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  1. Wanted please ,price and condition : Baltimore 1137, Detroit 1138, S.t Louis 1139. Many Thanks for Your Time ,LOL ,John. please PM.
  2. My Condolences to his Family Tony was a true gentlemen who brought pleasure through his music to thousands .His early sets at the Mecca where memorable, one of the best DJ,s Ever .
  3. Hi Zanetti , Wise words Gracias ,,,,,, Just thinking no more posts from me , thanks to abuse from Dave and Pete ,Tony Smith etc . Carl White you are correct 3 dealers at £350 are all Uk , White Demo at £1400 is USA ,Donald ? I like " Yakety Sax " At Any Speed Ditto " Take A Letter Maria " Boots Randolph ,also very partial to a bit of Ray Cohen And Derek Smith. Where are the moderators when you need them ,personal taste etc, etc. LOL John . Malaga ,Spain.
  4. Ola Yos , Super Show ,My Faves Susan Rafey ,and Petes,, Roland Johnson ,"Set Your Mind Free " Brill and will be Mega Popular as the Intro and middle 8 is Knicked from Williams and Watsons " Too Late" ,listen again . Give me a namecheck of that Latino sound , Big A lable disc pete played LOL John ,Costa Del So Espana.
  5. "Unrealistic Discogs Sellers" ,Rod ? Got to agree ! Kent Town uk issue from 85, 3 copies from £75to £185 ,now appearing on Discogs! To You Rick the vocal { It is rather good, very similar arrangement to Eddies instro} and loads from a very" Realistic" 64 Centimes , on the Ogs! Me, I just need a decent play out copy, next move S.S Record Wants .
  6. "Call Me" Eddie Bishop, Sold for £177 ! 3 issues currently on Discogs at an average price of £356, this means after commision, shipping. seller will get less than half market price ?? also a white demo on discogs at £1,400. Nothing current on popsike or ebay. Does this reflect a downward interest ,currently in Instrumentals?
  7. Great Show ,Come and Get those Golden Memories from Classic Clubs of 60,s & Early 70,s ,Enjoy , Recommended Johnny Hart ,Malaga,Spain.
  8. Golden Memories from the Classic Clubs of the 60,s & 70 ,s. Superb music and Chat !! Recommended,. Gracias Yos and Peter , LOL ,Johnny Hart ,Malaga ,Spain.
  9. Any one got One or More to Offload?? Just began the hunt for all 17 Plus ?? Please let me Know what you have to go! Gracias for Your Time ,Stay Safe Cheers , John Darrell Hart Malaga,Spain.
  10. Hi Dave West , Your copy is a Carver ,{or bespoke vinyl cut 45} .Giveaway is the enlarged black centre ,where the sticky on lable, sticky onner was unstuck ?? Quite a few sellers had it on ebay but the Aquamen have now dried Up ? Stay safe John, Malaga.
  11. Hi guys following on from De Flattening,vinyl ,any help on the procedure for replacing centres on otherwise VG plus collectables?? Noticed a few dealers ,clearly stating Centre Replaced, one dealer stating "Sympathetic Centre Restoration"{ Prof J.M. of Course}. A very Bored, but safe ,John, Malaga,Spain.
  12. Hi Elfael, {Welsh division or Marker?} Unusual Instruments on Tracks or Unusual Instrumentals ?? I will go with former as I posted the latter 6 years ago : "Love Factory " = Slide Whistle. "My Hearts Symphony " Steel Guitar. " Footsie" = Kazoo or Mirliton ,Russ Winstanley. Many Motown hits = Glass Bottle ,Snow Chains ,Jack Ashford Legedary Percussionist!! "Fife Piper" = Fife { Not aPenny whistle, a type of Piccolo} Ray Figlar ,Woodwind player. Too Much Lockdown, Cheers to All ,Stay Safe ,John ,Malaga,Spain.
  13. Drew ,Mi Amigo , Sangria all Gone , its the cooking Jerez {Sherry } now .Only food and essential supplies ,the Guardia Civil have Fined /Arrested 650,000 none necessary people breaking Lockdown Rules!!! Best of Luck with your Search ,Stay Safe !. LOL ,Cheers John
  14. Hi Drew ,How are You? Almost a month in lockdown ,stir crazy ,turned me into an amateur slueth! Re discogs etc, use the search bar at top of every page' input u: then Avatar ,alias ,Nonde plume ,Silly name ,Dealer /Seller name.,to locate your mark. Privacy prevents me revealing all ,but person has 100% feedback and last activity 2nd april 2020. Message to such sellers can be ignored an it is not possible to check etc. In desperation you can press "Buy Now" and seller usually responds ,if not Discogs will issue "seller not responding " warning to the miscreant,this usually gets a response? You are not obliged to buy the item. Under Sale of goods act, buying On line Unseen you are allowed a 14 day "cooling off "to change your mind. Further clues Fenton' is a district of Stoke On Trent, not South Wales? Finally , not all sellers are Pro Dealers ,so patience and consideration should be given to circumstances {particularly Now!} Cheers ,Enjoyed that ! Best Regards .LOL ,Be Safe. John Hart ,Malaga , Spain.
  15. Sorry Geeselad ,no defintive answer, so perfect post for a lockdown ,It is all a matter of Opinion??? If it is the Rarest ,I would say : Tmg 720 demo, never issued Blinky and Edwin " Oh How Happy." Tmg867 demo ,never issued, Martin and" Finley Another Sunday" Tmg1228. Syreeta,demo and issue {25 pressed } "Love Fire" The above are all Pretty grim musically,but price wise £ 300 to £500 !! Northern Wise:: Tmg 514 demo Spinners "Sweet Thing"popsike £900to £1,000,{Demo rules over Stock } Tmg864 .demo Martha Reeves "No One There"£500onRNS.com,today! Tmg843 demo Gladys Knight " No one Could Love you more" £500. Open to opinion and demand ,the esteemed?? Record collector Mag Favours Oriole issue motown Valadiers&Modifiers {Horrible Histories ] discs at around ,£1,100, in their top vinyl rareities,Northern TMGs barely get a lookin. Next Choices Please ,Cheers ,Johnny ,Malga,Spain.

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