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    I'm Gone, Eddie Parker. Heartache Souvenirs, William Powell

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  1. Meccamark

    mark freemans 100% Oldies All - Niter

    Top resident DJ line up and guests who have delivered all year round. Rare, underplayed and the ones we know so well. Always a great atmosphere with friendly soulies. Looking forward to another top Nunny nighter.
  2. Meccamark

    Nuneaton Coop 100% oldies allniter

    Nunny niter is always top drawer and it delivered yet again. With the DJ line up you just knew it was going to be a belter. Keep up the good work Mr Freeman, this is by far one the best and consistently top all niters going. See you at the next one.
  3. We are big fans of the allnighter scene. For the price of £10 to £15 for 9-10 hours of top northern sounds, we think it's good value for money. We went to Kings Hall Stoke this February (been many times) and it was very well attended and a top night it was too. There is always a great variety of DJ's playing a wide range to please everyone at all these events. Obviously the people who attend allnighters enjoy it and those who don't have no reason to comment - or you could just turn up and find out first hand. Nuneaton, Swinton, Queens Hall Derby and Blackhearts, Nottingham are all on in March for your pleasure!
  4. Meccamark

    Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    As always, this was a great night with the added bonus of new tunes plus oldies from a great line up of DJ's. Northern Soul at its very best. Always a lovely welcome and a great atmosphere. Would never miss Nuneaton.
  5. Meccamark

    Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    So looking forward to Nuneaton - top venue, top dance floor and top DJ's. This really is a dancer's delight. The tunes will just come at you until 6am - if you can last that long!
  6. Meccamark

    Keele All -Nighter

    We spent most of the night in the second room with the rare and underplayed which we really enjoyed. Ventured into the main hall a few times where the more familiar tunes could be heard. A lot of DJ's playing at this venue so would be hard not to find something to your liking. A nice venue with a restaurant and good facilities.
  7. Meccamark

    mark freemans 100% Wigan Casino Oldies Night

    A top night of Wigan floor fillers hats off to Mark Freeman and Daz Dakin top class sets. To hear Stemmons Express Woman, Love Thief was a real treat. Love the atmosphere at this place - a proper Norther Soul night out with fellow soulies. KTF.
  8. Meccamark

    Wellingborough Soul Weekender 2017


    Travelled over for the Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Great DJ sets in the main room. Did venture into the modern and rare rooms which had great vibes too. Pity we couldn't stay for the weekend, but will try for next year.
  9. Meccamark

    Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter CV115QJ

    First time at Nuneaton and what a great night! Top sounds all night by all the DJs which made for a great atmosphere. Stayed until 5am but the old legs couldn't take any more otherwise would've gone the distance. Well done to Mark and the team who put on a great nighter. Definitely going to the next one.
  10. Meccamark


  11. Meccamark


    Queens Hall Derby, well what a great night. Lovely venue with big car park right next door. Thanks to Peter for his hospitality and warm welcome. Good facilities but agree with others regarding the dance floor needing a polish, a sprinkle of talc solved the problem though. Music was top notch with only one of the DJ's not really playing to my taste, but can't have it all. A nice atmosphere with nice people all enjoying a top northern night. Look forward to the next one. Well done lads.
  12. Meccamark


    I'am on my way.
  13. Meccamark


    What a great night at the Kingsway Hall, it never fails to deliver. Top drawer sets from every DJ, and dance floor was buzzing all night. Always a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the KWH. Looking forward to the next one.
  14. Meccamark


    One of the top nights of the year bring it on Kingsway just love this venue.


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