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  1. Buckingham you are gone CBS demo EX 40 Verdelle Smith Like a man capitol demo EX 40 H B Barnum Heartbreaker Capital Demo EX 30 Jodi Mathis Don't you care anymore Capitol demo EX 30 Martin Raynor Candy to me Columbia NM 65 Gidian There isn't anything Columbia EX 65 Roger Young Sweet sweet morning Columbia VG 70 Major Lance Come see Columbia demo EX 40 Nocturnes Save the last dance Columbia VG 10 Emma Rede I gotta be with you Columbia VG 35 Martin Hummingbird You really know Decca demo EX 30 Sight and sound Our love Fontana VG 60 Betty Everett Getting mighty crowded Fontana VG 15 Super Eagles Soul message Ghana NM 40 Stanley Wood ruff what took you so long Grapevine demo EX 20 Thrills Show the world Grapevine VG 20 Cody Michaels 7 days Grapevine EX 25 Judy Street What grapevine demo EX 30 Lovelittes Get it off my conscience grapevine demo 25 Keanya Collins love bandit grapevine demo VG 20 Barbara Mills lets make a memory Hickory VG.. label stain 40 Larry Henley stickin up Hickory VG 50 Newbeats too sweet Hickory demo VG 60 See see Warwick When live slips away Mercury NC small label tear..vinyl VG 50 Dust Springfield EP incl live it up Philips G 15 Keith Daylight saving time Mercury G NC 12 Mike Scott I'm gonna be somebody Mercury VG 30 Frankie Valli The night Modest EX 20 Lee Drummond At a time like this Pageone VG small wol 50 Kevin king Lear The snake Pageone EX 50 Bobby Hebb Love love Philips Org B side G 30 Val McKenna Love feeling Spark d blue EX 50 Wigan Ovations Skiing in the snow Spark yellow demo VG 40 King size Taylor Let me love you Polydor EX 65 Box tops She knows how Stateside demo EX 35 Undisputed truth You got the love Tamla Motown TMG 789 VG 30 Edwin Starr Time Tamka Motown TMG725 Sticker on label VG 30 Dean Parrish I'm on my way UK VG- 15 Postage £ 3 signed for... Inter pm me. Thanks SHEEP
  2. Need to dig it out and check.. Will get back to you.
  3. Yes have me ... Will check value in the meantime .
  4. Major Lance Investigate Epic EX £60 Rarest format Superb Only for lovers Alteen EX £70 SOLD Postage £3 signed for Inter pm me Thanks SHEEP
  5. Betty Boo on Grapevine demo or issue... not bothered. Sensible price please !!! Thanks SHEEP
  6. Dennis Dell Better use your head CBS Demo NM..£400 Inspirations Touch me.hold me.kiss me Polydor Ex++ £350 Five and a Penny You don't know where your interest lies Polydor EX..wol £250 Poppies There's a pain In my heart Epic yellow stock copy £200 SOLD H B Barnum Heartbreaker Capitol Demo VG £150 Carol Waller This love of mine USA Demo EX £150 The Soul Machine Hang on Sudden sound M £225 SOLD David + Giants Ten miles high Crazy horse VG £100 Postage special delivery £7.. Inter PM me Thanks SHEEP
  7. What's the other side.. think I have one.
  8. Got an EX copy...not sure on value. Sheep
  9. That's good Phil..thanks for letting me know..
  10. Thanks received.. Will get it posted this afternoon. Mike
  11. Just checked and there is no email address receipriant.. so it should fail.. Apologies again for this, very annoyed with myself...should be more careful..
  12. sorry sorry..address is wrong norfolkharrier@ there was an r missing.. not received
  13. Thanks Phil.. Will post it this afternoon, so you'll have it tomorrow. Mike
  14. properly a bit shy of where it needs to be, £100 upwards.. but Will take £90 ? plus £3 for signed for post. if ok then .... PayPal friends and family name address etc Thanks Sheep ( Mike )
  15. Sorry been busy will look tomorrow.
  16. Pm me price and condition. Thanks Sheep
  17. Got one, need to dig it out and check condition, are you still looking ?
  18. Hi got one.. it's not an original but it's £45 looks like the original sheep
  19. sheep

    Evie Sands

    Have a mint ish UK demo... which I might let go.
  20. Jessica James Well be making out DynoVoice Ex demo £90 Dean Parrish Im on my way UK Demo NM wol £45 Joshue Jo Armstead I got the vibe GospelTruth Ex £40 Sly+ family stone Dance to the music CBS SA EX £40 In Crowd Happiness Festival Aussue VG+:£35 Mark James I can't let go Liberty demo NM:£20 Chalfonts He loves me Mercury VG £85 Sandra philips You succeeded Broadway EX £50 Claude Huey Feel good all over Early Bird EX £45 postage £3 signed for. Inter pm me

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