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  1. sound bite of the Brenda tee please ?
  2. Newbeats on British x 2

    Newbeats Crying my heart out Hickory Demo glue on label VG UK £80 Newbeats I cant hear you know more Hickory VG UK £40 Postage £3 Signed for UK, inter please ask Thanks Sheep
  3. Larry Laster + Dennis Dell

    Well if it's yours, then most probably ! :-)
  4. Larry Laster + Dennis Dell

    Drake + Ensolids Sold TKOs Sold
  5. Larry Laster + Dennis Dell

    Dennis D'ell Ex++ CBS Demo UK small x on a side , otherwise a top copy £400 Larry Laster Ex- small writing on label £300 Edward Hamilton yellow Jameco EX £125 Drake + ensolids Alton label damage Fair only, plays through expect back ground noise...
  6. US Originals

    FOR SALE, ALL ORIGINALS EXCEPT WHERE NOTED. Rufus Wonder G £150 Jeannette Williams VG £100 Claude Huey EX £50 United Four VG writing on b side £60 Para-mounts G £100, a few marks, background in places Paul Anka Rare black stock c...

    hi have got one VG condition sheep
  8. Gloria Jones Ebay Madness!

    Checking the various auction results, no, less than that. His gradings may well be conservative. Anyhow, my comment was a general one and not necessarily about the value of a particular record.
  9. Gloria Jones Ebay Madness!

    Was watching a few from the seller, over a 1000 up. They all went above expected price, a lot were only G condition. Emory and Dynamics around £600 . £300 was expected, I hashen to add, I won non. !
  10. rita dacosta don't bring me down w/demo

    the Orange demo is different to the boot and very easy to spot. It has white in the logo.
  11. Us originals

    Cavaliers demo VG- £70 Vanguards demo EX Jewels demo G £65 Billy Butler NM £80 Billy Watkins demo NM £100 Tempest demo NM £35 Barbara Mason G £25 Bob Brady demo EX £35 Carstairs demo EX £100 Jesse James demo EX £...
  12. UK originals

    Vernon Garrett EX £70 small label year Sly and family Stone EX S African ex £70 Jim Webb demo NM £45 Major Lance demo VG label wear £150 Garner Mimms VG £150 Ruby Winters demo NM £250 Jackie Ross demo NM £250 Markets VG £100...
  13. Post insured - proof of record value

    Been posting out for 45 years abouts, had no idea on this, guess it's wide spread, anything not to pay out although happy to take the money for the insurance on the item !
  14. Post insured - proof of record value

    Yes, the buyer opened the lack of arrival, I would have done the same. Was not aware of the RM requirements, otherwise would have emailed him on it.