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  1. Great Double Sided Hit ,Superb ,!!!
  2. Hi ,Shufflin,Frankie Crocker {Deceased ],Sir Cumferance ,foreskin??. Why The silly Names??? Are you Real , The Plastic is unimportant , except to you DINKY TOY collectors. There are more important things in life !! , My post was meant as a light Hearted observation , you people need Help Phsycollogically . Cheers , John hart ,
  3. The storage warp seems to be an ever increasing problem to aged 45,s/Lps ,followed by the optimistic NAP? Finally after buying a Jimmy Elledge " Cant stop a Man"with a 10cm warp from horizontal Nap,, ,actually played with double tone arm weight increase on friends deck ,not mine ,decided to follow the multitude of Ebay vids ,and go for the "Bake Off Method"' As per vids try it on Cheapo disc first ,Had a Ashford Simpson Wb " Handkerchief " .Preheat Elec oven to 175 f ,insert disc between 2 sheets of Glass for 3 minutes,remove apply massive wait an allow to cool ,result Nada . !! As per Paul Hollywood increase baking time ,tried it with Green ,Oz Stateside 4Tops " Lonely",{ value £6.50 } after 4 minutes, a perfect piecrust edge warp around 360 degrees, Sandy Toksvig and Prue would have loved ,disaster! Not having any sense of Thermo Dynamic Heat ,had learned a lesson ,different thickness /dimensions of plastic {vinyl is a No ,No }, different plastics behave without uniformity ! Stick with the bucking Bronco cartridge effect, If it aint broke ,Leave it alone ,Ps ,Jimmy is unmolested ,the kind dealer agreed a refund cost me £20 ,Soundbird lable is adorable despite the Quasimodo Effect LOL Cheers ,John ,Malaga,Spain.
  4. Hi Guys, Just seen this UK Polydor 56114 on Rare Northern Soul .Com.Listed as the rarest Polydor /Uk soul record ever!! The blurb continues " A Full On Wall of Sound Stomper, etc,etc. { they erroneously title it ," Little Children" , ditto other Motown efforts are credited to BArry Gordy and Ivory Joe ??} This is the Mike Cotton, Lucas ? and listed in Manships Uk First guide as at £20 , after 20 years it has risen to £2,000. by the year 2040 will it be £200,000 ? It is actually a mediocre Ashford Simpson Song as done by Mary Love on Modern . This is a UK production in the tortured style of those mid 60,s uk soul shouters /screamers, attempt at the sock it to me soul of Wilson picket etc. As a fully Recovered Brit lable Popaholic collector ,this is Baad!!! Your thoughts Please. Cheers ,John. PS . Dont be sad RNS,No such thing as Bad Publicity ,every diehard Brit lable Fanatic will be rushing to your site !! be
  5. Hi Mike Kuklenko, {Soul Man/Boy} As a Motown 45 Nut ,No there is no resource for the readily available in other formats elsewhere discs you list ,sorry . The Key to all these strange foreign issues ,is the song /Tune .!! " Yester me ,Yester You etc " is a cheapo in any country and a No ,No,, ,but Chuck Jackson " Ain,t No Sun { Since You Been Gone } " on a Brazil Or Argentine issue ,Name your price in 3 figures ,because it only appeared on LP " Arrives " and is a Storming Motown dancer . Ditto ;;,probably a monster tune , " A Taste of Honey " 4 Tops ,Lebanese ,or Dutch £250 ?? Your most desireable ,single possibly,Juniors " Good Rocki,n " ,but this is a later 1968 issue ,not the 1962 issue on tri-Phi { Itself only a $10 disc.} Probably their maybe some Phsycotic collectors out there ,try " Offers Please" on e bay, a job lot? , Sorry to be a Pain in The ass ,Good Luck , Cheers John, Malaga,Spain.
  6. Would like a G condition copy at G price ,better than Discogs {£30 ish} ,Many thanks for your time ,Merry Xmas ,and a Boris New Year for you Brits ?? LOL ,John ,Malaga,Spain.
  7. Hi Steve , Try Big Boppa Repro sleeves . They have this CBS distributed lable sleeves . I know they are not " Birth " ,but born again ,no grit or dust inside ,I use them all time 50 p a go . Merry xmas ,John, Malaga,Spain.
  8. Looking for G / condition . Will offer £30 . Cheers , John Hart ,
  9. Hi , Glim, Would you take £70 ? ? Thanks for your time Cheers , John Darrell Hart ,Malaga,Spain.
  10. Ditto ,to all S,S , Comments No place Whatsoever for the people who abused Ralph !! His videos are Professional and Fun , lots of venues have all sorts of people ,Live and Let Live !!! Cheers John Darrell Hart ,Malaga,Spain.
  11. More HDH magic ,check these out all mid tempo crossover dancers on 45 ! " Woman Can,t Live By Bread Alone" Honeycone "Somebody is Always Messing up A Good Thing" Honey cone ,featuring Sharon Cash. "It,s Better To Have Loved and Lost " Honeycone. "Something New About You" Silent Majority. { only on Dj,s?} " Let Me Down Easy " Chairmen of The Board. "I,ll Come Crawling" Chairmen of The Board. " I,m In Love Darling " General Johnson. " That,s Love " Hilites, "Not Enough Love to Satisfy " 100 Proof . " Two Wrongs Don,t Make a Right" Freda Payne. Enjoy ,Cheers ,John Hart .
  12. hi phil ,muscle shoals confused . com ,pm /me . are you responding to me or the late otis Smith on Perception , No more Silly Names ,?? John hart Malaga ,Spain.
  13. Hi Phil , will have; Gc Cameron " Wait until Tomorrow ", Chuck jackson "Ive Got the need " .Basic ship . Please pm me paypal only. Cheers John Hart ,Malaga,Spain
  14. Hi Gareth or Malcolm X, Fantastic Information ,very impressive ,superb .You fail to answer the simple question is a Dalton Boys 2nd issue with scratched matrix ,pressed at Bestway ,,Fully Kosher ,Genuine ,Real Deal , worth $85 I paid from Craig Moerer Records USA, GENUINE ?????? YES or NO ? Answer ?? Many thanks ,Cheers ,Have A great Day LOL John Malaga,Spain,
  15. Hi Rodders , Guilty as Charged , but still unanswered is the fundamental Q.I. Is a machine stamp or hand scratched,, a guarantee of authenticity?{ Thinking of Similar Big lables to Motown; ,CBS ,Okeh ,Columbia etc,, I have a recent copy of Raphael Saadiq "Love That Girl"Columbia with hand scratched matrix looks dodgy, are Originals machine stamped?} Oh for the wisdom of the man in the big Woolly Cardy ,Johnny Manship. Cheers ,John

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