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  1. I'd love to see it as well please - Thanks
  2. I read somewhere that there is a vinyl version of the Okeh White Demo ... anyone know for sure ?
  3. Seen this today ... It kind of looks like the original but not quite ... anyone know if this is a boot or the real deal ? Cheers
  4. Don't know if you've seen this ... a mint one was posted today over at Rare Soul 45's
  5. Ooo man ! Particularly love that Ronnie Joy (awesome flip as well) Thanks for the tunes !
  6. Hey folks, Looking for a VG++/M- copy of Sheryl Swope's "Can't Get Him Off My Mind" on Duo (7451) Pm me for price, condition etc Cheers, Matt
  7. Jim Russell's was an awesome place indeed... not much else that compares to it ... You might want to give Euclid Records a shot it's on the corner of Chartres and Piety st. (grab a cab from downtown) and if you get hungry while digging there's a great pizza shack next door called "Pizza Delicious". Cross Chartres to Crescent Park and get an amazing view of the city ! I used to live there and still go back once a year, pm me if you need good tips on food-drinks etc ... i'd be glad to help out
  8. Fabulous tune indeed ... Pm me if you find that spare copy ! ATB
  9. Hi, Searching for a Ex/Mint promo copy of the Tasha Thomas song "I Saw The Sky" Pm me ... Thanks !

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