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  1. got a rock candy for sale on a blue dontee its a bit rough but plays ok
  2. yes!! there will be some top notch tunes played friday
  3. anyone who wants to sell records are welcome
  4. i will be selling brid and scarb weekender tickets only £30 each come and see me ifyou want any plus our charity all.dayer tickets as well only £5 for three rooms and 12 hours of music
  5. i have spelt it right kathy lol xx
  6. my soul girls will do me proud this sat !! let them have it!!
  7. two top djs on this month rude not to go
  8. i think my sis is coming as well
  9. bring it on looking foreward to it
  10. looking foreward to it jazz
  11. up for this one rude not to
  12. coming up for this one rude not to
  13. looking foreward to spinning a few tunes at this great soul venue ,bring it on
  14. can you send me a photo matey please
  15. seen it chalky its on hold for i guy till monday
  16. yes!! this month the ladies of soul are on at the grov its going to be a stonking night
  17. looks like a good dj line up
  18. hi am after dream team/ im not satisfied seen them on discogs not botherd pm me if you have one for sale
  19. i know would like it on cyclone first
  20. looking for cookie jackson try love on cyclone label pm if you got one for sale
  21. dj line up for the underplayed rare & r &b room 3/4 betty bump 4/5 paul beard 5/6 knocker 6/7 steve lydon 7/8 cathy c 8/9 ted massey 9/10 mark hopes 10/11 rob smith all djs will be playing 100% original vinyl no boots or pressings
  22. any record dealers want to come and sell there tunes your welcome we only charge you the entry fee which is £4
  23. i have also scarb tickets as well only £30 each

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