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  1. P.I.R AE71138; "Lets Clean Up The Ghetto " Detroit ,City Edit . Anyone please verify this illusive number of the 17 white demo City variations does exist? After an eternity of looking ; Discogs does not list detroit, none on e bay or popsike recently, and the wonderful Bsnb,record lable listing site ,no luck. This is the last in the series I need to finish my Quest ! Stay Safe ,John.
  2. " Never Let You Get Away From Me " Anthony White 45 , PIR Records. Cheers For Looking . John,Malaga,Spain.
  3. AE7 1138, PIR, "Lets Clean Up The Ghetto " Detroit Edit . Last Call ,anyone got one please ? Thanks for Looking . John,Malaga,Espana.
  4. Hi , Goldmine /Soulsupply Green Uk issue ,Please ! Thanks for Looking , Cheers ,John ,Malaga ,Spain.
  5. Indeed he does not get it right every time ! In his latest auction ,he refers twice to the bside of Jesse Johnson,s " Left Out " being " 100 pounds of Pain" { A totally different tune by Lenny Welch on Mainstream. } What Professor Johnny really meant was " 100 Pounds of Clay" ! In tandem with our eyesight and sex drive memory fails with advancing years ! Still he is a Great read .
  6. A " Sliced Tomatoes " feel to me, ready for A Rockafella Skank ,Fatboy Slim ,Norm ? Rather Tasty ,Brothers ! LOL John , Malaga,Spain.
  7. Any chance of Detroit Edit ; AE7 1138. Thanks for your time , John Malaga,Spain.
  8. Music for the "Hoi Polloi",er,,Fine what they call Northern Soul ! Suits me Sir ,Fine Show Deano ,LOL ,John ,Malaga,Spain.
  9. Nearly 10 years since Vol 4. Compiler Paul Nixon presents again . Product looks great ,sadly the music content does not compare with previous volumes. Versions abound ; "I Gotta find a way {ToGet you Back}",There,s No love Left","Whisper You Love me Boy ","Determination ," "I Feel like I,m Falling in love Again " Jimmy Ruffin ,done better by Fantastic four and Dennis Edwards, "Iwant a Love i Can see",The underdogs,Garage at it,s poorest, "{ Come Round Here}"I,m the one you Need " Hearts Of Stone ,this on paper sounds interesting ,it is not,, all sound like Q.C . rejects.. The real Stinkers; D
  10. What A Simply Great Idea! What took you so long to come up with this" One Stop solution" ,for like minded people to peruse and compare prices and availablity on all current soul related product. Just ordered a Soul mag, very simple,,,shipping price was right,and easy invoice with correct secure Paypal option .{ No F and F} . Signed up for all future sales items ,notifications to my Inbox.
  11. "Happening " Instrumental, Truly Magnificent ,not just a backing track , but a Real stand alone piece of Popcorn Wylie Detroit Magic . Great sound Quality, Roberto Moss and Hayley does it again with sheer class releases. Cheers John ,Malaga ,Spain.
  12. Formations ,ditto at £200 Good price .Looking back to JM Uk price guide of 2004 John has it at £288 ? Surely his "Conduit " friend the One Thousand Dollar Man Lee ,would have such A Major Collectable on Rare Northern Soul . com at twice the Price ??
  13. Hi Headsy , Many thanks for your time and help ,Cheers ,John.
  14. Any members ,help ,advice, experience and time to get Visa Card monies back after item declared "Undeliverable" ? Jumped through all the myriad of hoops ,emails and time wasted chat ,no result after 5 weeks . Many thanks for looking any suggestions much appreciated ,Stay Safe .
  15. "Ghetto " ; Baltimore , Detroit and Chicago needed ,Can you Help ? Cheers for looking , Again ! John.

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