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  1. Kev, Superb collages ;professional graphics,imaginative presentation, tremendous knowledge Kev ,really appreciate your time and effort,LOL a fellow hapless /helpless Geek,
  2. Wigan DJ’s

    I did a Sunday night spot at the casino 1970/71. My playlist was from the previous night spent at the wheel and Top 20 club Hollywood { sic} Oldham .Playlist was ; Little Hank ,Incredibles,Babs Lewis,etc ,etc, Ironically one of my top trax was a recent issue...
  3. Postage cost to spain

    Hi Steve, As a young expat buyer of 15 years in Spain ,{assume your talking UK To Espana ,No brexit yet?} The Adorable Kegsy has it spot on as usual, 4 Pound standard Royal Air Mail! { not anything between 4 too 7 Squid as some charge. } .Signed ,regis...
  4. To Steve Lane and other S>S. chums ,Idid watch it here goes ; Commenced with the adorable Anton Du Bec replete in a teddy boy outfit ,lounging on the back seat of a period coach listening to Sgt. Wilsons Fave tune,on his Cassette player .Shot pans to entra...
  5. Selling my collection help wanted.

    Hi Dick , investigate, www.omegaauctions.co.uk,based in sunny warrington .Before you mock ,like you i had Lps { they dont sell all the big guns told me}.For their15% let them suffer the hassle they catalogued in sensible saleable lots and i got abetter t...
  6. Your Fave Motown Track.

    Fave Funks Instrumental; :All The Time : Soul Inc on the Bari lable from 2003. Just an Opening to find out What Vocal /track this annoyingly catchy Snakepit CD item actually is ,Please ,please Help?
  7. No Religion ,Or Politics please.

    Many thanks For all comments, My Original posting has been illustrated perfectly, with the flood gates opening on Faith! {belief without Evidence!}. End of Subject ! ...
  8. No Religion ,Or Politics please.

    The Keeping A Faith posting, overstepped the mark relating to the sites No Religion Policy .The last 2 paragraphs, are ,blatant cals to a particular faith,even siting web sites for these beliefs, I suggest these references are in direct contradiction to your...
  9. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    i was under the impression this site had a No Religion Policy ,Full Stop ,the last two paragraphs of this article contradict this ? Ready with ; Richard Dawkins Does Norther Soul?
  10. John Hart