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  1. Hi to all I have for sale Adam's Apples Don't take it out of this world labels worn both sides as Photo's Condition is play graded it does Crackle at the start and in one or two quiet parts Sound file is of the actual record payment paypal as F&F cheque or bank transfer Any questions please ask I do work from 9am till 6pm so please be patient Postage will be included in price sent via royal mail special delivery I am asking £600 ONO adam's apples.mp3
  2. Hi To all I have for sale The Vibrations Cause you're mine Epic Demo Labels have marks on both sides as photo's 2 Small chips on edge DNAP Sound file is of the actual record Payment cheque paypal as f & f or bank transfer £250 ono vibrations.mp3
  3. Hi to all Just a quick question is this the first issue label a bit worn but vinyl is EX Number is 9723 Thanks in advance Jon
  4. jon18

    The invitations Demo & more

    prophets invitations mike McDonald on Hold
  5. Hi to all For sale or very near offer paymnet paypal as f & f cheque or bank transfer postage under £50 £2.50 over £7.50 U.K. only Sound files of the actual record The Superiors What would i do EX drill hole £50 The Prophets I got the fever Demo EX £60 SOLD September Jones I'm coming home EX £350 Mike Mcdonald God knows Demo writing on one side EX £70 SOLD Paul Anka I can't help loving you EX £175 Jimmy Radcliffe Long after the night Ex £80 The Invitations What's wrong with me baby Demo £420 SOLD invitations.mp3 jimmy radcliffe.mp3 mike mcdonald.mp3 paul anka.mp3 the prophets.mp3 the superiors.mp3
  6. jon18

    Ben E Troy

    All sorted now thanks
  7. jon18

    Ben E Troy

    Hi to all has anybody got a Ben E Troy I wanna give you tomorrow EX or better must be a original thanks Jon All sorted now thanks to everyone
  8. jon18

    Carl spencer

    Hi to all what is the current value of Carl Spencer Cover girl EX clean labels both sides issue thanks in advance Jon
  9. Hi to al if you have any questions please ask all sound clips are of the actual record and pictures payment paypal as f & f or bank transfer postage £2.50 under £50 over £7.50 If not happy with record a full refund will be given All clean labels apart from lenis guess may take a close offer on any record Nolan Porter if I only could be sure ABC demo VG+ plays with a bit of crackle at start £100 Major lance investigate Okeh demo VG+ £75 Williams & Watson quitter never wins Okeh Demo EX £45 Ila Vann Can't help loving that man of mine Roulette Demo VG+ £130......... SOLD Janie Grant my heart your heart Parkway Demo bit of crackle at start VG+ £85 Lee David temptation is calling my name Columbia Demo VG+ £200 Capitols Don't say maybe baby Karen Demo VG+ £100 Barbara Lynn I'm a good woman Tribe Demo Mint £210......SOLD Lenis Guess just ask me SPQR demo marks on both sides of label VG+ £90 barbara lynn im a good woman.mp3 capitols.mp3 ila vann.mp3 janie grant.mp3 lee david.mp3 lenis guess.mp3 major lance investigate.mp3 nolan porter.mp3 williams watson.mp3
  10. jon18

    Bernie Williams

    Hi to all I have for sale Bernie Williams Baby I want to thank you b/w I'm coming home on the Del-val label Clean labels both sides condition is EX+ Payment cheque or bank transfer paypal as friends preferably as Fand f postage With Royal mail special delivery is included in price U.K.only This is not my copy for reference only https://youtu.be/_Y0_GQl3I7M £450 ovno
  11. jon18

    Otis Redding

    Hi to all I am after please Otis Redding Lovin by the pound must be on Stax clean labels both sides EX + or better as its for a present thanks Jon
  12. jon18

    holly st james

    Hi to all and thanks in advance your replies Could any body please tell me if holly st james that's not love / two good reasons Has been booted reissue or other on a ABC demo thanks jon
  13. jon18

    ebay listing Gerri Granger

    I agree with you and he has 3 copies strange
  14. Hi To all I came across this listing on ebay and I nearly bought it I emailed the seller which record he was selling as there is 2 titles in his description and emailed me back saying there is nothing wrong with it Am I missing something here ? Let me know what you think please http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112291608142?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  15. Hi To all I have for sale The Aquamen Line and track on the Hiback label labels are clean both sides condition is EX or better Payment is cheque bank transfer or paypal as F & F Postage is included in the price sent Royal Mail special delivery U.K. only sound file is of the actual record aquamen.mp3 I am asking £1000 OVNO


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