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  1. Fantastic , still Supercool after so many years !!!
  2. Obscure - unusual Foreign Releases (merged)

    Hi Guys , Fantastico ,amazing stuff ,love em , Wierd and Wondreful !
  3. take a look inside-The Supremes

    Hammer Soultime; Great track ,Take a Look Inside , Jean Terrell ,greatly ,Unsung Wonder {sorry RNS.Com } so similar to Lady Di ,but perhaps better ,Berry was always on the Money !The triple Cd came out in 2006 fromHip O Select ;Picking up the 70s sups ye...
  4. When S.S. Chums are Trawling the Top Shelf of Newsagents. Record Collector Mag,{Serious About O.V,O.} has a great 6 page Feature on N.S. Legend Sidney. February 2018. Traces his History from the Serenaders,to the pinnacle of his Excellance to his Finest ...
  5. Most Accurate Vinyl Graders Us Or Uk Sellers?

    Reaching For The Best Record Graders ? US ,UK ,German ,Japanese ,? Natio!nality is irrelavant, its all amatter of simply adhering to the system in atotally unbiased way ,eg ,diregard its Value rarity ,age , No ifs or buts a fifty year old record can sti...
  6. Dennis Edwards R.I.P.

    Total respect too a truly great Artiste ,a Megastar ,forget the rest ,Dennis Edwards was the Real Deal ! From ;Johnny to Loser,to Psychedelic Rolling Stone ,and Beyond! My All Time Fave track ;Baby Hit and Run ! What,s Your Dennis Legacy Track?
  7. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    Read My Lips , I am sure original poster Joe Soap ,like me would be screaming! The Question was , Which motown USA, hit influenced record producers of the era e.g. 65 and nowhere to run etc, not a plethora of 6by 6,s ,rumour ,etc played by uk Dj,s'. ...
  8. Warning System (edited).

    Many Thanks for your help. Regards ,Cheers ,John.
  9. Warning System (edited).

    Hi Administrators, Please Explain penalty point system , also why am i called High Street Soul? .Many Thanks ,Have A Great Day . Superb Site .
  10. Price required

    Hi Shelly, I would Give ,30 euros. No definitive price on the niche foreign issue Northern /Motown collectibles . Fish , came out in Holland ,Germany ,Australia ,India and south africa plus others? Orig us issue from 64 on tamla ,afew quid. Agood nick pi...
  11. Good Condition ,Record Store Day Special Copy Please . Pm Please .Thanks for reading.Johnny
  12. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Just received January 2018 Record Collector Mag , Franky Goes For Dollars,Good! is the feature. To save SS chums a few quid ,a resume of the salient points! Denise and danny Zieja,own Melodies ans Memories in Michigan with a stock /collection of 100,000 ...
  13. What would be the Top ten Motown Floorfillers ,Dance floor Detonators,of all time { Ranked Numero uno as the Fave } .Many thanks for your help!
  14. Cueing options for vinyl other than headphones

    Hi Soul Sides ,when youve finished training up Bubbles the Chimpanzee ;Train One For Me ,Fatboy Slim is worth Twenty Four Million Quid ,LOL Happy Holiday.John.
  15. J Manship Auction Results 20/12/2017

    Four Hundred and Seventy Two Quid for apiece of Art ! [NS art JM says?} An absolute Snip Tracy Emins Got 2.2 Million for her piece of art An Un Made Bed! John I salute you 'your Theme Tune ;The True Patron Of The Arts { page one 012} The Guys a Genius.

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