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  1. Cheers Again Al , Sounds encouraging your info ,currently 2 same dj copies on Discogs at £150 each , Thanks for your Time ,John.
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  2. Hi Alan , Cheers for your info ,much appreciated the 2nd issue straight VIP lettering ,I have, has all the exact numbers ,stamped and hand etched as per you post, with after the matrix numbers appears to be "Best" written on a and b side run outs ,or is this an anagram for Boot?? Disc was bought from Highly respected U,S, dealer as a genuine later motown VIP dj copy ,Mint minus ,but actually looks amazing condition wise! John Manships guide talks of a Counterfeit lookalike from 70s with blank run outs , is this someone with a"Needle In The Run Out " Jobby ? The plot Thickens ? ,Cheers LOL ,John.
  3. Hi Guys , on VIP straight logo white demo does the necessary RCA correct matrix number have to be machine stamped or hand scratched to be original legal 1st or 2nd company issue ? As motown singles dj especially where pressed in thousands is stamping or etching any guide to authenticity/originality? Cheers John.
  4. Hi Guys , Anyone help with a copy of above on EP 45 {Not LP}. Came out on Foreign issue 4 track Ep Titled " Going To a Go -Go" from ; Portugal ,France ,Slovakia ,Methinks??? Cheers for your Help . John Hart , Malaga ,Spain.
  5. Hi Larry , Have Pm,d you buddy .
  6. Hi S.S Guys , Thanks for your offers ,Now sorted ,Vg + copy off Craig Moerer U.sa 83$ including Ship {the straight logo wdj is a 2nd issue ,reissue according to Craig?} Thanks for help and interest ,its,good to talk to my SS Amigos , Cheers john ,malaga,Spain.
  7. Ray , Many thanks ,just looked,exact copy i want but better condition !. have a few potential sellers on the go ! many thanks for your time and help. Cheers ,John.
  8. VIP,straight logo WDJ. good condition,G. Pm me please ,thanks for your time John, Malaga,Spain.
  9. Hi Guys ! "To an Early Grave ".. Is the Magic Touch 1000 lable take from 1970 the same as the Contempo cs2009 from 1974 or aUK production. Know b sides are different. Can,t locate both on YT ? Despite its lowly value ,nice item with J.Js Gaye vocal nuances much in evidence . Many Thanks for your time , Cheers John.
  10. Nope !! There are no better DJ,s than Ricardo!! Richard Memories :: 1974 Station Road ; constantly annoyed Richard to play " R.Dean.Taylor " ,As ,I,Am walking Down The Street etc every night at his 2 ,Am Spot,eventually on request number 7 he gave me a mint copy of beacon 136,in birth sleeve, forget marsden and garrick this was Ad fab {Richards flowery adjectives !}. Root and Jenny Jackson,stuffed it in my Speedo Holdall {with E blacked out] Rushed home to Coventry and played numerous times the Ultimate Turd version ,needless to say I never tested his immaculate patience again , What a true Diplomat! Advance 1976 :Stomperoonie Time , RS ,drops the Garrard Sp mk 3 on a new release Tavares " Heaven must Be Missing an Angel Jane SS " Perfecto ,then Smith Bros , he introduced me to Modern Soul! On a recent "Solar Radio " Show ,Richard Bemoaned the fact he hated the misery of current News ,well if more of us could be like R.S etc,etc ? Finally a certain tune of his on General American ,should be his acceptance accolade, " Nothing Can Compare To You ",Mr Searling I Salute you Soul Brother ! LOL Johnny Hart ,Malaga ,Spain.
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  11. hi Kjw , can you confirm the R,Dean , Ghost Canadian has the "lets Go Somewhere " without the spoken Intro on b side ,Sorry for being P.I.T.A., Cheers LOL ,John Hart ,Malaga,Spain.
  12. Sorted Guys !!!!,LOL John.
  13. Hi Ian , I asked for G grade ,there are 2 on discogs at around $50 yellow issues ,second I asked for 2nd issue Straight logo demo ,same price range ,Grage Moerer has one on his site at $75 dollars? Uncross your fingers Ian I have just bought one from A US dealer for $55 dollars including shipping !! . Cheers Ian P ,thanks for your help, LOL John Hart ,Malaga ,Spain.
  14. Hi ,I Have a E plus Lebonese , with Birth Sleeve ,£250 ,LOl John ,Malaga ,Spain
  15. Yellow Issue ,or "2nd issue W/D , Better than Discogs £50 ,Good condition ! thanks for your Time ,LOL ,John , Malaga ,Spain.

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