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  1. G C Cameron definitely got a Curtis Mayfield vibe going on there.
  2. sjclement

    Basement Soul I posted it as a subject rather than a particular record. Here's another one going under the heading 'Basement Soul' have we got a new genre to go alongside Crossover, Beat Ballad, Stepper,60s Soul etc.etc. I for one like that particular record (althought the b side) The style I think is folky and bluesy and reminds me of P..
  3. sjclement

    Basement Soul

    has a new genre appeared kind of a folky blues ?
  4. sjclement

    Reductions "all need to go this year" be quick

    The Girls what a bargain!!
  5. sjclement

    Favourite Christmas soul record

    Loved this ever since I heard Tony Blackburn play it in the early seventies
  6. Any Tom Dick or Harry could faithfully reproduce that playlist all have been booted (except You Want It You Got It which was played from an album by Donald Austin, and sunk into obscurity perhaps because it was a more sophisticated sound than the others on the list),
  7. sjclement

    who is backing him?

    This is Godoys solo outing on Revue I'll hazard a guess thats its the Exits on the backing vocals
  8. sjclement

    GENE ANDERSON One here I'ts actualy my copy on the Red lable
  9. sjclement

    Stax Dancers

    wore some shoe leather out to this back in the day
  10. sjclement

    Ray Hines

    Is it something you got/why don't you give me a try
  11. sjclement

    Living Room DJ

    Saturday afternoon practice session Electrified Love Ernie Hines Let Me Be Your Pacifier Tyrone Davis Its a Pleasure Sheree Brown Gotta Get Closer To You Terry Callier Two On A Cloud Curt Darin I'll Find A Way Bobby Reed Kickin Life Like An Old Tin Can Gloria Taylor Under The Street Lamp Exits I Wanna Be A Part Of You Ray ..
  12. sjclement

    Canadian Diamond record sleeve

    American sleeve
  13. Judging by the posts I'd say that its always been around, from venues like Wheel and Torch through the Mecca and Wigan but died out during the renaissance.
  14. Might upset a few people but two of the biggest "sunshine pop" records must be Nothing Can Compare to You Velvet Satins I Can't Help Loving You Paul Anka. Writer and production credits feature an ex Four Season not to mention the pop background of Mr Anka Love 'em both btw
  15. Help Me Rhonda You're Ready Now Frankie Valli