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  1. The fantastico Charlie Hatcher by a Million %!! D,Burdock like his Fizzy namesake is pure Pop !! Doni just exemplifies all that is bad in the obsession with the rarer version , the ChipTyler over Jerry Williams ,the Formulaya over O, jays ,"Act" and Lenny Blackburn over Doris ,s "Anything". No Contest.! LOL Johnny ,Espanol.
  2. John Hart

    " I Just Wanted To Cry" E. Starr.

    Sorted , Many thanks.
  3. Joey , Can,t Beat a good Hallucination, I imagine Im a ,teenager again at every Soul Session I Attend ! To help your Thought process further,there is an Instrumental Version of J.W.I.M.S.,s by Electro Trance band ,Google it .? ¨{ Other Motown Instros it could have been , Henry Jerome " Uptight",or Bill Cosby,s semi instro? "Law of The Land" Alfie Khan?} Perhaps we should stop this O.T .Rambling ? LOL John , Mal..
  4. Joey , Instrumentally speaking ,"SYMPHONY " ,Caramel Strings is the Most dreary , Drab motown interpretation Ever!. But in that cavernous Emp Ballroom it sounded Monumental !. You Are Hallucinating About a "Shoes",Instro ,Methinks? Vocal Versions , Billie Davis,Gary Glenn&Soul Set ,and Magnificicent Men {AKA Manificents onCounsel } No Vocal less versions on B sides .S.S. never attempted a Captain Pugwash version on his ..
  5. German 45, Price at April 2018 ,Discogs , Median price 67 Pounds? Thanks for your help. Cheers John ,Malaga,Spain.
  6. John Hart

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Well Done Roburt,Fantastic reading and listening, and yes keep the US radio stations playlist coming!! Imagine a comparable listing of UK radio station {uno!} of similar years, Thanks again,Johnny .
  7. John Hart

    " What Does It take " Hearts of Stone 45?

    Thanks guys; Peter and Me have both lost our last dollar /Euros!! Carol is correct ,just discovered a legal universal reissue on discogs under MJ priced at 2,000 Japanese Yen plus ship ,about 25 Euros on A lovely replica VIP label! Nearly made a sexist ,patronising comment about "Smart Girlies" , but after checking Carol,s profile ,like June Jackson ,she is a He ,whoops! Psuedonyms/ Non de Plumes ,why do people need them ? {Inci..
  8. Was this version of the oft covered JW tune ¨{6versions} ever issued on 45 ?'
  9. John Hart

    LaBrenda Ben - Just Be Yourself - Gordy NM!

    Hi Kev, PM,d you Sir .
  10. John Hart

    Northern Soul Singer -- DORA HALL ?????

    Dora Hall ! , Great Tracks ,and all no more than 5$ all over discogs! Northern is a ," Style " ,"Genre" a " Category" encompassing varied music! Why the Ageism ,Sexism ,against the Delightful Dora ?. Chalky, I'm with you ,this site would not be where it is today without us Lunatic Northerners . L.O.L.
  11. John Hart


    " Get on Your Knees " Los Canarios? English Translation , The Canary 's. Spanish hit pronounced Can A Ree Os {in Spain you accentuate the vowel sounds!}.To cap it all the group came from Gran Canary Island ,named after the giant dogs not Birdies! Also the perrenial Isleys and Elgins ? Is it Eyes Lee Bros, Iss,? or El Jins, and finally ZZ Hill and ZZ and Company do Yorkshire DJs introduce ,"Make Me Yours" and "Getting Ready For T..
  12. John Hart


    Fantastico Video, Popcorn is Bueno, !!!
  13. Hi Ken , Fantastic read, much appreciated! So no connection ,as oft rumoured , to Rick ,Robin,{sic}&Him-"Cause you Know me "/"3 Choruses Of Despair" V.I.P.25035? Although the Vocals and production! are very similar . Very best Regards ,Johhny Hart , Malaga Spain.
  14. John Hart

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    " The Follies of youth ,are in Retrospect ,Glorious , Compared to the Follies of Old Age " , G.K. Chesterton {poet and playwright} or was it Michael Palin or Eric Olthwaite,¨{ A Ripping Yorkshire Man}?? Yes we are a dying breed ,With our hip DJ,s Sam, Kev, Butch ,Ginger ,Butch ,JM, Pat, Chalky and Russ, all elligible for Bus Passes !! ..
  15. John Hart

    Poll: Cd Buying in 2018

    Hi Mike , Last CD Bought; 22nd May 2018 "101 Northern Soul Hits " on Spectrum ,a division of Universal Music,issued 2018,. Compiled by the Numero uno Dj Ever , Ricardo Searling. Tracks include ,Brenda " Can,t hold The Feeling Back" ,"Ordinary Joe ", Sweet Thing " Georgie , Plus all the Tops ; Lollipops ,Odyssey,,Reubens,,E:V:D,s,Bro Isleys, you could ever Wish for and final Killer ,Dusties ,"Long After " ,from her 65 LP only . ..