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  1. John Hart

    Happy New Year 2019 - Hopes dreams....

    Hi Dave Moore, Feliz Ano Nuevo 2019 ,met you at a Gig you did in Benalmadena last year ??? Buy now Costa prices on the up .despite Brexit. HNY To One and All ,Cheers ,John , Malaga,Spain.
  2. Please Pm, with Price ,VG condition. Cheers ,John Darrell Hart, Malaga,Spain.
  3. Last one sold on Discogs ,Median .£22,14 . 28 Sept 2018 , Can we make it happen ? LOL ,John ,Pm,s Please.
  4. John Hart

    Wigan memories podcast

    Where,s the Bad ,Ugly,Warts n All , Exquisite ,Crazy ,Northern Soul . Cris Walker ,I Love You!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi Chris ,Pm,d you LOL John.
  6. John Hart

    Motown or Northern Soul

    Hi Mike , Motown and Northern Soul are indelibly ,Historically and eternally linked! The artists the producers ,the arrangers and of course those Funk Bros musicians are inspirational ! People as diverse as ,Ady Croasedale ,Dave Godin and RW, acknowledged the connection to the formation of the Northern Sound. Its easy to knock Berry Gordy jnr. but he started in 1959 with $500 and in 1988 sold the largest Black owned independent company for $88 million dollars from assembly line car worker to a current fortune of $350 million! Along the way he purchased Golden World to create DAF ,studio B,and also Stephanye, Maltese ,Impact lables using the production talents of NS legends Browner and Batemen etc ,etc,. Welcome on board Motown Man ,you are in the company of some of the Worlds finest Motown Experts ! { P.S. ,Talking of which ,Chalky ?.., Myself and some Spanish Motown /NS ,virgins Have booked for the February 2019 Benalmadena Weekender! Amongst the massive DJ Listing is one Chalky playing a Hitsville Set ,we look forward to enjoying, meeting and dancing to one of my S.S .Heroes Viva Karlos!!.LOL John Darrell Hart ,Malaga,Spain.
  7. John Hart

    3 cool modern /crossover 45s for sale ALL SOLD

    Hi Dave have PM,d you Sir ,Cheers John.
  8. John Hart

    Barrino Brothers " Trapped In A Love"

    Thanks for Looking ,sorted at bargain 32 Pound plus Shipping ,to Malaga !! Stretford Ender SS Member ,Brill.
  9. Looking for Clean copy, G, plus ,price to reflect ! Thanks for interest Pm please,LOL John.
  10. John Hart

    Jay D Martin Winning Bid: £1,337.00 !!!!!!

    Jay D ,{maybe Jay Z, was the Buyer}, Discogs ,March this year sold ,Low ,45 , Med 88, High 157 ,pounds , Popsike 2 years previous 100$ for a VG. If i can google that ,so can anybody . i have known some mega rich business people ,eg. Pete Waterman,and they could all split a penny , euro dollar ruple ,to get the "Real Deal"!.Also discogs is filtering out ,blocking Boots now so the originals problem is reduced, and JM sells unofficial releases, clearly stated ,of course . .
  11. Good Condition copy ,G, please ,PM for details of my "Backstop" ? LOL.
  12. All the Cool guys on SS ,use there real names ,;Ady Croasdale , Dave Thorley,Rick Scott, Derek Pearson ,etc,etc,. Why do people need to masquerade behind such chiidish,unfunny non de plumes? First the schoolroom jokers ; ginger ,Tubby , Butch ,Chalky,Spotty,Sam,?? Second,Call me a soul singer; Frankie Crocker,Tempo, Togetherness, Baby Boy,and My Lass {so un Pc and dodgy ?} Third ; Nostalgia ,Wiganer , Backstreet, Casino Classic,? Why such outrage ? When buying a record on here, my new found Paypal Friend &family was not sure to me if he was Soultime ,Soulfinger,or Kevin!!
  13. John Hart

    Temptations TMG 557

    Hi Dave , These so called popular/easy discs can be tricky to price on the market ! A near mint /mint-,means ,As good as it gets,virtually unplayed, Ex store stock!! Thats the Key ,Condition, stock copy 50 pound ,R/W Demo 100 {probably double that from Top dealers} Tmg 557 came out in April1st 1966,and did not sell ,only a hit when reissued tmg 668. Lots on Discogs ,Ebay ,but be careful one persons m- is anothers VG! Hope this Helps ,Cheers John, Malaga ,Spain.
  14. John Hart

    Dancing In Trainers

    My Partner dances Barefoot ,has done since the Wheel{Stone Floors} Casino {Sprung Maplewood} Queens Hall {Duckboards,OOh the splinters} Spain ,Portugal{Ceramic Tiles & Sand } Any more Sandy Shaws ,Zola Budds, ? Try it ,saves a fortune on Trainers !
  15. John Hart

    2 nm demo`s

    Hi David P:M,d you Sailor.


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