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  1. All the Cool guys on SS ,use there real names ,;Ady Croasdale , Dave Thorley,Rick Scott, Derek Pearson ,etc,etc,. Why do people need to masquerade behind such chiidish,unfunny non de plumes? First the schoolroom jokers ; ginger ,Tubby , Butch ,Chalky,Spotty,Sam,?? Second,Call me a soul singer; Frankie Crocker,Tempo, Togetherness, Baby Boy,and My Lass {so un Pc and dodgy ?} Third ; Nostalgia ,Wiganer , Backstreet, Casino Classic,? Why such outrage ? When buying a record on here, my new found Paypal Friend &family was not sure to me if he was Soultime ,Soulfinger,or Kevin!!
  2. John Hart

    Temptations TMG 557

    Hi Dave , These so called popular/easy discs can be tricky to price on the market ! A near mint /mint-,means ,As good as it gets,virtually unplayed, Ex store stock!! Thats the Key ,Condition, stock copy 50 pound ,R/W Demo 100 {probably double that from Top dealers} Tmg 557 came out in April1st 1966,and did not sell ,only a hit when reissued tmg 668. Lots on Discogs ,Ebay ,but be careful one persons m- is anothers VG! Hope this Helps ,Cheers John, Malaga ,Spain.
  3. John Hart

    Dancing In Trainers

    My Partner dances Barefoot ,has done since the Wheel{Stone Floors} Casino {Sprung Maplewood} Queens Hall {Duckboards,OOh the splinters} Spain ,Portugal{Ceramic Tiles & Sand } Any more Sandy Shaws ,Zola Budds, ? Try it ,saves a fortune on Trainers !
  4. John Hart

    2 nm demo`s

    Hi David P:M,d you Sailor.
  5. John Hart

    Casino Club advert

    Hi Frankie Crocker, Harsh Criticism ,I agree ,Villain wrong ,Architects of its lack of investment perhaps. Being an ex Wiganer I new the parties involved ! My post was focused on the loss of a great Building and social centre .In its NS heyday,the casino would have had a turnover of a million a year ,Russ Winstanley talks of 4 million plus visiting the venue in its heyday !!!. Perhaps some of that could have been put back into that " Crumbling Facade " { Tim Brown,s comment in his Excellent book Wigan Casino 73 to 81. Cheers ,John Hart.
  6. John Hart

    Poly record sleeves safe

    Re Mannys ,Video , Now we Know what the guy is on when he writes those Delightful O.T.T. Record Reviews, A Cocktail of; Black Sheep Ale, Coke ,and 2 Cans of Petrol !
  7. John Hart

    Casino Club advert

    Hi Mark , Answering your follow on thread , ,Yes the Palais de dance was Mr Marshalls, 10/6 pence seems expensive ,but you got a Super Supper and The Olympics ,"Philly Dog" performed by Mrs Smallshaws Pupils ,Dance Troupe, would guess this to be mid late Sixties any clues on newspaper date? Sounds very " Grace Brothers ,Carry On " times ,Nostalgia Rules!! Wonderful ,Mark ! LOL john .
  8. John Hart

    Casino Club advert

    Mark ,Brilliant! Speed in the Empress Suite!. {the main dance floor } The Palaise Suite {Mr M,s of Course} featuring one Pete Conway ,father of Tunstalls finest ,Robbie Williams? In its heyday in the 50s and 60,s the biulding was a true leisure complex with Cafe {Beachcomber, and Billiard Hall } Google Empress Ballroom to see its true splendour ,sadly it became a sad shell under the auspices of Marshall ,Walker and Wigan Council members, the true villains of its sad demise ! Guess the advert would be around 71 ,due to arrival of decimal currency .The 50p for a night out equates to about 7 quid in todays money ,Cheers John,Malaga ,Spain.
  9. John Hart

    Poly record sleeves safe

    Hi Pat, As a picture cover 45 Motown fanatic ,need support for those fragile P/Cs so acknowledging Mannys warnings changed to 250 g polythene Covers ! after 2 years no problema ,from my experience its all about conditions of storage, ; pack loosely , in ambient temp ,;damp , in the garage or attic is a killer, well ventilated room, I always handle with surgical rubber gloves , Cheers ,John .
  10. John Hart

    Dancia Duster

    Hi Mal , Went to our local Renault Garage Rombasol ,Estepona, for a test drive of the Dancia range of SUV,s given a Sandero ,looks a bit like a Duster ,Interior dated ,drive Poor its A 998 cc ,ran out of gears on hills above the village !! .Methinks get a good part ex on my VG ,plus Kangoo ,they will be trying to push this Romanian Relic ,No way, offered lousy Price half, of Retail!!. The new Duster gets good reviews,Top Gear,Auto Express,and at a start price 0f 9,000 Euros its Half of equiv Quashgis or Capturs, with the 1500 diesel you may have enough OOmph to accelerate from zero to 120 on the Mad carreteras?? Ended up buying a used Renault Scenic 2 litre Excellent Plus vehicle!! Cheers Arthur Daley.
  11. John Hart

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    Hi Dogsbody, Could reply to your positively weird request ,with Wheel, Blue Note, Top 20 ,experiences, but they would be absoluely tame in comparison to U.K Knife Crime ,World Cup Celebrations and Tory Party Scary Chequers Nighters. You Need to" Get A Life My amigo" . LOL John Hart ,Malaga ,Spain.
  12. John Hart

    New Stylus Sir??

    Hi Guys, Just picked up 2 stanton cartridges with Stylus,Used!. Similar decision to most on here to replace or not to, that is the Question. Read all the google advice, but Elgars piano concerto not relevant . Assume like most on here who play 50 year old disposable 45,s on O.t.t. equipment! ´{Wonder how often Needles where changed at the Casino or Wheel?} So any advice on the topic ,greatly appreciated. Many Thanks ,Johnny .
  13. Hi Si , In answer to your question about number of records played ,the esteemed promoter and DJ,Kev Roberts said on Dean Andersons T:N:T. radio show{ March 2018},, that things had not changed since his glory days at The Casino and true dancefloor fillers amounted to 50 /60 records !
  14. John Hart

    Supremes &Tempts,EP, TMEL2013.

    Diana Ross& Supremes,& Temptations ,Portugal issue EP, TMEL 2013.


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