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  1. Reg


  2. Although technically, the Carousel and Sloski's were the same place :-)
  3. Sorry..I meant which St Etienne record?
  4. For sale Jack Jacobs ‘I believe everything will be alright’ Libra records "Leftfield psychy crossover" EX 250 ONO PM for postage etc Thanks for looking Reg
  5. You can buy into anything these days. The mid life crisis brigade used to go out and buy Harleys or have an affair with Janice from work. Now it's 15K Lambrettas and the local Northern Soul night where you can buy a "Best of Northern Soul" 2000 track cd for a fiver.
  6. I think he's overrated and a bit emperor's new clothes to be honest. He actually sounds like he is in pain....
  7. Wait a minute...I never saw him? Virgin Iplayer is not the best at skipping...and now proven so as I never even saw him. I was just skipping past the feckin Proclaimers and a terrible male singer with a quiff. Must be too black for some...haha...yeah alright if you say so Dave.
  8. I watched on playback,she was the only artist I didn't have to fast forward! Like the track and those horns were amazing. Was nice to really hear the band playing to their full potential. She gets a bit shouty toward the end but I'll let her off as I like her :-)
  9. Sugar and Spices - SOLD Annabelle Fox - SOLD
  10. I am not a soulie, I am a free woman! ( I am a also not a "soul sista" )
  11. I haven't been to the 100 much in recent years but I definitely prefer the cellar club atmosphere to the big ballroom type venue. I will have to combine a visit to my mate Lisa so we both can come :-)

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