, and then EQ'd to death to compensate (making it even worse). I can't imagine that a Goldmine CD would sound like this, I'll check out the samples online. ATB.
  10. Thank you very much Rick. I believe I've actually got one of the "Where the Girls Are" volumes somewhere myself, on LP; I agree with your description, they weren't strictly soul, more girl group, but still an enjoyable listen from what I recall. I should fish it out from wherever it's hiding and give it a spin, it's been ages.
  11. Hello all, I'm looking for a nice, easy to find one-disc (CD or LP, would prefer LP) compilation of classy '60s female midtempo numbers.. nothing too "academic" or exhaustive, I want it as a birthday gift for a buddy who's liked this sort of stuff in the past when I've played it for him, something that lends itself well to casual listening. Doesn't have to be super-rare stuff either (I'd put sound quality before that, as I've heard a few really shoddy-sounding comps over the years). Can you guys think of any off the top of your head that might fit the bill? I don't do comps much and I'd rather go with a safe bet than start guessing.. Thanks! D
  12. Looking for a clean (VG+ or better) copy of this if anyone's got one - please DM with price and condition. Thanks!
  13. My copy will be worn out before the week is over. Can't stop playing it. FANTASTIC.
  14. Yeah, like you said I've had mixed luck with the aftermarket replacements. Over the years I've found a few of very high quality for different carts and a couple of them even worked better than the originals. But overall, they tend to go from "meh" to really bad quality. I didn't worry that much when most of my records were current-issue LP's - worst case, I could go out and buy another one. But with 50+ years old expensive/irreplaceable originals I'm not risking it...
  15. Hey John. I'm not far from you (Granada). I don't know the 605's but I am familiar with other Stanton models and here's a warning: the styli for the different lines are not interchangeable. Even if you could get them to fit by trimming down the plastic (something I have done with Shures and other brands), the cartridge bodies themselves do not operate on the same principle. The 500 series is MM (the magnet is in the stylus itself), but the 680 and 681 series are "moving iron" (also known as Variable Reluctance) and have no magnets in the stylus, therefore a 500 stylus in a 680/681 body would produce no sound (or very low and distorted sound). Strangely enough the 890 series is MM again, so theoretically you could get a stylus for the 500 to work in an 890 (not sure why you'd want to, though) and the other way around. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you decided to experiment. I have just looked the model up and it looks like a 680 series cartridge (they are taller and less "stubby" than the 500 series). I have a 680 or two and used to really like them, and they're very gentle on records. I believe that the D6800AL stylus should work in those, it's a spherical tip and runs well just above 2.5 grams. Just make sure you get the original Stanton part as the knock-off ones are never as good. ATB, Damian
  16. Never got around to trying the Whitelabels myself and it makes no sense to get one now, but I'd still love to hear one. I've actually got a bunch of carts - Ortofons as well, but they track too high at 3.5~4 grams, and I like the slightly warmer sound of the Shures and Stantons better.
  17. Only my own (limited) experience Martin. I bought one around a year ago and gave it a try, simply swapped it in and readjusted VTF (2.7g, the sweet spot for both Stanton 500's and Shure M44-7s in my opinion), and the sound just wasn't there. The high end was duller. But most importantly, the record I tried it on (fortunately a cheap one), a vinyl pressing, was degraded after just one pass - when I played it on my other deck after that there was noticeable distortion on the peaks that wasn't there before. This was on a properly set up SME 3009 tonearm (the Kyowa test I mean) so I am pretty sure that the arm was not a factor. You are certainly free to repeat the test yourself, they're cheap enough to try. I'll be interested in your opinion if you do; maybe I just got a bad one. But my advice is to try them on cheaper records at first . ATB, Damian
  18. Cheers Dave. I thought they were still manufacturing *something* for the 500 line? At some point it looked as if they had basically settled on a "one size fits all" stylus, I believe it might be the N500? Looked/looks like the original 500 stylus but in flat black. (Thank you to everyone who responded.)
  19. I hope it's OK to bring this thread back from the dead, I found it by chance looking for something else and I have to say that this has been a major head-scratcher for me since day one. I have quite a few collector buddies (all genres) and I've pretty much given up - I have seen people playing OG '50s and '60s pressings of rare stuff on an unrestored 1950's portable, that sort of thing (don't even get me started on the current Crosley trend). My current setup at home is one of three Technics decks (a basic SL-D3, a 1200 I found for 25€ and had to completely tear apart and rebuild, and a higher-end SL-1710) and a Dual 1015. I love tinkering around with gear and precisely because of this, I go for the bargains that need work. I use a Shure M44-7 (or G) on the Technics and a Stanton 400 on the Dual. All of the turntables are set up using a Shure gauge and aligned to 7" null points, and I keep a chunk of Magic Eraser handy to keep styli clean. The records themselves are cleaned on a Knosti machine, which does a great job to my ears. Tonearm bearings have been (carefully) adjusted where necessary. The decks are plugged into a basic Stanton mixer (another fixer upper) and that in turn into a basic NAD amp from the '80s that is about as unfussy as it gets and sounds great to my ears. Speakers are DIY although nothing fancy, just an experiment I never bothered to replace really (2-way bookshelf BR boxes on stands, with 4.25" woofers - they sound much bigger). I haven't spent a fortune on this setup but it does what I need and, most importantly, does not damage records which is my #1 concern.
  20. Hello all, I would like to get a spare needle or two for my Stanton 500 cart since the one I have is getting long in the tooth. I am having trouble finding them locally and even the UK sites I have bought from in the past seem to either not stock them any longer or have them at stupid prices. Also, does anyone know what the current replacement looks like/is called? First they started making those ugly white "Marshmallow Man" shaped ones and then it looks like they went back to the old square design, but in black? I know about the really cheap "Kyowa" replacements but those are shit, I want the original manufacturer bit (if they're still making them). Cheers, D

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