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  1. until

    Thanks for reply....:)
  2. until

    Hi Can you please advise on numbers allowed, will it be capped or as previous years. Many thanks SHEEP
  3. Yes please...can send PayPal friends and family. Thanks SHEEP...mike
  4. Gerri Shivers .... Pat PM me with price and condition. Thanks SHEEP
  5. The Informers Hard way to go... Pm please with prices and condition . Thanks Sheep
  6. Yes, saw this was clearly marked as a second issue. But think it was from the In label and close to the first issue, but who knows. Surprised by the price as well. SHEEP
  7. Is Yvonne baker on parkway a white demo ...
  8. With respect.....they took out a full page in Blues and soul on the casino months before the first night... So everybody knew about it.. It was run/ owned by Wigan DC....so of course there were number restrictions. I had a membership...my travelling friends did not...so we waited outside.....as it was membership only....but we all got in. I didn't do a head count...but 200 is not how i remember it . It was a big place...:)
  9. Would have said a lot more....there were restrictions on numbers...and they let everybody in eventually after some wait....so way past the allowed capacity...but 667...ok:)
  10. Oh yes I was...me and 3 others from Norwich .....suggest you check your facts before making unsubstantiated claims.
  11. No way....it was packed...and I mean packed...you couldn't move in there...:)
  12. Just read the info.. He DJ the first night only by the looks of it. Would have missed that to be honest it was a busy night and packed to the roof.. He has passed away sadly.... RIP
  13. Ian Fishwick....How long did he DJ for... dont remember him and I was there.. could be me of course haha

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