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  1. Ditto ,to all S,S , Comments No place Whatsoever for the people who abused Ralph !! His videos are Professional and Fun , lots of venues have all sorts of people ,Live and Let Live !!! Cheers John Darrell Hart ,Malaga,Spain.
  2. More HDH magic ,check these out all mid tempo crossover dancers on 45 ! " Woman Can,t Live By Bread Alone" Honeycone "Somebody is Always Messing up A Good Thing" Honey cone ,featuring Sharon Cash. "It,s Better To Have Loved and Lost " Honeycone. "Something New About You" Silent Majority. { only on Dj,s?} " Let Me Down Easy " Chairmen of The Board. "I,ll Come Crawling" Chairmen of The Board. " I,m In Love Darling " General Johnson. " That,s Love " Hilites, "Not Enough Love to Satisfy " 100 Proof . " Two Wrongs Don,t Make a Right" Freda Payne. Enjoy ,Cheers ,John Hart .
  3. hi phil ,muscle shoals confused . com ,pm /me . are you responding to me or the late otis Smith on Perception , No more Silly Names ,?? John hart Malaga ,Spain.
  4. Hi Phil , will have; Gc Cameron " Wait until Tomorrow ", Chuck jackson "Ive Got the need " .Basic ship . Please pm me paypal only. Cheers John Hart ,Malaga,Spain
  5. Hi Gareth or Malcolm X, Fantastic Information ,very impressive ,superb .You fail to answer the simple question is a Dalton Boys 2nd issue with scratched matrix ,pressed at Bestway ,,Fully Kosher ,Genuine ,Real Deal , worth $85 I paid from Craig Moerer Records USA, GENUINE ?????? YES or NO ? Answer ?? Many thanks ,Cheers ,Have A great Day LOL John Malaga,Spain,
  6. Hi Rodders , Guilty as Charged , but still unanswered is the fundamental Q.I. Is a machine stamp or hand scratched,, a guarantee of authenticity?{ Thinking of Similar Big lables to Motown; ,CBS ,Okeh ,Columbia etc,, I have a recent copy of Raphael Saadiq "Love That Girl"Columbia with hand scratched matrix looks dodgy, are Originals machine stamped?} Oh for the wisdom of the man in the big Woolly Cardy ,Johnny Manship. Cheers ,John
  7. Hi Campagnolo1,{ I get it , you are a Cyclist ?} My original post : I bought a Straight Logo VIP demo off Graig Moerer Records USA for $85 in June 2019 including ship in Near Mint Condition , Superb item,with fully correct ,hand scratched matrix in run out plus ,"Best ",{The Pressing plant}. After bedtime reading of JM,s Booty Guide . Got a little moist and worried.?? Contacted Craig Moerer ,whom assured me they had, had many Daltons since 1965 ,a mix of hand and machine stamped matrixs, all where Kosher! As a massive Motown guy ,looking at many , discs ,stamped and scratched is the norm ,and as JM says always buy from reputable dealer !!,Would any one here doubt Mr Craig Moerer,s Reputation. ?? Cheers John , Malaga,Spain. y issues stamped or scratched is the norm .
  8. Hi KJW , Have sent you a Personal Message .Cheers.
  9. Hi Guys looking for a VG or less copy ,Comprendo Amigos? No High Flyers Please . Many Thanks for your time ,Cheers for Looking . John ,Malaga ,Spain.
  10. Simply Not Real ; The First TMG series UK or Globally was TMG 501 in 1965! Dam clever these Italian time travellers Managed also to issue Isleys ,Martha ,etc. from 494 to 500 .? a cruel ploy to exploit those sad ,deranged ,OCDs obsessed with the big " A " ,I know I was one ! An Italian Job, TMG , was up on ebay last month starting bid £200 ,ouch !! .. Cheers ,John.
  11. Stevie , Cheers , Hope the deal works , Don,t panic might have to get back to you ? LOL ATB. Hi Stevie , Hope deal works ,if not maybe" I will Be Back" ! Cheers ,LOL ATB, John.
  12. Hi Stevie , Many thanks for your time and reply , have had a counter offer from Sol Source ,Member Tony Treby on here',, of £50 plus postage for ex plus US copy ! I know prices on this are all over the place,, I just need a decent DJ copy for my club in Malaga ,Spain,?? If you want to deal pay pal is waiting , cheers ,LOL ,Have a Great day John Hart,Malaga,Spain.
  13. VG condition any version, Pm with Good price please ,Cheers ,
  14. Hi Andy Kempster, Versions to Choose from; Johnny Bristol , {part writer,superb version from the Adorable Genius ,Ian G Levine.} Alton Ellis, Buddy Miles & California Raisins, Bay Brothers, Motherlode, Electrifying Cashmeres , Junior Walker, Hearts of Stone ,[Japanese 45 } 5th Dimension. {Mexican 45 EP} As a motown collector ,my fave is the 5th Dimension ,nice Floaty ,Jazzy cool chillout Motown from 1971 ,{ with Billy Davis jnr and Marilyn Mc Coo on dreamy vocals ,methinks? Hope my intervention has inspired other members to contribute to your Lonely Post? Cheers Andy ,Adios John Hart ,Malaga,Spain.
  15. Hi Jazz, Tempest & P.Soul , What planet have you been on ,Expansion Records ,The " 7 inch Wonder of the World " set up in 1989 with H.R.H. Richard Searling and Soul Bowls John A. latterly Ralph Tee joined this highly respected Company issuing a Plethora of Soul; Modern ,Northern and home grown Talent ,fave track for me: Ex 7016 Lamont Dozier " You Made Me a Believer", Cheers ,LOL John Hart ,Malaga,Spain.

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