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  1. What A load of Tosh !! None of these Rolling Stone Motown songs would be in my Top 100 . As a life long Berry Gordy jnr Collector and Weekender Dj At the Amazing NS Portugal Algarve Gig { 7 th to 11th October 2021 ,see S.S Events for details } , Last year ,Pre Covid ,I did a Straw poll on some influential Players on the NS ,/Classic Motown scene ,Ginger Taylor, Kev Roberts, Chris Dalton, Tony Blackburn , Steve Plumb, Booper ,Roy Rogers ,Trigger ,etc. to Really Track opinions , Number One , " NOT "Tracks " ,or ABC no 15 ,Teena Marie .Rick James , "War " etc NADA ,,, Numero Uno .....
  2. Hi Psamsara, Like the 2 Tims ,Ashibende and Brown ,I was a senior Tax Officer in the Uk ,it is still in the Hated Genes ! But will try and help. Paypal and Tax agreemants & rules differ from country to Country,but generally the following apply . 1, Gifts are normally tax free up to about £15,000 . above must be declared. 2 Using paypal as buyer /seller,, you must agree to their terms " Using Paypal Family and Friends to pay for goods eg records ,is forbidden . Fees to a seller of goods are 2.9%plus 50 cents. Dealers ask you to relinquish your Paypa
  3. Still after the Elusive Detroit City Edit , to complete my Run, LOL ,Stay Safe ,Cheers , Best Regards ,Thanks For lookin ,Have a Great Weekend ,God BlessBoris , John ,Malaga,Spain.
  4. Many Thanks Stevie, will check it out! LOL John.
  5. Looking for VG copy of Trammmps "Stop and Think " 45 on PIR , Dutch or Japanese, please ! Thanks for your Time ,Stay safe ,John Malaga ,Spain.
  6. As a youngster what was your First ever tentative record play, request to a NS ,Dj , Where ,When ,and did he /She Play it ?? Mine .Wigan Casino {Too shy ,Frightened to speak at Wheel !} Richard Searling ,1973, R . Dean Taylor , " Lets Go Somewhere", and yes he played it endlessly ,to get rid of me as an annoying little weekly " Tit" ,he actually gave me his UK beacon Copy by Root and Jenny Jackson ,{utter crap } to get rid of me ,It worked ,never asked again. LOL , Stay Safe an Sound ,John , Malaga,Spain.
  7. Sorry ,the mag is also a Great Read ,!!. Cancelled my Subscription 12 months ago , but now much Improved ,Mr Earnshaw , Highly Recommended ,. LOL John Haryt ,Malaga ,Spain .
  8. Hi Mike and Staff at Source Store , Amazing service , Llandudno to Malaga ,Costal Del Soul in 2 days!! When shipping from Uk has been up to 3 weeks arrival of SUN # 107 led the way in a new Dawn hopefully ? So ,So, professional service , great communications, Perfecto ,other S.S, members ,{including Me } take note . LOL , Stay Safe ,John Hart Malaga, Spain.
  9. Hi Godzilla , Please PM me with price and condition, paypal only ,LOL John , Malaga ,Spain.
  10. Japanese ;Motown /Blue note 7inch Marvin Gaye /Donald Byrd, VG con. Cheers for taking the time to look ,LOL Stay Safe ,John ,Malaga,Spain.
  11. Mucho Jaw dropping at the prices Mr Manship achieves evey week , aghast members recall prices from decades ago ,a pint of bitter was 10p etc ,etc, Beat this for Rapid inflation ?? Pete Jolly " A Sign Of The Times " us Columbia ,3 copies appeared for sale on Discogs at £ 500 a piece and one on Pat Brady,s current auction nudging £300.! I bought one from US, mint Columbia for 57$ dollars { about £30 } 2 weeks ago ., other on Ebay sold for 67$ ,last on discogs ,issue ,made £5 in 2020. What is the fuss all about? Firstly Mr Jolly is a famous Accordion player and pianist on tv show th
  12. "What Does it take [ To win Your Love From Me ]" B.J. Thomas ,Mexican Scepter 45 P,S ,Only . Love this tune have many of the 15 plus versions ! Paid 30 Dollars from Guadalajara,Got over Donald ,s Wall ? Then spotted a second one on discogs from germany at 2.69 Euros ,so bought that last week , cornered the market ?? LOL Stay Safe ,John, Malaga,Spain.
  13. Anthony White " Never Let You Get Away From Me " P I R , 45 , Gracias for Looking , Stay Safe , John ,, Malaga ,Spain.
  14. P.I.R AE71138; "Lets Clean Up The Ghetto " Detroit ,City Edit . Anyone please verify this illusive number of the 17 white demo City variations does exist? After an eternity of looking ; Discogs does not list detroit, none on e bay or popsike recently, and the wonderful Bsnb,record lable listing site ,no luck. This is the last in the series I need to finish my Quest ! Stay Safe ,John.
  15. " Never Let You Get Away From Me " Anthony White 45 , PIR Records. Cheers For Looking . John,Malaga,Spain.

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