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  1. three cracking djs on this sat at the gogo theses guys know how to keep the dance floor buzzing and they will be playing 100% original vinyl no boots
  2. hiya got a copy of you baby / bev harrell / on a australian hmv black stock copy mint ,its the same as jackie trent £100
  3. see you there pete ,tonage tunes will be played sat night by glyn and spiv
  4. hi soulies got a few tunes for sale the belles /dont pretend / british president =£40 mint kenny lynch /its too late / british h-m-v stock copy =£100 mint joe simon/ i got a whole lot of lovin/ german monument with pic sleeve= £40 samantha jones /surrounded by a ray of sunshine/united artists italian stock copy with pic sleeve £100 mint otis clay/the only way is up/ echo records =£ 80 mint got hissing at beginning the strangloves/ night time /bang /£30 mint ed crook /thats alright /tri-sound £200 mint pm me if you want one or more p=p £2 .50 overseas £ 12 cheers for looking
  5. stonking dj line up boom
  6. sorted then pete swooosh
  7. aup pete what time am i on
  8. its going to be a hot one at the go go
  9. bringing scarb tickets £30 each and next years brid tickets £30 each
  10. Graham Weaver

    Shirebook soul survivors

    yes matey be rude not to
  11. it would be rude not to go
  12. thank you for asking me to play a few tunes for you pete its going to be banging
  13. Graham Weaver

    Shirebook soul survivors

    its gonna be a goodun

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