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  1. ManilaSoul

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Had heard 'Torture' seemed to be going up in price - those Kent first issues now seem quite collectable and it was the original release of the record think '86 time. Mind you 54 quid a bit extreme - I was thinking 10 to 15 fair enough. Records eh :-)
  2. ManilaSoul

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Cheers Benji - is Carver a reissue label? Sorry a bit out of touch as in the Philippines and don't get home too often I'm afraid.
  3. ManilaSoul

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    On Ebay its a bit hit and miss I find. Had to pay 23 quid ($36) for an Inferno Copy of Frank Beverly If that's what you wanted (hoping for a tenner!) ...yet got a copy of Al Gardeners Sweet Baby (Googa Mooga - great name!) and Willie Hightower for US $30 a peice, swings and roundabouts.
  4. ManilaSoul

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    I can relate to that as feel the same way..though I suppose the Narbay is worth a few quid considering the price of the US orig. Milton Wright I must belong to you must be good value though at 6 -8 quid considering its the only legit release? I know it came out on something else but weren't they just boots given to DJ's to play?
  5. ManilaSoul

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Was this a legit 2nd issue (Purple or pink being the 'proper' one - memeory fading!)
  6. ManilaSoul

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    I bought it because of this no release on 45 I'm aware of though I thought Kent might have put it out as it is on their CD. Be interested to hear Ady's views on it didn't he find it in the RCA vaults (Pied Piper productions?). Actually after the Tempest on Stardust for the same reason - mind you hardly ever see the LP of that - mind you not for 78 quid or whatever it was!
  7. ManilaSoul

    Fluffs Forgotten Oldie Of The Week

    I remember it got it on grey route. Which was the first version Phyllis Dillon or Shelia Anthony. Talking of a forgotten oldie how about 'The Shape of things to come' Vivian Reed understand it was played at Wigan by Dave Evison in '78. Ever get played know and/or how much is it going for these days? Cheers Shane - Manila.
  8. ManilaSoul

    Warrington Parr Hall

    Parr Hall, my Wigan. If I remember rightly started as a Friday niter then switched to Saturdays. Fantastic atmosphere, fav story getting my younger brother (15 yrs old) to go up to Pat Brady and ask for 'Treat me like a man' the old cover up name for Trick me, Treat me - Cobblestone. Our kid only knew it from an old Wigan tape. Pat asked him if he meant 'Trick me treat me' but my brother being 15 insisted it was 'Treat me like a man'..
  9. ManilaSoul

    Northern (and Some 70s) 45s For Sale

    Double siders that for me are ace (IMHO) 1) Willie Kendricks - Change your ways/whats that on your finger 2) The Spindles - And the band played on ...can't remember the other side but it is great - mid tempo magic 3) Chubby and the turnpikes - You dont know the inside story/ I didn't try Cheers Shane .C.
  10. ManilaSoul

    Northern In Jordan?

    I know this isn't much use now but actually there has been a Northern Soul Night held in Saudi Arabia, actually three. During 92 - 93 myself and a guy called Mick Howard (preston area) organised these at the British Aerospace compounds. Wasn't too difficult just pitched up and said we wanted to do a Soul and Motown party, banged up a few posters and away we went. The Last one we did at BA2 compound was packed we had to turn peop..